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  1. In a world parallel to the main Naruto world, genin fresh out of the Academy start their ninja careers. Here's where you can sign up to be one of those ninja!


    When in IC, no godmodding or anything similar.

    No Mary Sues/ Gary Stus

    Write clearly please ^^'

    Respect others in both IC and OOC

    If original clans, have Kekkei Genkai that makes sense

    No killing others without permission

    No controlling others without permission

    Romance is allowed but will not be a focus, if you want to do the dirty, take it to PM

    Follow Iwaku's rules

    Yadda yadda yadda



    Age (13-14):


    Appearance (written and image):

    Rank: Genin

    Village (can only be Kohona or Suna but has to be the same as teammates):


    Kekkei Genkai:


    Team: (1,2,3) (Team 1; Azul, Iroh, Lillian. Team 2; StellaAutumn01, Kurogane86, B l u E s. Team 3; timv999, CasketCase, Jessica2477)







  2. Name:

    Ayaka Hanakotoba





    Appearance (written and image):

    Ayaka Ninja.png

    Temp pic until digital is done. Her hair is a dark, almost black, purple and her eyes are red. Her skin is fair and she usually has a smirk on her face. She often wears a half tee (white), fish net tank top, black fingerless gloves, dark gray capris, and black sandals. Her headband is worn around her neck. She also usually has a red and black chakram in the shape of her flower, usually worn on her back.







    Kekkei Genkai:

    Kuroyuri, use of the Fritillaria Camschatcensis flower. The Hanakotoba Clan use various flowers with different properties to attack, heal, or defend. The flower varies from person to person. Ayaka uses the Fritillaria Camschatcensis, a flower holding the meaning of love and curse. In other words, she is a great healer or a great poisoner. Most of her jutsu use the best of her abilities, but doesn't work in long distances, and the poison isn't lethal immediately unless used just right.

    The Kuroyuri, despite it having two meanings, is usually deemed as cursed due to the meaning it most associates with. This being so, the user of this flower's jutsu always have to deal with a double edged sword. One example of this might be, if the poison effects are used too long, the user will start to feel the effects themselves, their bodies may even start to decay from the poison. This can be reversed if it doesn't pass a certain point, but it leaves the user at a large disadvantage because they are left vulnerable, unable to preform anymore jutsu while the poison is in their chakra system. Likewise, healing is also a double edged sword. While a person with the abilities from the Kuroyuri flower can heal anything from poison to large gashes, usage on the user is extremely limited, and healing jutsus tend to take up a lot more chakra, as well as take up a lot more time. Ayaka, specifically for poison jutsu, increased the sharpness of the sword, by attaching herself with chakra strings to the opponent to extend her range. This is only done out of desperation, but it allows the poison easier access to her chakra system. She also uses a chakram, controlled with chakra strings, where one misplaced string or false step could send poison into her body due to the poisoned blades.


    Akira Fuji, a man whose rather over the top inside, and yet, totally calm outside. He is super passionate and hopes for his students to live up to their potential, but doesn't show any of this passion. He's always smiling and his eyes are usually closed. He loves to make wise cracks at his students, often annoying them.




    Training, Sunrises/sets, Winning, Late Autumn, Her team, etc.


    Being underestimated, bullies, showing vulnerability, failing, etc.


    She's quite serious and down to earth, always thinks of strategies and planning her next move. But despite this seriousness, she acts completely different. While she will be going over everything in her head, knowing the seriousness of the situation, she acts like she doesn't care. She's smart-alecy, snarky, sarcastic, and a bit hyperactive. It's intentionally done, so she could trick her opponents, and even people close to her, into thinking she's a fool while she secretly uses her high IQ to plan how a mission should be done, or how an opponent should be taken care of. In battle, this is shown a bit more. While she may drop a snide comment or smirk here and there, battling for her is more instinctive and you can see the gears turning in her head with each new factor that arises.


    Specially made weapons in the shape of flowers or flower petals, or actual flower petals. Using her jutsu, what may sound and look silly can actually be quite deadly. Aside from that, normal ninja weapons. She also wields a giant chakram in the shape of the Kuroyuri. It's her favorite, and most effective, weapon.



    Tactical, usually calm, healing jutsu, taijutsu, chakra control,high IQ, her kekkei genkai, etc.


    long range attacks, genjutsu, sometimes reckless, low chakra reserves, anger issues, her kekkei genkai, etc.


    She has a habit of flipping a kunai when nervous. She also has a tattoo with her clan's symbol on the back of her neck, customary within her Clan. She also has bandages on her left hand, hiding a wound that would never go away, and that gets worse if her poison affects her for too long. When she's connected to her opponent through chakra strings, her poison is more effective. However, this causes her to feel the effects at the same time. This also causes her to breakdown a bit, loosing her mental stability due to the connection with her opponent, dying from poison being injected into their chakra network. If it goes on too long, and she looses a lot of stability, it starts to change her physically, her teeth and nails grow shaper, her eyes become crazed, her hair grows wild, and she'll even receive gashes or decay up her arms. At this stage, she needs to be stopped, or she'll loose her mind completely, and the wounds she suffered (the gashes or decay) become permanent. It's only happened to her once before (hence the wound on her left hand) and she doesn't remember how she was brought back into sanity. She only remembered the feeling, saying "It's like.... I dunno how to explain it. Like a possession or something. You feel trapped inside your own body and you watch as a person separate from yourself uses your body to do horrible things. You feel terrified, helpless, hopeless, and you see your body start to break down, and yet you feel no pain. You can scream and shout all you want, but that other being who has taken your body makes it so you can't be heard. I'd hate to be trapped like that forever.... I hate to even think about it..... Looking out through your eyes with no control over your mind or body, it's horrifying."
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  3. Name: Keita (Kei) Hyuga

    Age (13-14): 14

    Gender: m

    Appearance : ninja-2.jpg Kei is a Hyuga, which means he has the staple Hyuga eyes, brown hair, white complection. He has a standard build standing a few inches taller than his classmates.

    Rank: Genin

    Village :Konoha

    Clan: Hyuga

    Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan

    Sensei: ?

    Team: Team 2; StellaAutumn01, Kurogane86, B l u E s.

    Likes: training, getting stronger, learning new jutsu, being treated like a genius.

    Dislikes: being compared to his older sister who is now a Jonin, Failing, looking weak, being helped.

    Personality: Kei is an extremely stubborn guy. He never asks for help with training, assignments or missions. He is head strong and selfish trying to take as much glory for himself as possible.

    Weapons: kunai, shuriken, paper bombs

    Strengths: the kekeigenki Byakugan, excellent chakra control, a strong Tai jutsu fighter, fast learner in the gentle fist technique, quick reflexes.

    Weaknesses: stubborn, rushes in without thinking, over confident, refuses to learn other jutsu besides those of his clan, trains and fights with 110% in testy causing him to have low stamina if fighting for to long.

    Other: left arm is completly burnt due to a training accident he had during his youth. He is very sensation about it and keeps it hidden at all times.
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  4. Name:

    Sakiko Matsuoka

    Age (13-14):


    Gender: Female


    *See below*

    Sakiko is a 5'7 girl with a slim yet curvy figure, weighing at approximately 140 pounds. She has fair skin and very long peachy pink hair which is always tied back in a ponytail except when she is dressed in civilian clothes. She wears her Konoha forehead protector around her neck and a fishnet mesh underneath her one sleeve, white, kimono style dress; with a light orange colored wrap around her waist to hold it together. Underneath she wears brown shorts and knee length Kunoichi shoes to match. Bandages are wrapped around her legs, beginning at her mid thigh and going as far as to wrap around her entire feet. Though it is dismissed as Sakiko protecting her legs due to how much she uses them in battle.

    Sakiko also wears black gloves to accent the outfit, which is branded with the Matsuoka clan symbol on the backhand side. And for simple accessories, she wears a matching light orange ribbon around her ponytail and beads that hold sections of hair together.

    Rank: Genin

    Village (can only be Kohona or Suna but has to be the same as teammates): Konoha (Transferred from Suna)

    Clan: Matsuoka (Not a major clan)

    Kekkei Genkai: Katoma Eye

    Katoma Eye is a Matsuoka's Legecy Eye is a bloodline kekkei genkai that directly affects the user's mind, body, and spirit. Her eyes are and always have been brown, but activating the kekkei genkei will cause her eyes to change colors depending on what is currently being used.

    Mind: Sakiko's eyes will turn to yellow when activating this side of her kekkei genkei. It allows her to be able to memorize information and small details quickly and accurately at astonishing rates. However, at Sakiko's current skill with the Mind Eye, she will only be able to remember all the information she has memorized for a day until she forgets it all.

    Body: Sakiko's eyes turn orange when activating the Body Eye. Body Eye allows her to focus her Chakra towards any specific area she needs it to be with little to no concentration. In this case in particular, legs. It allows for less focus on concentrating Chakra and more on the battle. If used and trained correctly, the Body Eye can be used to speed up healing.

    Spirit: Sakiko's eyes will become a Pink gold color when activating the Spirit Eye. The Spirit Eye uses the most Chakra, but allows for the user to overcome traumatic experiences/emotionally damaging illnesses much more quickly. The user can not engage in battle or do anything involving Chakra consumption while this is active. So if Sakiko watches a teammate die becomes severely depressed, having the Spirit Eye activated for 2 days with a rest in between will allow her to overcome it.

    The user CAN NOT use all 3 eyes at once. It has been recorded to cause permanent damage in either one the Eye controls. May cause paralysis, Severe Depression/Insanity, or Permanent blindness.

    When the user of this eye is incapacitated, their body falls deathly still and their eye color becomes black. The user is not dead, but rather the Katoma Eye is shutting down the body to focus all Chakra on faster recovery. This is a meditative state, but there have been times where the user had woken up in a casket in the belief that they have died.

    The Katoma Eye also requires at least one hour of meditation a day for it to become stronger. There are times where Matsuoka members will meditate for hours, days, or even weeks to become the strongest. Sakiko, however, likes to venture out and meditate under a waterfall or any kind of running water.

    Sensei: N/A

    Team: 3

    Likes: Food of all kinds, running, training, getting stronger, cheering people up/on, origami

    Dislikes: Failure, Making mistakes, Embarrassing herself, Feeling useless, Being treated like a fool, Bullies, Losing


    It's a wonder why Sakiko had chosen to become a ninja. She is incredibly upbeat and cheerful, even when during the toughest moment of battle. It made her well known around the Academy as "The most cheerful ninja". The only times that Sakiko had fallen deathly serious and silent was when in academic situations or deep meditation, which is required by her clan's kekkei genkei. Out of the students she's trained with, no one has yet bested her in the battle of legs yet!

    Weapons: Standard ninja equipment; she doesn't really use them unless necessary

    Strengths: High reflexes, great Chakra control, Hand-to-leg combat (ALWAYS fights with her legs), Leg strength (her kicks hurt), Speedy, Nimble, Flexible, Encouraging teammates/Believing in them

    Weaknesses: Combat involving her hands, Genjutsu overall, Can't take the mission seriously sometimes, Can come off as annoying due to her upbeat perkiness, Can not forgive herself for a simple mistake, Wears her heart on her sleeve (Emotions can get the best of her).


    (I'll reveal the "other" in the RP ^^)

    She doesn't believe "Friendship lasts forever"


    "Sooo~? What's it gonna be? Ninjutsu? Taijutsu?"
    "Miracles can happen! Trust me, I know they do! You just gotta wait and hope you get lucky~"

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  5. Name: Neji Uchiha

    Age (13-14): 13

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (written and image): He is about 5'5 and 125 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes. When his sharingan is activated they turn the red color of the sharingan.

    Rank: Genin

    Village: Konohgakaure

    Clan: Uchiha

    Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan 2 tomoe

    Sensei: N/A

    Team: 3

    Likes: Training, His Clan, Getting Stronger, being treated like the genius he is. His friends, his village.

    Dislikes: getting beat by someone, feeling weak compared to someone else.

    Personality: Neji is a very proud individual, he is proud of his clan and of himself. Since birth he has been hailed as a genius and he has taken that to heart. Even though he can be stubborn and stuck up, he can be kind and caring and doesn care about his friends. He doesn't show it often as he comes off as show offish a lot of the time.

    Weapons: standard ninja equipment

    Strengths: His kekkei Genkei the Sharingan. He has great speed and is pretty strong. Is very well versed in ninjutsu and taijutsu. Has a good tactical mind.

    Weaknesses: can be very overconfident. Sometimes will think his teammates will just slow him down so he rushes in alone.

    Other: is the child of the head of the Uchiha clan. Has been considered a prodigy since he was born.
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  6. Name: Mushin Satori
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'4"/163 cm.
    Eye Color: Indigo
    Hair Color: White Blonde
    Mushin is commonly seen in hoodies and cargo shorts and that is generally it, save for some variations during the seasons. In colder temperatures, the material of his hoodie is thicker with fur lining the insides while his shorts are replaced with cargo pants while in warmer weather, the hoodie material is much thinner and sleeveless. Like other shinobi, his footwear consists of the commonly seen open-toed shoes. Underneath his upper body garment lies his sashinuki kote, modified on the left sleeve to have a sheath for his survival knife and wire strings.

    Rank: Genin
    Village: Konoha
    Clan: Satori
    Kekkei Genkai:
    Kensho - Not much is known about the Satori clan's kekkei genkai, although much could be said for most other clans. What is known is that it appears to revolve around a supposed genetic defect in the brain which causes chakra to interact with it in ways unlike any other human. Because of this unnatural interaction, a ninja of the Satori clan can expand their consciousness beyond their bodies, increasing the range and potency of their senses much like the Sharingan or Byakugan; however, the Kensho appears to place a massive strain on the user, as evident with nearly half of the adult clan members losing their sight. Aside from its advantages in the senses, the effects of the Kensho have also led to the Satori being masters at genjutsu, with their illusions being so potent that they can eve affect themselves.

    Sensei: TBA
    Team 3 [Sakiko Matsuoka (Jessica2477) & Neji Uchiha (timv999)]

    Peace and quiet, reading, observing nature and people (from a distance), black coffee

    Noisy, boisterous, and impatient people, those who fail to acknowledge or learn from their mistakes, sweets

    Laid back with a "go-with-the-flow" attitude, Mushin is easily the type who can be accused of being a slacker, although he simply prefers to not waste energy on trivial matters. While he can easily get on friendly terms with most people, his quiet and stoic nature, sharp eyes, and habit of studying others often leads to misunderstandings when dealing with people he is not used to, as it can appear that he is glaring at them. Once on friendly terms, he opens up quite a bit with people, but it comes at the price of being subjected to his snark and sarcasm.

    Preferring the minimalist approach, Mushin's primary weapons are a survival knife and wire strings that are kept in the custom made forearm guard protecting his left arm. While only using them when left no other choice, he does carry the other tools of a shinobi and a tanto dagger kept behind the small of his back and throughout his cargo shorts.

    Genjutsu, excellent chakra control, setting traps, exploiting weaknesses, stealth, and reconnaissance

    Low chakra reserves, prefers to take his time, uses underhanded tactics, will wait before stepping into fights in order to study opponents, intimidating to strangers, and can be antisocial at times

    Often has conversations by himself when alone

    Known Techniques
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  7. Ayaka might get along well with him, he's much like her. Well, usually. As stated, she could be hyper sometimes, but not usually. Looking forward to seeing him in action ^^
  8. @CasketCase

    (Mushin must learn to cope with his cheerful and upbeat teammate; I like it.)
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    13 years old
    Part of The Hatake Clan

    Team 3
    [Ayaka Hanakotoba] [Keita Hyuga]

    " Hmm, how do I put this? My first impression of this group... You're a bunch of idiots. "

    Jun has turquoise eyes and pale skin. She isn't very tall but has a developed body for a 13-year-old girl (meaning she has big breasts and hips). Her hair is a vibrant crimson red.

    Perceived as Cold and occasionally sarcastic. Jun is usually an Introvert but can be social if she likes you enough. She doesn't let people stomp on her. She has an intimidating figure and is heartless in battle. She can be sweet and nice if she wants to, but you really must be on her good side.



    Her name was given to her by Kakashi Hatake, her adoptive father.
    Her name is written with the Kanji 隼, which means "falcon".
    She was the most promising student at the academy based on skills, but the worst when it came to teamwork.
    She moved in Konoha at the age of 5, when Kakashi took her under his wing.

    {Kekkei Genkai}
    Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai

    White Light Chakra Sabre
    Icha Icha
    Explosive Tags
  10. @Azul , @Iroh and @Lillian hey guys, post up your CS like that we can start somewhere this week or next week :)

    also, Stella, can we discuss our team's sensei as well as the story plot hahaha.
    cause I encountered some problems while doing my cs and the reasons were because i had no clue in which world we are building xD

    so I'll tell you what I think you should do it, but you have the final world.

    If you don't want the nine-tailed involved yet, we can make the story happen before the nine tail then we should just start the roleplay right after the third shinobi war.
    If you want the nine-tailed in the past, then we just have to make it happen in another village rather then the Konoha village.
    If you just have no clue how to handle this, let's just have it a generation after Naruto's Hokage era.

    from what I see, we just don't want any of the real naruto protagonists (Sasuke, sakura, naruto, etc)
    Then lets just do it before they were born or after they were dead.

    for technologies, I don't think it's an issue as long as it remains with vapor power and maybe steampunk like techs. Like black and white TV, phones with rollers, etc.

    we just have to it our own world and anyways, it doesn't matter if there is some information of Naruto etc.

    also, i have a male charry ready. If you want, i can wait a bit until we introduce him in the story.
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  15. is this thing gonna... go or is it done?
  16. I'm all for moving forward I'm not sure about our gm though
  17. Yeah I also want this to move forward
  18. Should we continue by creating another ooc? Or should we just start with us as a three man team?
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