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What village will we start in?

  1. Konoha - Village Hidden in the Leafs

  2. iwagakure - Village Hidden in the Rocks

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  3. Kumogakure - Village Hidden in the Clouds

  4. Kirigakure - Village Hidden in the Mist

  5. Sunagakure - Village Hidden in the Sand

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  6. Takigakure - Village Hidden in the Waterfall

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  7. Hoshigakure - Village Hidden In the Grass

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Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Before I post anything I'd like to say this roleplay has not been made as of yet this is looking for people to start up a roleplay. Due to problems before with moderation of threads I'd like to make this clear.
    Timeline Note: This is basically going to start during what would've been Minato's generation however with canon character either non-existent, dead, or not involved. The whole point to making this based off the canon is to wipe away the need to get rid of the need for a whole new plot for every single village.

    It has been some few generations since the ninja wars (the second one was the most recent and of which happened at least a generation and a half ago) have ended and the villages have been in a state of pseudo-peace for generations now as the kages have managed to keep things from springing up but minor conflicts still occur occasionally. The strongest villages and the lesser known ones still employ ninja as their main asset in making money from locals and nobles alike as well as keeping peace and preforming espionage on neighboring countries and rogue groups of bandits. The Samurai have also retreated to the land of iron and remain there. They keep the peace and grow strong on their own while protecting what is most dear to them.

    Legends of old have come and gone and entire villages have vanished into the anneals of time only for new ones to come up in their stead. Powers never seen before seen are appearing from ninja who are making the world into their own personal testing ground while keeping up the appearances as law abiding shinobi. Others seek more morally agreeable ways of seeking power and are becoming well known for that as well some even call them heroes. For many years these ninja have made the world into what it is now and the samurai are reduced to a minor fraction of their power in the land of iron.

    However a new legend is brewing and is in the works. This story will foldout as a new group of genin prepare to face their journey into a brand new world. These genin will shape the ninja world with their tenacity and will and make the world a different place for better...or for worse. This is the tale of a group of ninja who shall make their own journey. These ninja will become some of the strongest in history be it they wish it upon themselves or not. Enemies, friends, and rivals will appear to challenge these ninja and to each their own path that they will find in this journey.

    1. All basic roleplay rules apply
    2. The Jounin spot shall be reserved for an NPC due to the chunin exams. After those happen chunin and lower level jounin shall become available. For now all player characters start at the rank of brand new genin.
    2.5: Also while there are canon character in the past they're all more or less dead or non existent. They only exist to serve as a basis for what the roleplay currently is on. That includes Tobi, Minato, The Third Hokage (died with Tobirama), Naruto, Itachi, Danzo (Similar fate to Tobirama), Pain, etc have no influence on this roleplay, are dead, and or weren't born at all. This roleplay starts around the time of what would have been Minato's generation but with the nations having a second great ninja war that ended way before this roleplay started. They exist simply to fill out a backstory for the time period. To give you an idea everything up to the third hokage's reign is canon. In this rp the fourth is in reign at the moment and the third died some time ago due to illness.
    3. You're able to be a tailed beast holder but you will have less jutsu in exchange for having said beast at the start. You will have little to no of control of the beast as well and will gain it over time. This is to make things fair for those without tailed beasts because you gain advanced healing and the chakra cloak when in extreme danger.
    4. Jutsu have to be properly leveled to the character meaning a genin/chunin wouldn't have some move like Rasengan/Chidori/Shadow Clone off the bat. We're not the legendary Minato Namikaze but we may become similarly powerful later in the roleplay.
    5. Jutsu will be gained, strengthen, and learned as the rp goes along therefore will be rather weak at the start of the roleplay.
    6. No KG of the following: Blaze Release, Dark Release, Dust Release, Kurama Clan's Kekkei Genkai, Rinha Clan's Kekkei Genkai, Ryūzetsu's Kekkei Genkai, Sakon and Ukon's Kekkei Genkai, Swift Release, MG Sharingan(at the start at least and this is restricted to Leaf Village ninja to start out with sharingan) , Rinnegan, Kimmimaro's Kekkei Genkai. Likewise certain kekkei genkai are village restricted unless given a good (Read: legitimate) backstory on why they have it.
    7. If you are unsure of something message me.
    8. You must be able to post at least a paragraph per post. Preferably more than that.
    10. The bare minimum I'm willing to accept is a person who can post a paragraph and a half per post (unless given circumstances otherwise make it impossible or make it drag on) and a character with two paragraphs of personality AND history. This is simply the minimal I usually accept.
  2. Interested!
  3. Alright glad to have you along. Also the poll is multiple choice btw.
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  4. I'm surprised we don't have another member yet these tend to fill up quick.
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  5. Give it a bump per day or something Cx
  6. Mee! possible to be a tailed beast of the team? I have an idea c: if yes and if no, still have another idea -for my character-!
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  7. Well that meets the minimum with N/A here. I have no problem with a Tailed Beast as long as you don't mix it with a kekkei genkai clan.
  8. I've read the FAQ/Rules. Me personally, a tailed beast user is quite strong enough--so theres no point in giving him/her a KG anyways c:. To OP. So theres you, me and @Anowell, are you waiting for one last player? :o
    And i kinda don't understand the KG part--I'm taking it as no KG at all? But i'm sure i'm thinking wrong -completely wrong I bet-. Can you please explain it clearly? Basically its allowed to a certain extent?
  9. If you're referring to rule six no. You can have Kekkei Genkai. You just can't have the ones listed (minus the Mangekyo for Uchiha who get it if they can unlock it in game. MG Sharingan is too strong to start off with). For the other KG I don't trust people not to use them. Dust Release for example is as simple as 'get caught in it and get vaporized' or Kimmimaro's bones which are nigh unbreakable.

    And we aren't waiting for anyone else. Three is the usual for a squad and I will be playing the sensei, and the third person (who will be a senju with the wood style).
  10. Ok, thanks for clearing things out for me ! c:
    And sounds interesting~
    I don't mean to hassle or anything, But when do you plan on starting?
  11. Hardly a hassle I've dealt with much worse people.

    Here's the OOC Link

    click on the above link and get to work on a Cs. I will already have my character done so I'll give you guys about two days to make yours if you need that much time. Also the day after tomorrow I have DnD from 2-4 and from 7-10 so I may not post much tomorrow.
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  12. Also before anyone wonders why Mitsuhide is so detailed it's because he's gone through many alterations and edits in the past year or so I've been trying to use him.
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  13. [​IMG]
    Same here, Reviving a character i never got to use for long/That was hard to accept due to jinchuurixis being understandably OP.
  14. Well if anything gets out of hand there's a reason I have Mitsuhide the way he is. His style is the one style that can suppress a person like your character by pulling a jutsu out of his butt.
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  15. interested!
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  16. Well we got room for one more so go ahead to the OOC.
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