Nation Building RP with Species?

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  1. So, here's an RP idea I had:

    500 years or so ago, an asteroid (actually a malevolent psychic terraforming organism) collided with the Earth and wiped out most of the human race. Its collision caused the creation of new species, some of which are sentient. It also caused some creatures on the planet to develop magical/psionic powers.

    You'd command one of the new sentient species on this new world, and would try to survive and grow.

    Anyone interested?
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  2. Count me in. I love these kinds of things.
  3. I might be interested. I'd need to know more about the setting before I decide.
  4. I concur with Grothnor. More information would be greatly appreciated before joining.
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  5. Curious. I see potential. Give some extra information and I will consider joining.
  6. Bloody psykers...
  7. Amusing.
  8. More of a Khorne or Nurgle man myself.
  9. I was totally not planning on making a psyker race....*Poker face*
  10. I'd argue that I take up Tzeentch but I would not go as far as to dismiss all the others. The essence of it is detachment. I do not keep myself fond or spiteful of any.
  11. I might be up for this, but I also require more information. Quite a lot more, considering how much meteorites fuck the world up. I need to know how different to the Quaternary Earth this would be like.
  12. Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of information-I was real tired when I made this interest check.

    So, the plot would go like this: at least centuries ago, An asteroid came and hit the Earth. Most of humanity was wiped out, though you still find tribes of them here and there and there's at least one human civilization that survived in an underground bunker.
    It also changed the world in very strange ways. It created new species. It might also have caused some creatures to gain psionic/magic powers. Though some species have gone extinct, the asteroid's bizzare influence also created new species and may have in fact been a net gain to biodiversity. For example, Dinosaurs are back. However, continents are more or less the same. Ruins of the old world are still visible, but mostly overgrown.

    Each player would create a civilization, and a species to go with it. We would also create our own units and stuff like that, and go about interacting with each other. There also might be some over-arching mutual threat to everyone. I'm thinking maybe the asteroid itself could be some sort of evil organism-just an idea though.

    Anything else you'd like to know?
  13. I think if you're going to do all this crazily un-scientific stuff, that meteorite definitely needs to be a magical evil organism. I'd up the timespan a tiny bit though. Maybe put the meteor 60 million years ago to actually allow all these new species to evolve. Either that, or have the new sentient species be altered forms of humans (For example, the evil magic meteor carried several strains of parasitic virus that spread across the world in the impact. The parasitic virus attaches itself to one of the isolated communities of humans, alters the humans' DNA and turns the community of humans into a community of elves/orcs/bat-people)

    My preference is the virus rather than the 60 million years, since it means the old cities will still be ruins that can be explored. 60 million years would turn them all to dust.
  14. Sounds good to me. I like ruins to explore, so there needs to be a way to accelerate evolution here. And having the asteroid (which I think will be called Wormwood) be a psionic super-organism gives everyone an overarching threat. I'm thinking that its landing might have accidentally accelerated evolution. In addition, it creates mutant creatures to serve itself and is trying to consume everything, just like a good elderitch abomination should.
  15. I like the psionic super-organism idea-- sounds cool, and at least it's not magic. How malevolent is this thing gonna be, and how much is it going to have interacted with these new civilizations? Like, would it have influenced any of these new races over their development period? Would any of them potentially worship it, or view it as some kind of cosmic evil? Or would some societies not even know about it?

    Also, what would be the technological tier of these new races? Are they tribal, more modern, futuristic...?
  16. I think they should be around 18th century in terms of general technology, but capable of recovering lost relics of the Human era. They wouldn't necessarily be able to use them, though. These "ancient devices" would offer a serious tactical advantage, and be a great trading resource (the non-military ones like iPods), but very few people would know how to operate them.

    Also, is there "magic" in this world or not? If there is, I think a background explanation for the magic is necessary to prevent people running away with it and coming up with crazy stuff. Basically, since magic would be the product of the meteorite, there needs to be a common way in which it functions so different characters' spells are compatible with one another.
  17. I'm still working out technology levels; it'll probably vary by species and also the types of technology a species has will be different. For example, a race of brutish orcs might invent power tools they use as melee weapons before gunpowder. Also, even a species has theoretical knowledge of how something works, they might still have to do "logistical research" to make it a workable idea.

    My human civ will probably start with the ability to make zip guns, and perhaps some industrialization as well.

    Magic (also called psionics by the scientifically minded) exists. It'll probably fall into the category of typical psychic powers, maybe some elemental control, too?
  18. I think if you go into elemental control, that's becoming more 'primal, god created' magic. Yeah, you could still control fire, but don't specifically say it as "controlling the fire element" because then it sounds primal. Are you familiar with Mahouka? I think the magic should function something like those. For example, the Wormwood ejected colossal amounts of tiny subatomic particles called "psions" into the atmosphere, which can be manipulated by magicians to bend and defy the laws of physics. Just make it sound more scienc-y than magic-y, I think. Making it too magic-y (as in, "anything goes") could make it a power contest between "I have the strongest godmod!" It would also become a bit generic. I like scienc-y magic because it makes users have to think more carefully about the application of magic, instead of just throwing fireballs left right and center.
  19. I actually have never heard of Mahouka. But something like that sounds workable.
  20. Wait, so is this going to be more sciency or an orcs-and-elves-on-earth kind of thing?
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