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  1. Welp, while in the middle of building a possible thread for Iwaku, I came to a startling conclusion: I don't know what to name places! I usually take it to a generator, play Google Roulette, or pull something out of my butt... but I am just brain dead of what I want to name shit, including the main, central place where the majority of the thread's plot and drama will stem from. SO... before we get to naming things... let me sum up the thread first.

    BASICALLY... it's gonna be a crime noir set in industrialized steampunk world with prohibition going on. It's gonna be AU out the butt, and I want mother fucking airships and smooth lounge music. Yeah. :I On top of that, there's supernatural/fantasy elements along with some old fashion sci fi ala steampunk (cuz why the fuck not?) I'll even throw in a track to get your mind sinking into this universe. Hell yeah!

    So, what do I need names for? Let's start out with the pièce de résistance: the main source of conflict. Basically, this club is the city's/country (debating since... yeah) hub of entertainment and neutral ground for all factions involved (minus the church and police). They sell the best bootleg and have an underground fighting tournament once a month to determine who's gang is the strongest in the city. Welp, the gangs in the thread want it all to themselves and will kill for it. The End.

    ... I want this place to have a name. :I Let's get the name game going!
  2. I steal names.

    No, really. Wikipedia has some amazing resources for getting some incredible place names. Here are some of the pages:

    Wikipedia:Unusual place names - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    List of short place names - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    List of long place names - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    List of longest placenames in Ireland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Place names in Ireland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Otherwise, I use my Old Norse / Linguistic nerdom to take some Irish Gaelic / Welsh / Old Norse to pound an adjective - noun together, and call it a day. :) I only really play / write in Fantasy RPs, so this seems to work out well. When I used to run more modern and horror games, I would always go with something basic, and easy to remember. I named one of my RPs - and the town it took place in - after an abandoned mining town near my dad's place; Jeffrey City. Hopefully this helps!
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