INTEREST CHECK Nanoha RP anyone?

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  1. Hey there. So the idea of starting a Nanoha rp has been floating around in my mind for a good while and I was interested in seeing if anyone else would be interested in it as well. The basic plot would be that an organization has gotten their hands on a Lost Logia and they plan to use it to reestablish the Ancient Belkan Empire and take over dimensional space. In retaliation the TSAB starts a task force in order to combat them and reclaim the Lost Logia. Anyone intersted?
  2. If you are willing to explain it to me a little more, I'm interested
  3. Sure, I'd be willing to explain more. Here is a more descriptive version of the plot.

    In the year 0093 of the Mid-Childan New Calendar, a previously thought lost Lost Logia is discovered on Non-Administrated World #20 by a group of archaeologists that had been sent there to investigate a newly discovered ruin. Within this ruin they found a Lost Logia that had long thought been lost. The Lost Logia, which had been named "Excalibur" by the ancient Belkans, was said to be sword capable of unparalleled destructive power. It had become infamous during the Warring Ages, but completely disappeared when Ancient Belka fell. Before the archaeologists could get the chance to send it back to TSAB headquarters it was stolen by an unknown group of individuals. This group of individuals identified themselves as the Evangelists, a militaristic faction that was once a part of the Church but broke away due to a difference in views. The Evangelists believe in reviving the Ancient Belkan Empire to its former glory and to accomplish what their ancestors could not, conquering all of dimensional space. Worried about what they could do with Excalibur the TSAB decided to create a task force in order to find and neutralize Excalibur as well as arrest the Evangelists. This task force, similar to that of the legendary Riot Force 6 (later becoming Special Duty Section 6), is a collection of mages from throughout the different divisions of the Bureau and of different rankings. Its name is Tactical Defense Section 9.
  4. I am interested in the roleplay and I'll stick to the story line the best I can