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Jazz grumbled as the clock slowly moved its lazy hands to the noon mark. Finally...Time for lunch! As the bell rang, she darted out the room, hungry enough she felt like she could devour a cow. Grabbing her packed lunch, she headed for the roof of the school. She didn't necessarily like crowds and loved the solitary feel of the roof. No one bugged her while she was up here. Cause if they did, she would more than likely punch their face in.

Crossing her legs, she slowly opened the lunch she had so carefully packed this morning. Taking a bite of her sandwhich, she cracked open the book she had got at the library this morning. She had been anxious to open it, to find out what juicy bits of Mythological info she could take in. She dived into the book, her sandwhich gone in a matter of seconds. Oblivious to anything else, Jazz immersed herself in the world of Krusniks, Vampires, Werewolves, and even Sasquatch was in it. This world had intrigued her ever since she could first pick up a book and read. Now she was obsessed with this dark mythology. So much so, she wished she was one of these creatures herself.

Whisperings came to her ears as she heard the normal mockings of her choice of books. Jazz growled as she tried her hardest to drown out these useless gossipers words. She didn't care that she wasn't normal. In fact, she loved being abnormal. It was her way of standing out. Maybe someday, someone would see that. But for now, she would continue reading her dark books.
Rickey walked through the school not knowing where to exactly go he had no friends to be honest. He just looked around then he saw a sign to the stairwell to the roof. He sighed just following it going up to the roof. It was better then being alone in the school. He opened the door to the roof and a long high pitch creak sound came from it. He closed the door quietly. He began to walk backwards from the door and he turned around. He began running up air conditioners and jumping off of them. He has found that interesting for the longest time to be exact.

He then jumped off one over an edge he couldn't see he saw a dark figure sitting down. Right in the way where he was going to land. He muttered, "Crap." As he crashed into the figure flipping around in the air and then landing on the ground on his back.
All of a sudden, Jazz felt something plow into her. Flustered, Jazz looked over at what had plowed her over. It was a young boy about her age. Where had he come from? Her face grew red with anger.

"What in the crap do you think your doing? Can't you watch where you are going? Besides, jumping off of high stuff like the school roof is dangerous! What if you had broken something?!" she stomped over to the boy who layed on his back, glaring at him straight on.

"Next time you decide to go jumping off of buildings, at least let me know you need some space! Think before you leap!" She growled at the boy and headed back to her seat, rubbing her arm that he had plowed into and the arm she had landed on. Searching for her book, she didn't see it scattered on the ground. Frantically searching around, she finally found it, but it was atop the school's fence they had around the roof. This angered Jazz even more as she tried to frantically scramble up the fence, all the while, looking like a fool to the boy below.

Every attempt ended in failure and Jazz grew even more frustrated as time passed. If only she wasn't so short, she could climb up that fence with ease and save her book from falling over the edge. Yet she still insisted on trying, knowing full well that if the book fell, she'd have to pay for the damages the book sustained. But every time she tried to climb up again, her already bruised arms felt weak and couldn't grip properly. Tears came to the frustrated teen's eyes...If only she were superhuman...if only she had a way of getting her book back. If only that boy hadn't run into her, then maybe...just maybe...she would have been able to get her book back.
He got up after she got angry at him. he was embarrased and sorry at the same time. "Hey i'm sorry about that i didn't knw you we're there," He said sorrily. Then he saw that she was trying to get a book up on top of a fence. He smiled knowing a way to say he is sorry. "Hey i can get that," He suggested. But she ignored him her eyes welling up with tears. He sighed. He jumped up on the wall getting some footing and pushing upward. He grabbed onto the ledge and hung on to it for a moment. He pulled himself up just enough that he grabbed the book and then he dropped back to the floor.

"Hey here you go, now will you believe me that im sorry?" He asked handing the book back to her with a embarrased smile on his face.
Jazz blushed, wiping away her tears and snatching the book away from the boy. She had to admit, he was an excellent climber. She nodded slowly.

"I believe you. Apology accepted...Thank you..." If she had a tail, she would be wagging it right now. Yet, she still was a little upset at the boy for some unknown reason. He had apologized, yet why was she still mad at him? She tried to shove it off, not wanting to give into her frustration right now. She extended her hand.

"I'm Jazmine, but my classmates call me Jazz...What is your name?" She couldn't think of any other way to thank the boy. She hoped a simple shake of the hand would suffice for him. Looking at him more closely, she could see that he wasn't that bad of a looker either. She blushed at this thought, right now she was trying to focus on making friends. Maybe, she thought, this might be her first friend. Boyfriend? Not likely, but friend, definitely. That is...if he took the handshake.
He shook her hand and smiled noticing she looked pretty. "Im Rickey," He smiled. "Nice to meet you, hopefully this is a start of a friendship." After they were done shaking hands he asked. "So what were you doing up here anyways?" He was just curious is all. Though he didn't know how to answer her if she asked the same question. Then she noticed her books. "Oh you like mythological stuff?" He asked. "I find that stuff very interesting too."
She was kinda shocked that such a handsome boy as himself would enjoy mythological stuff. She blushed.

"Yeah, I"ve liked it ever since I could read...I just find mystery very exciting. Thinking of all the possibilities in creatures out there...Kinda makes me excited..." She looked over at the boy. She blushed even more red. She had been rambling again. She hated when she did that, especially to people she just met. She always did that and that usually scared them off.

"And Yes, I hope we can be friends as well. I have no friends, so this would be nice if I did have one for a change. Mom and Dad may not think i'm so wierd anymore..." She looked down as she sat on the nearest seat. Her own parents had called her wierd. Ever since she had started reading those books. They always told her "Your not normal like the other children? Why not? Why don't you like the things they like?" The answer to that question, she had no answer to when she was little. But now she had an answer. She didn't like the things they liked because all the stuff they liked were bland, already existing things. She wanted to be the first to discover something that didn't exist before, but just recently did come into existence. That is what she wanted more than anything. Or maybe why she liked this stuff was because it made her feel like someone was out there, no matter how different, that someone was out there searching for her. Searching for her to be their true friend and maybe even a true soul mate. It was exciting to think about. She looked back up at the boy and smiled. If she had decided to eat her lunch anywhere else than she normally did, then she would have never met this wonderful boy.
He found her rambling about facts to be extremely cute. He smiled and laughed quietly. "Yeah its good you know about that stuff," He said smiling. Then she brought up how she didn't have friends. He then realized he had no friends either. So it was great she didn't because he didn't and they could give that for each other. "Yeah i don't have many friends either, but we could be friends to help," He said a slight blush on his face.
Jazz noticed that when she talked with Rickey, that he was very kind and nice, despite what had previously happened to her and him. And he was actually semi-interested in what she had to say. Not many people were that way to her. She was glad to have someone she could talk to, someone she could confide in. She was glad she had an actual friend.

"Of course we could be friends, in fact, I already consider you my friend!" Jazz smiled. She also noticed that he too was blushing when he was talking to her. Did he...Dare she say it? Did he consider her...pretty? Of course not. She looked away and tucked the stray strand of hair in her face behind her ear. She was foolish to even think that...Not one guy had called her pretty her entire life. She secretly longed for a man in her life, but what kind of man would be interested in a woman who doesn't even like reality? Jazz sighed, knowing that she was resigning herself to a life of solitude for the kind of stuff she liked. But at least she had a friend now. That's all that mattered to her.
To him she was beautiful, but he didn't know if he should tell her or not. He decided he would in time, but for now they were just friends nothing more. He found it interesting that she liked that kind of stuff. Not many people did, then again there were some who read Twilight and so on. He didn't find that interesting because it had no true facts. "So what would you like to do first as friends?" He smiled blushing slightly.
Jazz was glad she could talk to him and not feel nervous around him. He was nice so she didn't have to fear. She looked at him and smiled.

"I think we should just talk, since lunch isn't over yet...So...What are your interests? You can obviously tell that mine is anything that isn't real. Pathetic, I know, but it just facinates me and gets my imagination going on what possibilities could be out there, you know, the mystery? That part sparks my interest...I also like Anime...Some of the storylines are very interesting....And you? What's your hobbies? What you do you like and dislike? Oh and no Twilight talk please. I despise that piece of crap book and movies...."

As far as she was concerned, Stephenie Meyer is THE worst writer that has ever existed. She never did like the way she pictured vampires. Vampires were nothing like that. Vampires were blood-thirsty man eaters. They spared no one and were the ultimate predator. Their looks drew you in and their bite was, basically, their way of giving you intense pleasure. Not some sparkly man who drinks only animal blood. Edward wasn't a vampire, he was a shiny mosquito Fairy. She blushed that she had been thinking to herself and not looking up at Rickey. She would give him her full attention now.
"Yeah i dont really like twilight its horrible. But mostly everything you like i do too," He smiled. He began to think about what he liked exactly and most of what she liked. He did too, that made him smile to himself. To know he could relate to another person on that level. Though she seemed to be in deep thought for the moment so he said, "What you thinking about?" He looked at her curiously waiting for an answer.
Jazz blushed. It was nothing really. She just hated how society saw the vampire nowadays.

"Well, I was thinking that human kind has a twisted picture of what a vampire truly is. It was no help to Stephenie Meyer to make it worse. Vampires do not sparkle...Vampires cannot be in sunlight...Vampires do not feast on animal blood...Vampires do drink human blood...They do cringe at the thought of sunlight...Vampires are the ultimate predator...They were designed to be the ultimate predator...Good looks drew you in until they feasted on your blood, killing you instantly...The ultimate predator. Stephenie Meyer cannot tame them..."

There she went, rambling on again. But she couldn't help herself. IT was people like Stephenie Meyer that gave the name Vampire a distorted image. She despised Stephenie Meyer for taming, or trying to tame, the ultimate predator...She looked up at Rickey with a serious face. She hoped he understood what she was saying. Suddenly, a loud ring came to her ears. She had 5 minutes to get back to class. She smiled, packed up her lunch and ran to the door, waving.

"IT was nice meeting you Rickey...I"ll see you tomorrow! Ok?"
He was listening to her talk and describe what she thought about twilight. He agreed with her a lot of the time. Though he had a different opinion of the ultimate predator but that didn't matter. The bell rang and he watched her run to the door yelling goodbye. "Okay see you here same spot!" He yelled back. Then he realized he had to get to class as soon as possible. He cursed to himself and bolted to the same door and ran to class. Dodging kid after kid with grace.
Jazz tapped her foot impatiently. The clock was going slow just to mock her. She knew it! She growled as only a minute passed by since she last looked at the clock. School wasn't her favorite thing. It wasn't even challenging to her. She aced every class with ease. It was the waiting that annoyed the crap out of her. Besides, she couldn't stop thinking about that boy she had met earlier. She was still hurting from where he ran into her and she was still a little mad at him for not watching where he was jumping, but still...It was hard for her to stay too mad at him. He was so charming...that being mad at him felt a sin to the mythology lover.

She laid her head down, done with that day's work so she wouldn't have to bother with it at home and drifted off into a peaceful slumber, unbeknownst to her teacher.

Jazz woke to the sound of her name being repeated over and over. It was her teacher. School had ended 10 minutes ago. At least it hadn't been an hour ago. That would have really made her be late to her after-school job. She stretched, handed her work to the teacher, thanked him and left, yawning as she headed home to get ready for work.
He had been so extremely bored waiting for school to be over. He heard where her class was so when school finished he ran to her class. She wasn't in there when he got there. He cursed under his breathe and ran out a way he thought she went. He saw her walking down the street. He put his hands in the air and yelled, "HEY REMEMBER ME!?" As he ran up behind her jumping over benches and dodging people walking in the other direction.
Jazz heard a familiar voice behind her. It was her friend from the rooftop. She blushed that he would remember her. She had no reedeming qualities. She waved.

"Hey, what you up to? I'm on my way to work. I work at a book-shop...I know that doesn't sound too exciting, but it helps pay the bills and pays for food so I'm glad I have it. Hey, Why don't you come to my place. I still have 1 hour till I got to get ready for work. We can have some tea and talk or something. If you want to" She blushed.

She had never really invited a boy to her apartment before. She hoped to high heaven that she had rememebered to clean her place before she left, otherwise, she would be really embarrassed if he did say yes.
He smiled blushing lightly. "Yeah i think that would be excellent!" He said aloud a bit too loud. "So i'll follow you," He said standing waiting for a response, or for her to start leading the way. He wondered what her place would be like. Clean, dirty, amazing, cheap? He didn't care anywhere she went he wanted to be there to. For some reason he didn't understand.
She started to lead the way, between cars racing down the road and between big buildings. Soon they reached her apartment complex. She sure hoped she remembered to clean this morning. Otherwise, she'd be super embarrassed. She walked up the stairs and to her door, pulling out her keys and opening the door hesitantly. She peeked in just to make sure she had remembered to clean up. She had. She opened the door wide and invited him in.

"This is my apartment, this isn't much, but sit down and make yourself at home. Bathroom is down the hall if you need it and i'll get that tea ready!" She walked to the kitchen happily, pulling out the kettle, filling it and starting the stove top burner. She pulled out her favorite kind of tea. It was vanilla cinnnamon flavor. She dangled the tea bags out of the cup and waited for the water to heat up.
He sat down down on a single couch between the hall and the kitchen. He took the smells of the house in very easily. Some stuff did smell different, but he thought it didn't matter. He was somewhere new he hadn't been before. It was expected. "So you stay here most of the time!?" He yelled quickly. He hoped he didn't yell too loud. Not to seem rude or something.