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  1. I have an extremely tough time figuring out what to name my characters or any skills/magic if they have any. I feel as if most of the ones that do have names are unfitting, but I just can't figure out what I should name them. I tend to just choose whatever first and last name as long as they start with the same letter, but doing this kinda makes me feel like I don't care about the character enough. I know that this problems stems to pretty much anything that requires me to name things by myself (in single player video games I tend to just use my name, but I can't very much do that here).

    Is there any way I can get better at naming characters, or just things in general?
  2. Well, depending on my character's nationality (ethnicity for the most part, though) or where she/he was born and/or raised (simple terms), I usually look up girl/boy names and meanings, as well as origins. I do the same for surnames and if things such as patronymics are a thing in the specific country where my character is from, I usually look up information on how those work out in that particular country (i.e. Italy, Bulgaria). After that, I put two and two together, and see if the names put together sound good (dependent on meaning of surname and first name). Sometimes I'll use a generator- this is my baby in real names and just naming things in general. After I use the generator, depending on how lazy I am (haha), I'll look up names similar or the same to what was generated and check out the meanings and origins there, as well. (:
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  3. I very much agree with the previous post. Ethnicity is very important as to other aspects as gender and what not. The other thing is that you can also use names. Using them to not only just define a character's personality, but more than just that. If you make a character, why not try to make a goal with them? As in that you create a troubled young doctor that wishes to help people. You know already by then what kind of basic personality the doctor will have. He is a friendly person that isn't really selfish (or is he? Dam dam daaaa!).

    But going further down the line, the name doesn't have to go on about the personality. What if the name means something bad? As in that the person is like the cold winter night? It could give meaning that our example, the fine friendly doctor, isn't able to help many people while that is his goal. After all, I am not sure about you lot, but a cold night isn't always that 'helpful'.

    Another fine example is what I have seen from a character in a RP I GM. Her call name means Beautiful Bow, as in the weapon with an arrow, while her surnames means Long Valley River. Odd combination ain't it? Yet, listen to this. She is a cold and somewhat distant person and doesn't easily bond. Quite common if I place it like that. Furthermore, she is quite the fighter. The name Beautiful Bow, as weapon once more, is thus quite fitting ain't it? But what does the name Long Valley River means? What kind of perk or meaning does it have for the character?

    Well, perhaps that even while she is a sight and quite deadly that she has a long way to go? I never have seen or heard of a long valley river that was just a mile or two. There are some ways to think and discuss about it and it is fun, cause nobody is able to see the names and figure out like : "Hey! Your character will have this or that as goal, right?'' That is unless they simply try to just be plain punks, but luckily we have the ignore button for those lot.

    So to put it again short, don't just stick with what many people do. Try something out that doesn't seem to be anything special. Then when somebody dares to ask why you have chosen such a (odd) combination, hit them with the surprise. Or perhaps bring it up yourself and start an interesting/fun discussion? The options are there if you want them. ;)