Natural Remedies That Actually Work

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  1. So, natural remedies. Those things that some weird-smelling hippy makes my mashing a few leaves up in a bowl. While their effectiveness can be debated, there are a few that actually work.

    Has anyone here had any unconventional cures? The kind of stuff that you're not going to find on a pharmacy shelf? Because I'd really like to know. No, seriously, I'll take any advice I can get if people can back it up.

    I'll start us off with something I've been doing for the past two years. Honey for hayfever, that is. One teaspoon of locally-produced honey a day for a year, and your body gets used to the pollen. It doesn't cure it, and it must be continued every day to be effective each year. However, it does suppress the worst of it, in my experience.
    But it has to be local honey. Not any of that mass-produced, squeezed-from-a-bottle stuff. Local honey, made by bees in your area, or as close to it as possible.
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  2. I don't get hiccups often, thank the Lord!, but when I do, they're bad. I found a home remedy online that said to take a teaspoon of sugar and swallow it dry. Always works for me.
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  3. Despite what may or may not be believed about acupressure, I've found it to be very effective at treating various ailments. The only hump most people can never get over is the fact that you have to sit there and apply it for several minutes. People would like it if you could poke a few places and be done with it, but as pills work constantly, so must you.
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  4. Dicing garlic, waiting 10 minutes to let the oxygen hit the garlic, stir it into honey, is supposed to help prevent infection and promote a faster healing process on open wounds to your feet and burns. Yes I have tried it before and it's less sticky with the use of Q-tips.

    I am always burning my hands and this has always helps relieve the pain, and once i'm done with that i'll spray the burn with watered down tea tree oil.

  5. Much of modern medicine is basically isolated and purified natural compounds.


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  6. Sleeping is really good for you, so natural cats do it for 20 hours a day on average.
  7. Hmm a remedy that I know for very- very sore throat is Very hot milk with a raw egg plus honey all mixed together for a good result. For me it always works ^^
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  8. Marshmallows too for less salmonella.
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  9. Oh .. Good point! I shall try that to ^^
  10. How does this work .. how do you even ... ?
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  11. Don't ask ! Just Do It. ^^
    As the motto for Nike says ~
  12. Ginseng is a wonderful natural remedy for lots of things. It eases sore throats and can even help calm your motion sickness.
  13. Raw eggs and milk. Very low chance of salmonella by today's health standards and vaccinations. But still highly unappealing.

    Marshmallows also taste ALOT better than raw eggs and milk.
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  14. Well played.
  15. Aloe, straight from the actual plant. I kid you not, my entire left forearm was burned once from a kitchen accident. I used the cool and gel-like (slightly stinky too) centre of the plant for first-aid and during the healing process. Even my doctor was surprised by how neatly it healed since we both expected scarring and he asked me what in the world I did to help it heal. XD

    And apparently honey is just good for everything. I use it to remove splinters. Just place some honey over the area where the splinter is and let it just stay there. Eventually the splinter comes up to the surface of the skin and it's real easy to remove. Honey also acts as a natural antibiotic. NOTE: As Laggy Lagiacrus said though, do NOT use cheap grocery honey for this. If you can't get local 100% natural honey, manuka honey is a fairly good substitute.
  16. When in doubt, baking soda or apple cider vinegar.
  17. Ginger is a good antibiotic and a powerful anti inflammatory. I slice ginger root up into thin pieces, boil it, and then drink the water with some lemon juice for tea; it helps me get over colds, and calms my sore joints.

    Boys, skip to the end paragraph if lady part problems gross you out.
    plain yogurt can really help a yeast infection! don't get sweetened stuff though; the ingredients list should be 1 item long. The probiotic bacteria will balance out your hoo-hah's PH levels; jam it on up there! If you're too squeamish/doubtful for that, just eat lots of it and cut sugar from your diet.

    The effectiveness of natural cures is debatable of course; there's always the chance it's a placebo effect, but a little research is all it takes to separate most of the falsies from the real stuff. In general, I find there's home remedies available for many common complaints (headaches, stomachaches, muscle pain, warts, pimples, a cold, etc), but prescribed drugs work faster. Staying properly hydrated (more water, less caffeine and sugar) and keeping a good diet/exercise routine helps to eliminate a lot of complaints, too.
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  18. About the only one I know is the aforementioned honey as wound dressing one. And it makes good scientific sense. Honey has relatively little water in it, which is why most microorganisms can't live in the stuff and it keeps forever.
  19. Warmed vegetable oil for an earache. It won't kill an infection, but it will make your ear feel a lot better. My mom always used it when I was younger, and I was forever getting earaches.
  20. A very simple home remedy that I often use is (girls are the only ones benefitting of it really) when on my period, and I have serious, serious pains, or even just little tiny cramps, I place four fingers right below my belly button, and 'draw' a straight line from my belly button down till I reach my pinkie. Press down with one finger* for a little while and the pain just fades like snow before the sun

    *= the pressure point is either right where your pinkie is or just a little bit below it. Varies a little, depending on body and hand sizes. Somewhere around there there is a certain spot and when you hit it, you'll know instantly as it feels right and relieves almost immediately. Also, for those of us with long nails, place something between the finger and the tummy, because getting a cut from the pressure is not fun >.<

    The other point I'd like to make is when you use garlic for anything, and you get it on your hands, or you want to make sure your breath doesn't smell of it, quickest way to combat it is by rubbing parsley over your fingers or eating it. It's the natural counterpart of garlic, and the parsley scent is far easier to wash away afterwards.
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