nail enthusiasts - what top coat do you use?

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  1. I'm on the hunt for a new top coat after noticing that the one I've been using for ages actually dulls glittery polishes (UNACCEPTABLE). I've heard about Seche Vite and how it's apparently The Best Top Coat but I'm also a hipster and would be interested in seeing other quick-dry, glossy top-coats that don't dull glitters (but y tho?)

    It turned my pretty, sparkly fairy blue polish into a boring grey sparkly polish. ;_;
  2. You want something that doesn't dull glittery polish then the top coat I use isn't for you. I've been using Poparazzi Matte Top Coat.
  3. Yeah, I'm all about the shine and sparkles. My favourite polishes are holographic and chameleon polishes, so matte is definitely out of the question!
  4. I use Sinful Colors Top Shine, which works fairly well, although you have to re-apply after a week or two.
    It definitely complements shiny colors.
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  5. I miss being able to paint my nails DX stupid food industry job.
  6. Oh gosh, my manicures never stay longer than a week anyway, so that's fine! I'll have to give it a try. :3 Thank you!

    @Touch of Insanity
    Why can't you paint your nails in the food industry? D: Y'all wear gloves, don't you?
  7. I don't even make the food and I'm not allowed. Your around it, you can't wear it. Your suppose to wear gloves, but even then. It's a health and safety thing. So only my toes get love now T_T I even hate the natural colour of nails. So it's very sad.
  8. I used Seche Vite awhile back but the smell was terrible (worse than regular nail polish). It's also pretty expensive in my opinion. I'm not sure if they sell this where you live (I live in Canada) but Wal-Mart carries a brand called "Pro FX". They have a variety of different top coats and cuticle oils, but my favourite is the one in the purple bottle... I think it's just a Quick Dry. You get a big bottle for around $4-5. I also really like Essie's "Good To Go" if you want to spend a bit more. My biggest issue is that they tend to get gloppy and thick at the end but I think that's probably the case with most nail polishes.

    PS - do we get pretty nail pictures? :)
  9. If you'd like a Holo Top Coat I have taken a shine to F.U.N Lacquer's Diamond holo top coat. But I'm still playing with top coats. like Sai Zhang I use the Sinful Colors Top Shine too. It doesn't dull the color and is thick enough to make my pretty Starily all shiny and almost smooth in two coats. Unfortunately I have to re-do my nails a lot because it either peels off after 3-5 days while wreaking havock on my nails or I wear a peel off and it peels in 2. But still...I like those two top coats so far.
  10. I live in Canada too! As for most polishes getting gloopy on the end, that's definitely not my experience. D: I do use some more expensive polishes so that might be why, but my only experience with gloopy polishes have been with Essie and Sally Hansen, and even then not most of them. I know the new Essie Starry Starry Night gets really gloopy. :E

    I didn't know about the weird smell, though. That's really unfortunate. :/ I'm going to go to Sally's beauty store and Walmart tomorrow and see if I can find it, just to give it a try. I will look for Pro FX too while I'm there!

    @Touch of Insanity
    Aw man, that really sucks! D: I don't really understand the health and safety reasons behind it, but I'm sure there's an explanation. I'm sure your toes look great though!

    Aww I love F.U.N. Lacquer, but since I live in Canada it's insanely expensive for me to buy any. The only place I know that sells it is Live Love Polish and their shipping to Canada is insane.
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  11. Yup, you'll see it at Wal-Mart then. I was also a little bit weirded out by the fact that the back of Seche Vite said something about an ingredient in it "causing birth defects in the state of California". I think that was another reason I threw it away, though I imagine most nail polishes probably aren't "good" for you.
  12. It's actually being the nail polish can chip and get into your food. It also can trap dirt inside as well. it's also why we need to keep our nails short. For the very same reason. All it takes it that one time.
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