INTEREST CHECK Mythology Roleplay

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Not just Greek; Norse and Egyptian as well. Different races who worship different Gods must join together in order to defeat something vile. The plot is still developing in my mind, but I thought I'd do an interest check in the meantime. I don't want to take it too far and not have anyone interested...

The way I think I'll plan this is there will be a limit of characters, or at least for leadership roles. 1 person that worships Zeus, 1 that worships Poseidon, 1 that worships Ra, 1 that worships Thor, etc etc.

The antagonists, I'm thinking, would be Hades, Set and Loki. Followers of these Gods could be playable, for those who are interested. It'd be a good ol' fashioned good vs. evil thing and depending on where you guys want to take this, the world could be either saved or consumed by eternal darkness. [Dun dun dun!]

So that would maaaake... 9 main characters, methinks. Zeus, Poseidon, Thor, Odin, Ra and Isis for the good guys. Hades, Set and Loki for the bad. This list of Gods is obtained from a game I play called Age of Mythology... So deal with it. lolol

Anyone else who'd wanna play, would be maybe an ally to either group. I'd even allow a mythological creature, like an Anubite or a Centaur.

Let me know what you all think and feel free to pitch in your ideas. Don't be shy about questions, either. Mythology is more than video games to me. It's one of my favourite things to learn and teach about, so don't hesitate to ask anything. I'll probably put together a list of the aforementioned Gods, along with some description so that people know what kind of characters to put together. It would be weird to have a follower of Zeus shooting out fireballs...

Some people should be willing to handle more than 1 character, also. ;] It all depends on how many people I can get interested.
Mythology is always fun :) count me in on this. Thinking either someone tied to Poseidon or Isis.
I'd love for you to play, Angel! <3 Thanks for being interested.

I may reserve Ra for myself. n__n
I think I'm going to stand by the All-Father on this one?

Do you mind if I play an Einherjar for this?
You bet, Karsikan. :3 That would be really awesome, actually.
I am interested, I would like to play the follower of Ra.
Fluffy said she wants Ra. Be someone else!

I'm torn between Thor and Odin...
*steers his own roleplay into Fluffy's and smashes it off the road*
Asmo's threatened by my brilliant ideas. >:]

I'd love for you to play, Panda. I'll probably get it started in a couple weeks. <3
I think that this is a SPLENDID idea, Fluffy!!! You can definitely count me in, when you start it up. :)

Also Seiji, Einherjar are called Odin's adopted sons for a reason.

you get Thor.
Interested! And since Ra is taken, can i be an Anubite Fluffy?
Awesome, Fawna. <3

You bet, Raven! I'll get to work on an OOC soon.
Oh~ Mythology...Fluffy you are playing a dirty trick on my but playing this card! I shall have to join...if I have the time to spare. If I do I would love to maybe be a follower or a centaur...or a harpy XD I have so many ideas for characters for this~
Seiji and I better get some straight up epic viking time.

and I use the true definition of epic, not like these kids use nowadays.
Could I be Persephonie? Isn't she the pretty one? ^^;
Persephone is pretty, yes. She was a daughter of Zeus and abducted by Hades to become Queen of the Underworld. :3 Though, you probably knew that...

I'd rather stick to the list I have, though. If you wanted some relation to Persephone, I'd be okay with that. Maybe your character became a follower of Hades against his/her will? The imprisonment, perhaps, has a connection with Persephone who she wishes she could set free.

You'd be fighting for the dark side, but hey, that's fun. >:]


Ra, Isis and Odin followers are taken. Assuming that Seiji's still going with Odin, like he told me via MSN. We also have an awesome viking and an Anubite to the mix. Excelleeeeennnnnt.

EDIT: OOoorrr Seiji gets ThorThor. XD
Sorry Seiji, Being an Einherjar I'm taking Odin.

Since Valhalla was built by Odin, is ruled by Odin, and the Einherjar are chosen by Odin...yeah.