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  1. [BCOLOR=#000000]Attention!![/BCOLOR] I got a ton of replies so I'm closing up shop for now to sift through the messages and such. Thank you all for your interest! (I couldn't edit the thread title...)


    Hello. My name is Naberius, or Nab, or Nabs, or a variety of other nicknames.


    What better way to start out our budding partnership than rules? Or guidelines, whatever you want to call them. Just read them. Absorb them into your mind.
    • I'm 17, but I'll be 18 soon. Either way, I'm currently uninterested in any sort of sexual themes. (This may change, but not until after my birthday.)
    • I prefer Adept+. We all make mistakes, but I prefer pretty good grammar, spelling, and decent post length. Don't let it scare you, it's all relative anyway.
    • Feel free to send me reminder messages if it takes me 4+ days to post another reply.
    • I play pretty much all genders and all orientations.
    • I'm blunt and sarcastic, but I'm pretty nice, I promise. My heart is soft and squishy. Just be prepared for the awkward first few pages of OOC chat while I figure out how to talk to you.
    • I only roleplay in threads, as they are easier to keep track of.
    • We need to chat about plot, at the very least. I don't expect an entirely mapped out, 15 page essay on exactly everything we're going to do, but a "hey, I think this and this would be cool and this is what we can do!"
    • FANDOM RPs :: I don't play canon characters. You're welcome to, but I will not. Personal preference.


    I prefer pretty much any genre/plot that doesn't involve overly realistic... stuff. Slice of Life bores me. I roleplay to escape the real world, so throw in some magic, robots, or royalty to spice it up a bit. I adore developing plots and worlds with other players, so some of my plots are intentionally vague so I can reel in some fellow worldbuilding enthusiasts. Also, romance isn't necessary... but it makes it kind of fun. Feel free to suggest that a human character be a different kind of creature. Want a vampire pirate instead a human? Me too. Should that adventurer be a half-demon instead? Yes, yes they should. I also have no preference on what character I play.


    :: pirate x merfolk (adventure, fantasy) ::
    A little known pirate sets about making a name for themselves after finding an ancient map hidden in a wreckage. The only problem: the map is written in Merspeak. Finding a mer is no easy task, and getting such a dangerous creature to venture with them into the unknown even less so.
    (I was thinking mermaids are kind of like the ones in Pirates of the Carribbean, except some are peaceful.)

    {Taken} Bad Blood
    :: prince(ss) x prince(ss) (royalty, romance) ::
    Two neighboring kingdoms have spent the last few decades piecing together an alliance after a savage war wrecked them and those around them. One kingdom has an army that is unmatched by the rest, while the other has riches beyond belief. As a final step in the unification process, a marriage between the eldest royal children is arranged. However, the two do not get along, as the bad blood between the two kingdoms has long tainted their views. The richer country views the other as savages, while the country with the formidable army views the other as pompous assholes. On top of that, more than a few rival kingdoms are interested in seeing the betrothal dissolved, whether to seek their own unification or to bring more chaos. All is fair in love and war.
    (Open for some fantasy/supernatural elements to be added to the story. Classic vampire and werewolf unification? Maybe elves and dwarves? Humans and vampires/werewolves/dwarves/elves/mermaids/fairies/etc? So many possibilities!)

    {Taken} Oh Glory
    :: knight x mage (adventure, fantasy) ::
    A knight seeks to bring glory back to their once great kingdom by finding a great treasure: the Tooth. The last tooth of the great monster Ter, slain by the gods millenia ago; it is said to bring good luck, happiness, and power to the people who possess it. The knight, of course, has no idea where it is or how to find it. The knight hires a mage, for their perceived knowledge and magic prowess (whether these are actually present or not is up to player disgression), and the two set out on a journey to find the Tooth. Easier said than done.


    Sentinel x Guide (reference)
    Rich x Commoner
    Human x Supernatural/Fantasy Creature
    Creature x Creature
    Rebel x Royalty
    Demon x Witch
    Witch x Angel
    Angel x Demon (so-so on this one)
    Deity x Deity
    Crime Lord x Civilian​


    As far as Fandoms go, I generally only include ones I think I could create a roleplay in. However, there are more than what is on the list, so you are more than welcome to ask about something.

    • Anime/Manga (Rarely watch anime, usually just read manga)​
      • One Piece
      • Tokyo Ghoul
      • Elfen Lied
      • Black Butler
      • Katekyou Hitman Reborn
      • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    • Books
      • Eragon
      • Harry Potter
    • Video Games
      • Pokemon
      • Mass Effect
      • Dragon Age
      • Skyrim
      • Kingdom Hearts
      • Assassin's Creed
    • Television
      • Gravity Falls​
      • Steven Universe​

    Think that covers everything. Post here or shoot me a PM, either one works.
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  2. Bad Blood seems super rad :)
  3. I'm fine with demon x witch
  4. wow, hey, you sound rad. i love how you formatted your thread, it looks extremely nice.

    you can hop on over to my resume if you wanna get the scoop on my writing style and all that, but i found myself extremely interested in these pairings:

    rich / commoner
    human / supernatural/fantasy creature
    creature / creature
    demon / witch

    all very appealing. i have a few of my own fantasy plots & pairings to share as well.

    hit me up if i'm to your liking & requirements!
  5. I love the Oh Glory idea if you're still looking for partners. :3
  6. If you're still looking for partner, I would love to rp with you!
  7. Hi!
    Gravity Falls? Always interested!
    I also like the sound of the prince(ss) x prince(ss) one.
  8. I know you just closed shop... seems I missed the boat, for shame... however, if a slot opens, give me a ring. I'm up for the Human x Supernatural/Fantasy Creature or Creature x Creature bits. Given I'm a "creature specialist" when it comes to RP... heh.
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