Naruto RP anyone?

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  1. Okay so latley I have been feeling like a Narutard and now I am looking for someone who would like to RP with me.

    I am not all that pickey and is up for about anything.
    I have quite a few ideas myself and if anyone would be interested then we can talk about that in closer ditail later.

    I am mostly in to Shikamaru and Choji but I am open to most other parings as well.

    Some short ideas we can talk it out more if they are interesting. I have a few others as well.
    1. Young love. They have been in love for years but neather have deared tell the other in fear of losing their friendship.

    2. Long time no see. After years of being apart form one another two friends reunite and over time realizng the reason they missed one another so much were becouse they had deeper feelings for one another.

    AU (Sort of):
    1. Teatcher, Student. (This one works best with Shikamaru as the teatcher though.) The new young teatcher who graduated years before anyone else just started teatching his class. It did not take long for the other to figure out he had feelings towards his new teatcher.

    2. Perant, Teatcher. Falling in love with your childs teatcher is not a easy thing, not all that smart eather. But love is love.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.