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  1. Shina had spent the last hour getting ready. She'd taken a shower, shaved, blow dried her hair, and done her makeup.
    She'd decided to go with a classic cat eye for eyeliner, along with a smooth bronze eyeshadow, and red lipstick.
    Her hair was wavy and left down, with two heart barrettes on either side.

    The outfit she'd chosen was cute, and simple. Black leggings under a torn white jean skirt, and a pink crop top with a white bunny on the front.
    The crop top showed off just a hint of her slender stomach, which she knew would gather attention.

    She'd put on a pair of leather boots, and a black leather jacket to go with the outfit, and then grabbed her wallet/phone case combo, something she was glad she'd invested in.
    It carried her ID, Social Security card, and her phone, plus a small bit of cash, without being huge and bulky like a purse.
    She could fit it easily in the pocket of her skirt, so she knew it wouldn't get lost.

    Grabbing her keys, Shina exited her bedroom and stood in the living room, waiting for her best friend, Keira.
    "Yo! You ready?" She called, smiling.


    Ren was wearing a hat and sunglasses to hide who he really was.
    Now that he was working with Trapnest, he didn't need anymore photos of him in public.
    Especially not tonight.

    He'd heard that Blast was doing a show here in Tokyo, and he wanted to see them.
    But no one could ever find out- it would embarrass him, having Nana know that he'd shown up to her show, and the rest of the band as well.

    Even though he and Nana were no longer dating, he still wanted to support his old band.
    So, here he was, at the club they were supposed to be showing at, an hour early.
    For now, he was sitting at the bar, drinking a soda, waiting for the show to begin.

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  2. It was a long day, Keira had to work all morning before she could go home and prepare for the concert herself and her best friend had been hyped up about for month's. It had been a while since Blast did a concert so close to home.

    After a long warm shower she was clean and smooth. It always felt great after a long shift running a kitchen. Walking to her bedroom wrapped in a towel she began to get dressed in her chosen outfit. Long black skinny jeans a white shirt that exposed her perfect figure and a black leather jacket along with black ankle combat boots. Her makeup was basic just some black eyeliner to define her blue eyes.

    Right as she finished lacing the other boot she heard her friend call out. "calm down Shina I'm ready!" She mused picking up her little satchel bag which held all she needed phone, wallet and keys. Walking down to the door she grinned "let's go!" She mused.


    Nobuo stared at his guitar, sighing as he tuned it. This was a venue that Blast held its concert when Ren was in the band. Even though Nana wouldn't show it she was on edge too.

    The even weirder thing was that Hachi had one hundred percent choose Takumi over him. Since she was pregnant it was apparently the right idea. Cringing at the thought of that sadist Takumi Nobuo felt a flick on the head "hay snap out of it we are here" Nana said before flicking him again.
  3. Shina smiled and led the way, making sure to lock the apartment door on the way out.
    The club they were going to was only a block or so away, so they could walk.
    "I'm really excited!" She said loudly, arms in the air, waving them around.

    She turned to Keira, grinning, knowing her friend was excited too.
    "I hope Nobu looks at me. He's totally the cutest in the band!" She squeaked, blushing.


    Ren had two glasses of soda before people began showing up.
    He smiled and made his way with the crowd as the warm up band came on.
    They weren't very good, but he knew that most warm up bands weren't.

    Taking his place by the stage, he nodded along to the beat, waiting for the real show to begin.
  4. Keira chuckled lightly "I'm sure he will see you your the cutest one who's going to be there... Though I wish Ren was still in Blast" she grumbled folding her arms as they walked.

    "you think now that there will ever be a chance I'll get to meet Ren?" She asked looking at Shina with a half smile as they were now outside the bar and could hear the warm up band.

    Blast will be up real soon.


    Out back stage Nobou was ready to play. The opening act was terrible they had a horrendous guitarist who clearly was drunk and hadn't tuned his guitar. "these guys are terrible" he muttered right as they finished up and headed out clearing the stage for them. "were up!" He mused as ask their gear was set up quickly right as Nana walked out leading the band out.
  5. "Yeah, of course." Shina answered, smiling.
    "Trapnest is in Tokyo, too!"
    Trapnest was more of Keira's taste in music, but, Shina had a secret.
    Keira's birthday was coming up, and she'd gotten them both front row tickets to see Trapnest live.

    As they reached the club, Shina pulled the door open, seeing it was already semi-packed.
    "Let's get close to the stage." She said to Keira, pulling her friend along.


    Ren was standing near the stage, waiting for Blast to go on.
    He was bumped from behind, and as he turned to see who it was, he realized it was two young girls.
    One of them was totally into the stage, obviously a big fan of Blast.

    The other didn't seem quite as interested, but Ren noticed she was cute.
    Smirking, he inched towards her, wondering if she'd recognize him or not.

  6. "hey no need to drag me Shina" she grumbled though Keira just followed along as they carefully pushed past people. They got rather close to the front of the stage and Keira folded her arms as in secret she was really here to see Nana sing and watch her best friend.

    Scanning the people around her as Blast came on stage she thought she caught a glimpse of someone. Ren. Surely she was going crazy she blinked a few times before looking to the stage.


    Blast took the stage to a loud excited audience. So many were here and so many others were arriving. Nobuo began too play as Nana sang. It wasn't long until the guitarist was looking amoung the crowd looking for Hatchi. But he came across another.

    Right near the front. She looked very excited to be here and both their gazes crossed paths numerous times.
  7. Shina gazed starry eyed at Nobu the whole time.
    She was surprised to see that his eyes even met hers a few times, and her heart sped up every time it happened.
    She couldn't wipe the grin off her face, and she hoped that she'd made a big enough impression so that when the show was over, Nobu would come find her...


    Ren thought about ignoring the girl and just watching the show..
    But she was too cute.

    Moving closer to her, he smirked.
    "Great show, huh?" He asked.
  8. "yeah it really is... Though I miss the original group" Keira says hinting about Ren before she looked across to the voice as this time she knew it had to be him. Her eyes went wide but she didn't speak at first. "it really is you..." She said blushing lightly as she looked at him as the music now was only had half her attention.

    Nobu kept himself in check as he kept playing. But it kept happening. There was an entire crowd but he only noticed one woman. Hell if Nana figured out he was possibly falling for a girl without getting to know her he would surely get hit. So for now he just let his gaze flow. But it still halted on the young woman in the front.
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