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  1. In the car today, I randomly remembered the news about an Oregon guy who changed his name to Captain Awesome. He even made it so his signature is a smiley face, though he can't use it for important documents since it's easy to forage.

    It brought up a question, too.

    If you could change your name to anything at all, what would it be? Even if it's something as bizarre as Captain Awesome. ;] Would you try to get a unique signature, too?

    Or do you like your name the way it is?
  2. I may sometimes not like my name, but I don't think I would completely alter my name.
    Sure, take another last name if I get married maybe but otherwise, no.
    I would keep my name. It has all the love and thoughts from my parents in my name.
    My parents derived my name from part of my father's culture, named me with meaning.
    As for my last name, it's from my grandfather's language and background.
  3. I would like my given name more if one fifth of the women my age and younger didn't also have it. Doesn't help my middle name is supper common too! Oh well at least I've finally found a diminutive of my name I like. Just gotta get people to use it. When I find Mr. Wonderful I'll have to give serious thought to my last name. It at least is uncommon. If my future husband has a common family name I'll likely keep mine, but if not then, well, I'm a bit of a traditionalist and it makes it easier to have both parents have the same last name as the child, and hyphenated last name for my future child is not an option.
  4. I would forever be known as.... JOHN AL'THOR. THE DRAGON IS REBORN.

    No. But really. I probably would never change my name, just because I could never think of myself as other than my name. It's a part of me, as much as I don't like the family connection. But that can always be remedied with nicknames.

    But! If I could have -any- signature, it would be a Triforce drawn with a single line, with no lines overlapping. Or a little Pokeball. Something like that.
  5. I'd change my name to Jeffrey Lebowski.
  6. I like my first name and wouldn't want to change it, but I might be interested in changing my last name.
  7. My parents gave me a name that did not suit me. :/ It's never felt right. So as far back as I can remember I was ALWAYS trying out new names. By the time I turned 8 I settled on Diana and that has been my name ever since. >:D And when I get married this November, it's finally going to be my legal middle name. Cause in the end, I couldn't erase my history of my birthname, cause it's still a part of me too. e.e;
  8. Ocha: My parents and I all had different last names until I was a year old and my mom always says that it's from seeing greeting cards addressed to three different full names that made them switch. So yeah. Easier for families to all have the same name. Great story. :D

    I dislike my first name and how long my legal name is, but since it has so much family history in it I don't think I'll change. I'm kind of toying with the idea of going by Stephanie Elyd in places and making them call me Elyd though. :D
  9. Okay, my real answer. I actually like my name as it is. It's taken me a long while to finally get used to it and like it as it is. I don't want to change it now, regardless of how I once felt. It's a good name, it describes me well, and perhaps it is misplaced, but I feel I should honor my parents and keep the name I was given. Can't say the same for everyone else, but that's how I see it.
  10. Technically i've already had my name changed...

    Seriously though, i've grown accustomed to my real name so I doubt I'd change it. Only thing I might change is my last name if I ever get married XD
  11. That says it all, to me a name is just a piece of verbal shit that we use as an auditive label, most names suck, I won't even have kids cause I don't wanna name them (and cause kids are only good for breakfeast).
  12. ....I have a real name? Only my professors call me by it. lulz.
  13. I abandoned my given name six or seven years ago. It exists only at home and on official documents. Otherwise, I've adopted a new first and middle name. While I've kept my last name, it serves as more of a family name. I don't use it in regular conversation. As soon as I complete my BS degree, I plan to complete the legal process to make it all legit.
  14. Dick Grayson.

    ...You should all know why.

    (I type this as I push my nerd glasses up to my nerd face)
  15. There's only one other name that was considered for me, and it doesn't fit at all. If you're wondering, it was "April".

    Should I get married eventually then by all means I'll take the surname, but other than that, lolno.

    Also, there was a guy who got his name legally changed to Buzz Lightyear.