Naruto AU: When Sky and Sea Collide

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The click of the cell door unlocking brought her awareness crisply back to the situation at hand. She hadn't necessarily "nodded off" in the day she'd been here, but her mind had wondered to the past, in the moments leading to her capture along with her squad mate.

'Dammit, he's never going to let me live this down. Even after I save his ass.'

The low light of an outside flame was perfect for allowing her eyes a quick adjustment. The blood had already rushed to her head from hanging upside down for so long, but she ignored it, narrowing her eyes on the ninja guard approaching her.

Mitsu was pissed.

But she held to her role of playing the subdued prisoner, holding her hands behind her back as if she were still chained. The foolish guard didn't even notice the shackles laying on the ground, focusing only on her. A rod slid from his hand and his grimace grew to a complete scowl.

The rod began to crackle with electrical energy as he spoke. "Let's start this again: What do you know?" The ninja guard almost hissed the last word.

Mitsu took a breath before speaking, feeling all the pressure conveyed in her voice from her inverted position. "Well, 2 things for certain really. One: you're oblivious to your surroundings." At that moment she moved her hands bringing them to her side, already storing trace amounts of chakra in them.

"Second:--" she started as the man began to stake a step back. "You won't like the way this ends." She struck out with her pointed hand, hitting the guard in the throat. He tried to cry out but no sound left him. His hands flew to his throat before the second chop from Mitsu to the back of his neck sent him sprawling unconsciously to the ground. As he fell the keys flashed in front of Mitsu. She struck out and grabbed them, giving a small whoop of joy.

"You shinobi should really make sure you pat down your prisoners. I picked that lock in less than a minute while hanging here." She reached up and began to unlock the shackles and encasing that held her feet. "Though I've gotta give it to you, these shackles were tricky." She landed a few seconds later, dusting over her travel gear and armor. She was chunin now, she didn't need to be getting caught in these situations.

From her observations, she knew the next sentry would be a few minutes away, giving her a bit more time. She stretched and loosened her body, letting her blood settle. "They always think they can relax on me just because Miharu is the jinchuruki." She was able to lift a pair of kunai from the unconscious guard and opened the door to her cell, peering out warily. Mits would have to make do until she got her hands on her weapons. Luckily she didn't sense any energies nearby. But, she had to find Miharu quickly. She'd seen the glint in the ambush leaders eyes when he'd learned what Miharu was.

Mits checked the corridor, ensuring that her way was clear. 'These guys should reconsider their priority. On a bad day, I'm worse than Miharu could ever be.'

Her goal was clear: Find Miharu, and they both escape to tell the Kumo intel division what they'd learned: Kirigakure had begun their infiltration of Kumogakure.
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