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  1. These are all MalexMale. If you are not into that then maybe we can come up with something else but just a heads up I don't do FxF. I have lots of other ideas but these are the ones I want to do right now.

    I will tell you right now if you want to rp with me don't request the plot then never reply back when I try to get things set up with you and don't just flake out on the rp without saying anything. If your bored then say so. I've had way too many flaky partners and I just got here!




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    Character A is a 24 year old in collage Character B is his roommate. Character A really likes Character B but picks on him beats him up and sexually abuses the timid boy. What will he do when he discovers Character A's true feelings for him?

    I like to be Character B for this one I've played A too many times.

    The man that stole my heart

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    Character B had never really felt guilt for anything he did. The man did a lot of terrible things in his lifetime and took part in some rather disturbing activities. He'd never experienced love. That is until he met Character A at an orgy party. He happened to be one of the new play toys. Normally they were men who had gotten into some sort of trouble and where gang raped at one of these parties but this man was someone who had just been picked up off the street for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. At first Character B thinks nothing of it until he keeps showing up as the toy and is passed around from house to house. Then he ends up being dumped on him. Character B now has to take care of him till the next party. He is aloud to do whatever he wants with him during that time as long as it doesn't kill him. This in when he gets the chance to get to know the man and begins to develop feelings for him. What will he do at this point?

    I would rather paly character A for this one

    Character A is the toy (Uke)
    Character B is the man who attends the orgy parties (seme)

    This is a bit of a dark role play and will include
    gang band
    mild gore
    maybe a few others

    Human or android?


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    Adam wins a love bot named Kou in some sort of raffle he enters just for fun or course he tries it out and has lots of fun with it. After a few months he finds a human lover and turns the androids function to that of a butler. The android however is not thrilled about his replacement. The bot has developed human emotions and has fallen in love with Adam. He tries to drive the new lover out of the home buy pulling all sorts of ricks on him that cause him to hurt himself. The lover knows its Kou but Adam is blind to it. He thinks his love is just clumsy and wants something to blame it on. Will Adam ever see the danger the android brings before its too late. Will Kou go too far to have Adam to himself?

    I am playing Kou. would also like to play Adam. I need someone to play the lover. If you would rather be Adam let me know. I'm flexible. also you can use any names you want they don't have to be the ones given.
    I would like YC to be Seme or we cold try a seke Rp


    Ghostly lover

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    YC's family has moved into a manor that has been empty for years. After fixing it up and settling in servants are hired and one young male shows up late at night to tend to YC's need. Whatever he asks for be a drink of water, a late night snack, maybe a hot bath or something else entirely. The charming servant and the young master(YC) fall in love and have sex for the first time. A few days later YC find out the servant is actually a slave from 50 years ago who was killed by his master. the one he fell in love with is a ghost. How will he deal with this? you decide what happens from here.
    I would much rather be Uke for this one but I'm flexible.

    zombie apocalypse


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    Character A used to be part of a big group but during a invasion of zombies he got split up from the group and most of them died. He's been surviving on his own for over a year. He is found in an empty house by Character B during a supply run. Due to Character A's appearance Character B mistakes him for a zombie and nearly kills him. When he realizes he's human he takes him back to the small group with him and fixes him up. After a while Character A is all better ends up staying with the group having missed the company of others. The two fall in love. Now its a struggle to survive and protect each other.

    Character B & Character A (seke Characters)

    I'm willing to play with either character. I wanted this plot to be as flexible as possible because we all know how unpredictable zombies can be. I though it would be fun to do a plot like this in honor of the return of the walking dead.

    Demon and the hunter

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    MC is a demon who enjoys the simple pleasures of the human world. Everything seems to be going great until YC the demon hunter captures him. Instead of killing him like he should have done he keeps him to use as a lure for other demons. The man keeps him locked in a cage in his house. MC is rather annoyed and wants his freedom back but since the cage seems to drain his power there's not much he can do about it. He talks with YC whenever he can but the other makes it hard. He believes all demons are bad. He doesn't open up to him until one night he drags MC along on a hunt. YC encounters a demon far to powerful for him. He's almost killed but MC saves him. After that night he starts to trust him and even lets him out of the cage. YC chooses to stay rather than run. What happens from here?

    I want this one to be a purely seke Rp keep it nice and balanced.
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  2. The man that stole my heart and ghostly lover both sound really interesting ^^
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