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  1. I've been seeing a lot of examples and templates for villages, towns, and castles. That's fantastic, but I severely need help in developing a city. I need help naming the city, creating locations, how to label the map accordingly, ect. This is the first time I've really used a map (which I borrowed off the interwebs) to create a setting for my players.

    Here is the picture I am using to represent the city.


    Firstly, I need help deciding a name for the city. Nothing I've come up with so far seems entirely satisfying.​
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  2. Here's some things you can consider when naming a city! Many cities are named for:

    • Someone important to the people who built the city (ie: Queen Victoria)
    • The area the city is built on ("___ Falls", "Mount ____", "____ Rapids", "___ lake", etc)
    • An important resource to the city
    • An important or prominent landmark or other feature (Buffalo, Amsterdam)
    • A historical event that happened there
    Here's a helpful article on the subject, if you're still blanking

    As for how to label it, are you looking for layout advice?

    As for locations, what kinds of places can you think of offhand that will be important to have fleshed out for the roleplay?
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  3. Ooh, and Springhole just added a new generator that should be helpful!
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