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Alright ladies and gents, this thread is for those who will be participating in Nanowrimo. For those who don't know, Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month in which thousands of writers sign up to churn out 50,000 words in the month of November. Even with all the rp posts we all write, the process is harder than it initially seems. I personally have never completed it but aim to this time around.

This thread is to showcase what work you have. Show us what you're working on! Comment on other's stuff! This is the place for those struggling novelists on the warpath to completion to post up their first drafts without fear of scathing criticism. I'm interested in what you're all working on and hopefully you'll pick up some interest in my ideas as well.

My first bit of Nanowrimo will be posted within the next two is all first drafty.
I'll be posting in the next few days as well.
I've decided that I'm going to compile all of the roleplay posts I make this month as a "roleplay diary" and use it for my NaNoWriMo this year. XD It's cheating, but I really wanted to see just how much I actually write in a single month with all of the roleplaying I do. I'll post up snippets from ones I'm really proud of later if they come up. >:D
Jacob was the first to call the halt, horse breathing roughly upon the desert trail. Evita hadn't moved since they'd left Whitefall. Her proud Hispanic face was pushed forward over Jacob's shoulder and her eyes glittered almost maliciously. It wasn't a face the preacher was accustomed to and so he'd kept his eyes on the trail ahead for fear of catching her glance and thus her ire.

"We're stopping?" she asked, voice rising against the wind of the evening, "We haven't seen hide nor hair of that thieving drunkard all day."

"We're not going to catch him tonight," Jacob answered her shortly, "Atticus was a fair hand with horses and even with Adam he's like to have some ground on us yet."

"Then we should press on!" Evita insisted, hitching up the edges of her vibrant dress and pushing out onto the seat beside Jacob. He saw her then, the fading sunlight casting bronzed gleams across her flushed cheeks and shadows collecting in the pits of her eyes. She was similar, he might have said, to the depictions of devil-haired women in some of the more questionable biblical apocrypha. Mary Magdeline before her exorcism might have looked this way, frenzied hair and the far off glare of a creature wronged and hungry. It was in this way he missed a yawn, the puff of her cheeks the only indication she concealed it.

"Horses need rest too Miss," Jacob offered apprehensively, "We push them much more and we're like to pass Atticus in the dark." Evita frowned, sitting back against the rough wood as though stung. She was unaccustomed to losing arguments and the Preacher had presented himself as a man of gentle firmness. They would rest here whether she approved or not. "Very well, but at first light we ride again. I won't let that outlaw escape."

"I'm sure he had a reason," Jacob tried to defend, falling quiet when her lack of an answer indicated her eyes were on him again. It was a tired argument and one without much ground. Atticus had stolen their cash and the corpse of the hanged man and ridden off into the desert. By Joe's guess, he was on his way to Briar where he could catch a train and lose the two of them permanently.

Jacob couldn't let him make that train.

Reaching into the back of the wagon he retrieved a sack of cornmeal and salted meat, gifts from Whitefall, and dropped them beside the wagon. He followed them, leaving Evita on the seat staring at his back. Cool winds brushed along the nape of his neck and teased the skin of his face. Without the sun, the desert had become an almost unnatural place of black sand and alien creatures scuttling through the shadows. The night had never frightened Jacob before, but Shale had changed his outlook on darkness…Shale had changed a lot of things.

((Just a taste mind you...a misplace scene I ended up writing first.))
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