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    NAME: Chitose Kagetsu    AGE: 3 years    FACECLAIM: Yuuki Makoto/Arisato Minato (P3)

    Much like a cloud, Chitose is a bit of a drifter, preferring not to stay in a single place for too long. It isn't necessarily wanderlust nor the urge to avoid people and certain places, but rather a "search for her own self." Perhaps as a result of the events that had occurred in her past, Chitose is seemingly always on the search for things that she enjoys or appears to particularly like, almost as if she isn't familiar with her own desires. This causes her to present herself as a rather arbitrary person, being comfortable with shifting gears at the drop of a hat and not really taking into account the consequences of her actions. At times, she may even be seen dragging someone off to who-knows-where on a simple whim.

    Despite her capricious behavior which appears to take little to nothing into account, Chitose is not someone who is brainless. Although few and far between, there are indeed moments where she'll give things much thought and consideration. The only reason as to why said moments are a rarity to Chitose is due to her belief that overthinking things will only result in the failure to achieve her goals.

    Ironically, despite her desire to find out more about herself in a personal sense, Chitose hesitates in actively reaching out for and accepting the memories of her past. While the details are far from clear, she has an inkling that she has perhaps done something unforgivable in the past. Curiosity and her inclination to "simply do" tempts her to delve into the memories that are being slowly but surely returned to her, yet there's an undermining sense of fear and dread which contradicts this very curiosity. In the end, Chitose's greatest struggle may be that she simply does not know whether she is content with remaining as a death god forever, ignorant of whatever sins that she may have committed, or to open what she considers Pandora's Box.
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