PROMPT National Poetry Month 2016: April 1

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  1. Posting this a little late, darn.

    I'm part of a poetry forum, found in the link at the bottom, and over there there's some sort of tradition to post prompts and stuff for each day of the month of April, as, apparently April is NATIONAL POETRY MONTH! Hah, wished this nation had that -- or do we? Shit, I should know.

    Anyway, the rules are simple. Following each opening post's general guidelines, you write one poem per day on separate posts per thread until you've like thirty poems for the whole month. Sounds challenging, yes? Well, don't worry -- though you are allowed to fool around and comment on other people's works, it's art, and judgments should strictly be for the improvement of each other's works/ego. That is to say, we won't hold it against you if you fail, or fail to make a good one -- heck, since this is only the second time I'm doing this, I've a good chance of failing, too. Just write write write! -- and, being a virtue for anyone considering to write pretty much anything, read read read!

    For the most part, the prompts'll come from the forum I'm gonna link to, but occasionally I might deviate.

    TODAY'S TOPIC: Inspired by the number one, or single, solo, solitude, etc.
    FORM: Any
    LINE REQUIREMENTS: 8 lines or more

    Poetry Forum - - Post poetry, get feedback, give critique.
  2. I'm gonna cheat this time and post what I already posted in the other thread.


    I dreamed I saw two souls return to one
    like the logs on the fire of the hearth of the home
    they had built together, out of nails and lumber
    cedar olive branches cross and layer
    him the binding nailing, her the holding birthing
    now the two the one panting side by side
    on a bed of hides, ages of ages --

    then I awoke, naked wet alone,
    uttered practiced prayers, thick saliva vapors
    sacrum heart and eye, like Lady Godiva
    on Spirit's back Truth riding, peeping Tom
    despising the horse the hide the heat -- back to slumber
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  3. The Road to Darkness

    It's a barren road that I walk alone,
    With not a sound but my feet upon the stone.
    With no one beside me and nowhere to go,
    I push myself onward through rain, sun or snow.
    I shoulder my burdens, a crushing weight on my back,
    And march ever onward, the world around me growing black.
    And as death takes the landscape around my lonely path,
    The outer world begins to reflect the inner aftermath.
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  4. Hi~ I'M SO LATE AHH. Oh gosh this is the first time I'm writing anything like this ahhh. I really like poetry, but I'm not much of a writer xD
    Will I actually have to post daily, or can I pick what prompts I like? Wah, that's a heck of a challenge.

    Not Alone

    Patient, quiet-
    Looks into the room
    Through the dark crack left there by doom.
    Steve under the covers, tight
    Wrapped in thoughts of summer light
    Sees the eyes watching voyeur's plight
    And dense renewal of the fright
    He cannot see, he cannot see
    Past the dark of ending night.
    And Steve was too scared to renew the light.

    Masky bright, self-made light
    Phantasmal grins galore- delight
    Taken from the grown man's fright
    Who once was dear old friend.

    Watching, watching through the door
    Smells of ozone, fresh downpour
    From rain patter in window- slain wide open by the light
    Speaking in the dim moonlight

    "Who's there?"

    "No one." He responded.
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  5. There used to be two.
    Both needed halves,
    Halves of a whole.
    But then they broke.

    They went their ways,
    Each to their own path,
    And never dared to look,
    Refused to see the other's eyes.

    Now there was one.
    Alone, a broken half,
    A shattered heart.
    There used to be two.
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  6. Single
    How daunting a title
    Sounding carefree and separate
    But in reality is loneliness and isolation

    Free of encumberances
    Able to come and go as your please
    The envy of those burdened with that other life

    Wishing for encumberances
    Waiting for someone to fill that empty space
    Envying the busy lives of those not like yourself
  7. Down to the last, we all battle over
    that single one, that beloved,
    the one all adore and can never have enough of
    the one all cherish and lament when gone.

    For there is the wise saying which we know to be true:
    "You can never have just one."

    The Lay's potato chip bag is our battlefield,
    the last chip the prize to be one,
    that singular Helen which launches a thousand scrabbles
    from siblings to lovers to friends.