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  1. where are my MUAs/lacqueristas/people who just like to fuck around with cosmetics and nail polish at??? I know I can't be the only one! I made a nail thread awhile ago but never included make-up, so here we are. :-D I'm more into my nails than I am make-up, but recently I splurged on two Too Faced eyeshadow palettes and I'm feeling fabulous. I purchased the Boudoir Eyes and Chocolate Bon Bons palettes, all because my cousin recently got into high-end make-up and she is a bad influence. Seriously tho, make-up that smells like chocolate? Why has this not been done before?

    What are your favourite brands? Are you more into nail art, or more into glamming up your face? basically all I've been spending my free money on lately is ILNP nail polishes and I have no regrets. I'm wearing this shit right now:


    and it is magical. Not my nails though, just a swatch picture! I'll need to take some photos of my nails later on.

    also hair - if you have magical vibrant hair, I WANNA SEE THAT SHIT SO I CAN LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU :'( I used to experiment with my hair all the time when I was younger but now I've just grown it out, let my curls fall where they want, and dye it various shades of red here and there.
  2. One of my favorite nail polishes is called "Blessings" by FUN Laquer. it's purple and green! I also love my holos. Gotta sparkle or my nails ain't no use! Also thermal polishes are hella cool.
  3. @LunaValentine
    I love me some holo but multichromes are my jam! The reason I like ILNP so much is that you can get most of their multichrome polishes with added holo glitter, which makes them extra magical. :D I'd buy more FUN Lacquer if I could, but the only sites I can buy it from have crazy shipping which means I'd be paying, like, $30 just for a single nail polish, which is a little too much even for me. I really hope the site I buy my polish from ( - Canadian site) is able to start retailing them soon. I only have one FUN Lacquer polish (Poinsetta) and it's killer. I also really want to try magnetic polish!
  4. Weeeellllll....if you buy about 39 dollars worth of polish from livelovepolish....shipping is free (though I'm not sure if it's free for Canada. Their site isn't clear about it :( ). That's just where I get mine though XD I love my nail polishes. I also like Cupcake Polish and Starrily. Love me some linear holo! But multichrome are great too! I think we could get along nicely XD
  5. Unfortunately free shipping only applies to US residents. D': I still gotta fork over expensive shipping because I live in the Great White North. Cupcake Polishes always sell out so quickly no matter where I go, so I only have one - Lilac You Mean It - and it's genuinely one of my greatest polishes holy moly. I wore it for almost three weeks with minimal wear. Hardcore. My other favourite brands are Cirque and Colors by llarowe. :D
  6. I love Re-Vamped by Cupcake. Unfortunately nail polish won't stay on my nails for more than a day..... >.< You're super lucky! Cirque is pretty nice too! I have a red by them and though it's thin I love the color. (It's Madder)
  7. I am a literal slave to my nails XD. I do them like literally every other week. To be frank, I'm an OPI fan all the way :3
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