Naruto: Warring Fronts

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  1. Naruto: Warring Fronts
    Orange- Land of Fire
    Bright Green- Uroko Clan
    White Blue- Tsuki Clan

    Saito Hajime

    In the days before the hidden villages, the life of a ninja was a short one. Battles, hazards, and wandering Bijuu presented danger at every front. Still, a ninja was believed to be the embodied strength of the land’s dreams, and they were highly revered in this time.

    All across the land, ninja clans are claiming dominance, despite the danger of doing so. Despite the volatile climate, there was a balance held between the clans, as a clan could only claim as far as their powers would let them. That was, until several clans in the Land of Fire began to unite as the first hidden village, The Village Hidden in the Leaves. This tipped the balance, and the Land of Fire expanded vastly.

    As the Land of Fire expanded, two clans stood in their way into the Land of Earth. The Tsuki clan of Honoji and the Uroko clan of Kizugawa .

    The Tsuki clan is said to be full of dreamers. It is an idealistic clan, though not weak by any means. Their dreamer mentality actually is what gave them their recent power, as locals supported their idealism to the point of undercutting whatever influence the other ninja clans of the area had. Popularity ushered in their strength.

    The Uroko clan however is much more pragmatic. The previous clan to control Kizugawa area, the Hebi clan, was oppressive, and killed rival ninja families within their borders. The Uroko family allied themselves with the Hebi, gaining prestige within the clan, only to betray them, destroying them, and taking their influence. Despite their tactics, they don't see themselves as evil, just willing to do what it takes for the greater good.

    The two clans are the only thing standing in the Hidden Leaf Village's way. Still, that is not their only threat.
    Their fellow clans, even now, wish to inflict harm on them. Enemies surround them on every side.

    Perhaps one of the most threatening is not of the human variety. Bijuu freely roam the land, sowing destruction as they pass.

    With all these threats, a miracle is needed. Perhaps one can be found in the current rising generations of these clans?

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    Q: A.U or Canon?
    A: A.U. All the clan’s from the original exist, and the leaf forming first are used, but all characters are new.

    Q: Are we using the English or Japanese names for everything
    A: Whatever you prefer. I personally prefer to use the English names myself, but to each his own.

    Q: Do I have to play as one of those 2 clans?
    A: Until we get rolling, yes. It just keeps things focused.

    Q: Is everyone in a clan related?
    A: Nah, they are just the individuals and families who are in the service of the most powerful family within the clan, and that powerful family itself.

    Q: Can I have a Kekkei Genkei?
    A: Yes, though I’ll want original KG for the most part, the worst secret of this RP is it’s about the Stone Village forming. I don’t want a naturally born Byakugan user for instance in a clan other than the Hyuga.

    Q: What Rank am I starting out as?
    A: Everyone starts out as D-ranked, but you’ll get better. Later on, I won’t offer too many high ranking characters from the start either. This Rp will always focus on the chars who started out as D-ranked. If there’s a high ranking character who didn’t start out as D-ranked, don’t expect him to get too much action.

    Q: What villages are there?
    A: Only the Hidden Leaf, which is brand new. No other villages have formed...yet. They will though.

    *Other notes
    **A few things don’t exist yet, as the villages haven’t been formed yet, here’s a few:
    • Most villages don’t exist, only the Leaf Village has been formed
    • The standard 4 man team isn’t the norm yet.
    • There are no Jinjuriken, nor ways to reliably seal the Bijuu(Means Bijuu are actually scary)

    Character Sheet Skeleton
    Show Spoiler

    [CENTER]Name, Alias
    [IMG]http://Charater Appearacne pic URL[/IMG]
    Summary:(Describe them in one sentence, will use on front page roster)
    Rank: D
    [tab=Person Info]
    Fame: (Leave blank for now, when you do something worthy of note, put here, like when you kill a powerful nin, or fend off a bunch of ninja.)
    [tab=Combat information]
    Combat info
    Combat Summary: (Sum up how your character fights in a sentence or two)
    Skills: (List what your char is good with. Here's the ranking for it
    Legendary- Amazing-Great-Good- Average-Bad
    You get 2 Good Skills to start off with (Like Good Genjutsu, or Taijutsu))
    KG/Hiden:  (Do you have a KG or a Family Hiden? Describe it)
    Mastery (How good are you with the above if you have it)
    Weapon List:
    Standard Weapons: (Any additions? Do you carry around more Explosive tags than most?)
    Unique Weapons:
    Special Skills:
    Jutsu List
    Cannon Jutsu:
    Jutsu Name - (Any modifications or restrictions to it?)
    Custom Jutsu:
    Type: (Offensive/Supplimentary? Ninjutsu/Taijutsu?)
    Rank: (What rank, E-S is it? Pick only one rank for a tech.)
    Hand Signs: (how many)

    Example Character Sheet
    *This is just the character I'm using, to show how to fill stuff out.​

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    Kicho Hashiba

    Summary: A daydreamer with a short attention span most of the time, Kicho just wants everyone to be safe.
    Age: 14
    Rank: D
    Clan: Tsuki

    • Fame: N/A
      Personality: Kicho is a sympathetic person, she tries to cheer everyone up around her. Even if she's not feeling happy, she smiles when other people are around to encourage them. She doesn't like for other people to be sad or unhappy, a constant with the state of affairs.

      Kicho is also extremely hyperactive, and has a very short attention span. It's hard to get Kicho to focus on a task, but if it finally does catch her attention, she becomes obsessive about it. Such as her learning the deities at the shrine. When she was young, she initially was bored by all the stories of Shinto, but after hearing of Amaterasu hiding in Ama-no-Iwato cave, she learned all sorts of trivial facts of Amaterasu (and played hide and seek, claiming to be Amaterasu for a month).

      Kicho is also extremely active, loving sports, dances, and the outsides.

      When she's not running around, she spends a large amount of daydreaming. She always wonders what's happening back home.

      History: The Hashiba family has watched over the shrine to Honoji for generations. Her father was an Ujiko(parishioner), and her mother a Miko(Shrine Maiden). Kicho always dreamed of being one as well, and learned the arts and traditions associated with the shrine. Her short attention though made that difficult. She did enjoy the dances though. The shrine would see the worse of the worst, as those affected by the warring clans would come pray here. Despite near never leaving the shrine, the Hashiba family was well informed of every occurrence throughout the region.

      Her older brother, Tenjin, was extremely rebellious against the old traditions. Her parents would often chide him.Despite their differing opinions, Kicho and Tenjin were close. Tenjin would often talk about a better land, about how ninjas could work together, there wouldn't be so many wars. His view was the gods would only help those who acted. He often lamented he was to old to be a ninja.

      The Hashiba family continued to pray for the land from their little shrine. However trouble wasn't only limited to the world outside their shrine. One fateful afternoon, when Tsuki was 12, a band of outsider ninja were fleeing from Tsuki ninja pursuing them. Seeing the shrine, they threatened Kicho's parents to be quite while they hid, and took a hostage, Tenjin. The Tsuki ninja pursued them, and asked the Ujiko, Kicho's father if he had seen them. He nervous said hadn't seen them. However, Tenjin, frustrated by the ninja fighting, and being threatened, broke free, and screamed the ninja were inside the Shrine.

      The ninjas in hiding were infuriated, and struck Tenjin down with kunai for betraying their position, fleeing the seen with the Tsuki clan in hot pursuit. One of them however stayed behind to care for the civilians left behind. He said he had been treated well at the shrine several times, and tried to treat for Tenjin the best he could.

      Kicho's world was shattered by the event. All the prayers she had offered seemed in vain without the strength to back them up. She remembered all of Tenjin's comments of ninja, wanting to be one.

      She later that night overheard a conversation between the doctor and her parents, that they didn't know if Tenjin would make it or not, as his wounds were severe.

      Frustrated with everything happening around her, Kicho swore to be strong enough to protect those close to her. She left a note that night, and ran away, hunting down the Tsuki ninja who had hunted down the rogues. Initially, they refused to take her in, and tried returning her home. But every time, she would follow them. In the end, due to her persistence, the Tsuki clan did indeed adopt her, and promised to teach her ninjutsu.

    • Combat Summary: Kicho fights by using her Talismans to protect her while looking for a chance to attach a tag to an opponent.
      Good Speed
      Good Kami(paper) jutsu

      KG/Hiden: N/A
      Mastery N/A

      Weapon List:
      Show Spoiler

      Standard Weapons: Kicho only carries explosive tags and Paper Talisman on her person.
      Unique Weapons:
      Name: Paper Talisman(Ofuda)
      Description: Paper Talismans with various prayers written across them.
      Special Skills: Jutsu can be inscribed within the prayer, depending on the skill of the user. It can be hardened by running chakra through it, becoming rock hard. The paper is weak to Water and Fire.

      Jutsu List

      Cannon Jutsu:

      Show Spoiler

      Custom Jutsu:
      Show Spoiler

      Name: Fujin's Tribute
      Type: Supplimentary Ninjutsu
      Rank: D
      Range: Short Range- 10 Feet
      Hand Signs: N/A
      Description: Running chakra into a Talisman, Kicho can levitate it short distances following the palm of her hand. It's strength and motion are equal to Kicho's hands.


      Name: Sealing Art: Impact
      Type: Offensive Fuinjutsu
      Rank: C
      Range: Contact
      Hand Signs: 2
      Description: Sealed in a Talisman, this jutsu releases a shock wave when released, sending the victim flying backwards. It can crack bone, but is rarely fatal.

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