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  1. hello im looking for a male character to do a 1x1 with anybody from this list

    takes place right before the 9 tailed fox shows up and the ninja war is still going on and its up to the two most unlikely people to try and end the war between the lands. But during this journey they must dig deep in themselves to figure out what they truly want and if they want the war to end.

    my Cs Info

    name: Casuna
    gender: female
    personality: Casuna is very serious when she needs to be but knows how to have a good time and very hard headed when she has her mind set on something she wont stop until she gets it. She is very loyal to those she cares about but wont be afraid to speak her mind. She has very protective instincts about those who cant defend them selves and believes that she must defend them because nobody ells will.
    history: Casuna was born in the sand village but shortly after she was born she was taken to the leaf village where a tailed demon was sealed away inside of her so that it would not harm anybody ells. She grew up interacting with children like every other child does until one day her seal cracked and she injured 6 children from losing control of power. Since that day she has moved out to the forest where she trains daily and works every day to become stronger. She is still haunted by the memories of the kids
    looks: silver hair braided down to her waist red eyes stands at 5'6 135 lbs wears a light blue kimono and has the seal over her heart and has her head band strapped around her arm.

    my character x itachi

    my cs X Kakashi

    my cs X Orochimaru

    my cs X your cs

    my cs X kiba

    my cs X Neji
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Ariyama Honda
    Age: 17
    Ariyama Honda is a cheerful student despite having trouble with his lonely past, Ariyama never stop smiling even when he's in battle making people wrongly accused that he's heartless. Ariyama are really talkative especially when he adores that person such as his mentor who recently pass away due to illness. He only gets mad when a person insult any people that important to him especially his parent. Note that when he get serious, his kekkei genkai awake, "The Path of Akuma" , which allow him to push his limits to certain extend (more less the same as guy's jutsu though in the path of Akuma, nothing change apart from his chi".

    Ariyama lived in a happy family until one day where his parent pronounce death by Hokage, due to that he inherited their house. Ariyama learnt how to be independent ever since he was a child despite having jealousy towards other children. His everyday life spent with only training, and with that being said he doesn't have any friend. At the age of 10, he already got into the Chunin rank and when he's 15 he got his Jonin rank making him the youngest mentor.

    Is it an ok~? Y/N ??
  3. yes I like it
  4. what would you like there relationship to stand at the moment
  5. Hmm...~ well they could be childhood buddies, since there feeling are a bit mutual (they both are like outsider) or Ariyama could accidentally found casuna during a mission~
  6. I like him finding her maybe shes injured ill start the 1x1 ic if you wish
  7. ill make the icc and begin it
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