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  1. In celebration for the immense crazy hype for the new naruto game, boruto and itachi sequal i thought it would be cool to make a naruto rp... however sadly everything isn't written in stone yet which means i haven't planned the plot out at all. Before i even begin to think of a plot i would first like to know how many naruto fans (or non naruto fans) are interested in a shinobi ''ninja'' based open world. So if you are interested at all please post below so i know if its worth making or not. :)
  2. I'm interested
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  3. I'm torn, because I like Naruto RPs but after that fanfiction malarky Kishimoto dished out, I don't consider myself in the fandom anymore...

    Buuut I'll place my interest here anyway
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  4. Thanks for the interest! We'll need a few more people though before i decide anything.
  5. We can always work on a story if not enough ppl are interested
  6. Yea i know, if we don't get about 2 more interests by the end of tomorrow then i'll just make a short story instead of a huge world building one... Perhaps just the story of a singular squad.
  7. Well @Edward you have my attention, I'm interested lol
  8. Im interested in the single squad idea :3
  9. I am very interested if there is any room left!?!?!?
  10. there are room for villains, i posted a link above your post to the ooc so you can make your character.
  11. Oh only villains are left. I guess I got here to late. I Was looking to play one of the Genin. Oh well I guess, thank you for getting back to me and if a Genin spot happens to open up please let me know!
  12. I was wondering if it is possible to join in (whether I be a villain or genin) still. I'm willing to join in.
  13. I have never played a villain before, in a group game, and I do have some interest in the Naruto world. I suppose I'd like to try if you're willing to take me.

    Also, you should update your first post in this thread with the OOC link and maybe an update on the status of the game, like if there's any room left. :)
  14. Well first off this isn't a game its a legit roleplay, secondly you're right about the status thing.
    Heres the ooc - OPEN SIGNUPS - Naruto, The Story of Team Four ! |
  15. What do you mean not a game? Are not the forum roleplays games? That's how I've always referred to them, anyways.
  16. No they are roleplays. Roleplay and games are two separate things.
  17. I can see the differentiation between the two terms.
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