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  1. rated- pg-13

    Plot: It has been 13 years since Naruto has taken the role of being Hokage and the Leaf Village has become a land of peace there is no war, no arguing among clans, and a new generation of ninjas, healers, and leaders have been born. But recently tensions have started to rise between the leaf village and the sand village when a quarrel between sand ninjas and leaf ninjas breaks out caused by a misunderstanding between two ninjas who had mistaken each other for threatening ninjas and each of them died. The 13 years of peace are over and each village is starting to pick sides and a full out war is brewing between clans. It's up to the new generation to end the war before it starts or let the war happen. It is up to US to decide the fate of the past generation the current generation and the next generation.

    1: no god modding
    2: you can be from any clan doesn't matter
    3:please make both male and female characters to keep it balanced
    4: have proper grammar for the most part
    5: type at least a paragraph
    6: have fun

    Character sheet:
    special ability:

    name: Casuna Hatake
    age: 17
    gender: female
    clan: Hatake
    village: hidden mist
    bf/gf: psssh are you kidding me
    children: ha your funny
    rank: Anbu
    special ability: summoning a giant pack of wolves
    attacks: Summoning, fog, lightning twin dragon,
    weapons: 2 long swords that rest on her hips
    pets: Shiva her bet wolf that her father Kakashi gave to her when she was born
    personality: Casuna is very friendly and kind when she is around people she knows and even around total strangers but if she feels uncomfortable then she will get quiet. When she is on missions she has a serious side of her and her loyalty to others is unbelievable she will die for those she doesn't know and will never leave a comrade behind.
    history: Casuna grew up being a burden on her father ever since she was born due to the fact that her mother had died 3 days after casuna was born by a curse that was put on her by Orochimaru sadly the curse continued onto her and will continue on generation after generation. When she was 7 Casuna was taken by Orochimaru and was researched on for over 5 years by him and once he was done using her she was taken back to the leaf village. After being examined and researched on to make sure that Orochimarus research had no long term effect she started her training of becoming an Anbu under the watchful eye of her father. Ever since then she has been trying to live up to the expectations she has set for herself.

    name: Oro hyuga
    age: 17
    gender: male
    bf/gf: no
    children: nope
    rank: Chuunin
    village: leaf
    special ability: Byakugan
    attacks: 46 point, sensory points, pressure points
    weapon: none
    history: Grew up under the watchful eye of Hinata and Naruto he had an easy life due to the fact that he is the hokages son but during his time at the academy he was bullied and picked on by the other students. He became isolated from the world and only focused on training and getting stronger.
    personality: Hes very aggressive when he is around a large group of people and usually keeps to him self and stays away from a large group due to the fact that he doesn't want to be picked on.
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  2. I'll post a CS tomorrow. I love this series!
  3. Ill be creating the charactors later today. Just a question if they are from different villages are we all still starting in the same place. And one more thing are the special ablitities from the show or made up?
  4. anybody can be from what ever village and you can have any ability just don't make it to GM and thank you both for joining :)
  5. [​IMG]
    name: Neia Soule
    age: 23
    gender: Female
    clan: Soule
    village: Frost
    bf/gf: None at the moment
    children: Nope
    rank: Jounin / Tracker Ninja
    special ability:
    Being one of the best tracker ninja's in her village, she has great sensory abilities. She can sense change in temperatures within a 500 meter area (aka Body Heat, Ect. ) She also has an ablity she calls "Shards of Hail" basically she forms hundreds of small ice throwing needles that rain down on an enemy.
    She uses a lot of throwing combinations, and ice related jutsu's
    She uses outside of her special ablility Ice needles, with the occasional ice kunia.
    She has a small arctic fox pup she takes with her she calls Flurry because of its love to catch flurries before they hit the ground in the winter
    Living as an orphan in her village as a small child, Neia began to experiment with her environment, being able to morph and use the cold around her. She was taken in by a local Chuunin who helped her develep her abilities even farther. She began to find a love for hunting, and helped locals hunt down pests at age 14. One mission she was sent to find and kill an Arctic Fox who had killed the chickens of a local in her village. When hunting down the fox, after she killed it she discovered a small den with a pup inside it. The pup was only a few days old, and Neia helped it grow, turning her into a loyal pet. She eventually became a tracker ninja, helping catch runaway ninja's from her village, and any village that hired her.
    Neia is a "Get things done" kind of girl. She has always relied on herself so she never really is good with a team. Being a tracker ninja, she is always very alert and sometimes a little bit jumpy. She is also one of those kind of girls that when she isn't working, she likes to dress warm next to a fire and talk to everyone. She is somewhat outgoing but doesn't get very attached to people.​
  6. love it :)
  7. ill make the guy char later if your still requiring it
  8. i am still requiring it but take your time just get him done when you can okay :)
  9. Name: Lyra Himura
    Village: Oni (Purple background, far right 3rd from top)
    bf/gf:None but interested in a relationship
    Rank: Chuunin (training to be apart of her village's Black ops)
    Special ability: Heightened senses including hearing, sight, smell
    Attacks:prefers to use daggers, can use senbon or kunai.
    Weapon:Twin daggers [​IMG]
    Pets:Red Fox
    History: The Himura clan was a once great clan that held respect in the Village of Oni. They are known for their whimsical battle style. Like any other clan, they have special abilites. Little else is known of the Himura clan but for one thing. Most of her clan was wiped out. Now Lyra and her older brother are the only two left. Personality:When someone meets Lyra, she can be a little reserved and keep people at a distance. (Will reveal more of the history of the clan in rp)
  10. accepted please make a male character
  11. name: Yoshiki Rend
    age: 19
    gender: male
    clan: none
    village: Oni
    bf/gf: none
    children: nope
    rank: Junin
    special ability: He can place people under a very strong genjutsu in which they are free falling. It's very hard to break away from it, but Yoshiki can only apply the genjutsu when he touches said person.
    attacks: Yoshiki mastered wind release and he can be very proficient with it
    weapon: Kunai and shuriken
    pets: He can summon a large eagle
    history: Yoshiki and his father lived their life secluded in the wilderness next to the village of Oni. Yoshiki's father tought him all he knows and turned him into a strong shinobi. He died ill when Yoshiki was 16. Yoshiki went to Oni and easily passed the exams with his knowledge, thus becoming a junin in less than 3 years. He is very ambitious and intends to climb the ladder and become a strong ninja.
    personality: Yoshiki is very cheerful and kind with friends and with the people he likes, however he is very hostile to those he doesn't like. He is quite sociable, as most people in the village know him even if he has been there for only 3 years. He can also be cynical and sarcastic, but he rarely hides the truth from anyone
    looks: [​IMG]
  12. like him accepted
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