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Who will win?

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  2. Aliens forever! * victory dance*

  3. Humanity. Will. Reign. Supreme! Fuck the aliens!

  4. Humanity will die. * turns into an alien and shoots everyone*

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  5. I don't care... * leaves the RP*

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  1. The year is 2065. The human race is the most advanced species in the universe. Some resent us. Some envy us. Some just straight up hate us. But no matter how the others feel, we are headed into war. We have created our own advanced creatures to use in battle and have created an army like no other. But in the smaller skirmishes we have had, we have lost far too many of our soldiers and only a few squadrons remain. The three warriors to lead them are preparing for the biggest bloodiest battle of them all. We are short on supplies and we are running out of time. Our generals and colonels are dead and we are being invaded by multiple powerful alien species that we used be at peace with, now throwing us into war. We run from one place to another with what little soldiers we have and picking up recruits on the way to other places to survive this bloodbath. Maybe we will die, but if we survive...
    I don't know what we will come home to...

    There may not be a home for us to come back to...

    battle creature selection. (open)
    When selecting your battle creature, you form a bond that connects you to your creature. if you die, your creature dies with you. if your creature dies, then you have a slim chance of getting a new one, but you most likely won't be able to.
    Here are the ones available that I could rescue from the attack on the base.
    mechanical_horse_by_tapwing-d5uxza1.png jorge_03.jpg 43812.jpg none of them have names. Those are u to you...
    if we run out, you may make your own but it cant be all military weaponized and high tech like these three. I will rate it's acceptability.

    character selection. (open)
    as far as being a character, there are 5 recruits, 12 soldiers, 3 warriors, 1 scientist/ mechanic and of course. If you so chose, you can be one of the battle creatures or you can give some ideas as for new ones. We do have an on deck scientist/ mechanic. He can do anything that has to do with electronics. He created the battle creatures. He will gladly make another... as long as he doesn't die. And there canbe asmany civilians as you guys want.

    rules (open)

    1. follow the Iwaku rules.
    2. no sexual content. I will allow a kiss here and there but nothing romantic, take that to the private messages.
    3. you may only have 1 battle creature and if you so choose to be one, you have the ability of speech. Don't abuse it.
    4. if your character dies, don't make a fuss. You can have up to two characters but if you have a warrior, you can only have a recruit or an alien(( and the alien that you play (if you play one) cannot ever come into combat with each other)) as your second character. But you don't have to have a second character, that's your choice.
    5. Have fun. No god-modding.

    Before you hop into this RP, i need the following information.
    Battle creature: ( if you want one)
    Rank: ( warrior, recruit, soldier, scientist, alien, civilian, etc.)

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  2. Death awoke.
    Dawn had brought him to consciousness.
    Expiry (mechanised horse-battle creature) continued on.
    Death stretched. His body felt its age.
    How old am I?
    I swear I must be 40 something by now.

    He thought back on his life: how he had come across the mask. How he'd been unable to remove it from his face and then, much later, how it would not allow him die.
    That was why he was a feared warrior and why he was known as Death.
    Wielding an unbreakable scythe (and the skill to use it), a strong body and an immortality curse, he descended from Expiry and surveyed his surroundings.
  3. name: Ellenora Vandoscide
    just call me Ellen...
    Age: 21
    Battle Creature:
    robot_gryphon_hogia_by_hogia-d51d7iy.jpg Andrious
    Mech Gryphon

    Rank: Warrior

  4. The area around them had already been savaged by the aliens and the humans that remained were in hiding. Ellen was in an old twisted tree, soldiers still asleep around the base.
    " finally woke up huh?" she said, propping her large gun against the trunk as she leaned forwards.
    Andrious was still starting up. He had to shut down each night to save energy even though he had an overly bountiful supply of it.

    " you've been out for quite some time now. It's about time you got up lazy bones."
    Ellen made that a nickname for you since your name was Death, so she called you Lazy Bones when you slept too much or she thought you were slacking off.
  5. Name: Joel Warneky, A.K.A The Hawk
    Age: 18
    Battle creature: None, was KIA in a previous battle
    Rank: Soldier
  6. Ping.....Ping..... Ping Hawk watched with lazy eyes as he shoot down each of the metal cans he'd lined up on a ledge outside of the army base, far enough away so that the noise wouldn't wake up any of his comrades. In his hand was an ancient looking pistol, dating somewhere back forty so years. He was sat on the ground, looking like the furthest thing from someone who was doing target practice. His armored legs laid in front of him spread wide, his back was slouched, and he had one hand on the ground holding himself up with the other on his gun. Still, he brought the gun in front of his face, lined up a can and pulled the trigger.

    Ping. The can flew off to the side. He lowered his arm and looked down to the gun. It was really just a novelty item to him, as there was no way the bullets would be able to penetrate modern armor. He used it mostly for target practice. He sighed, observing the rising sun and enjoying the calmness of the morning, before the day began and everyone woke up. He'd been up for a few hours already, tasked with keeping a lookout in case an attack came in the early hours of the day. Initially he'd kept a sharp eye out and was very alert, but when nothing showed up for the first few hours he went to target practice. He placed the gun on a side holster in his armor, and slowly got up off the ground to head back to the base.
  7. ''Lot of fighting means a lot of sleeping.''
    He surveyed the area and found it disturbing.
    ''We should evacuate. Aliens beat the hell out of this place once before, they could do it again. I'm good, but I can't stop the sky from falling.''
    He looked around to see Andrious asleep and then turned to face the base.
    He thought he could both hear and see someone watching them, a faint red tint bouncing from their armour as the sunlight hit it.
    ''I'ma go ahead, alright?''
    He did not wait for a response and within seconds he was nearing the soldier.
    he slowed down, careful not to repeat earlier mistakes.
    He got off Expiry and walked over to the soldier, crossed his arms and waited.
  8. " alright, go kill some Aliens for me!"
    Even though she was messing around with him and often enjoyed it, she took her role in this world seriously. When she was battling, she was one of the sternest girls you will have ever met. Hopping down from the tree she was in, her large gun colliding with her armor as she landed with a thump on the ground. Walking over to Andrious, she tapped on the front of it as the little yellow lights he had for eyes turned on and the ones for his wings did the same.
    " C'mon Andrious, we gotta get moving."
    Then, she shot a beam into the air and woke up what soldiers they had sleeping and started hollering.
    " alright rise and shine ladies! Time to get moving! We got lots of ground to cover today! Lets move!"
  9. [BCOLOR=transparent]Hawk, who'd already made it nearly halfway back to the base, stopped dead in his tracks as a realization dawned upon him. He began to feel around his body, frantically looking for something, "Damn it, lost my ammo clip. Must've fallen off when I was sittin' down. Best go an' get it." He sighed, and turned around to go and look for the ammo clip for his ancient pistol, in case he wanted to practice shooting later. He felt a cold shiver run down his spine while he was walking, and wasn't quite sure of what was causing it until he turned around. He stood uncomfortably close to a rather intimidating looking man in armor, "Jesus Christ!" He stumbled back, nearly falling over from shock. He came to his senses quickly, getting into a battle ready stance and pulling out the standard issue rifle he'd had strapped to his back for lookout patrol. Holding the gun weightlessly in his hands to his sides, he refrained from pulling the trigger, "Who are...." Hawk leaned in closer, to better analyze the man in front of him. He groaned and placed his rifle back into it's holster on his back as his HUD Displayed the man as an ally. “You sir, just scared the daylights out of me.” Hawk was breathing heavily underneath the visor that made up his helmet. Slowly, he continued to walk in the direction of the man, still determined to retrieve his clip[/BCOLOR]
  10. ''Apologies. I am Death.''
    He let the name hang in the air for a while, and then continued.
    ''It's a codename, I'm not the embodiment of it. Can you give me details of what happened here?''
  11. The soldiers now getting up off the ground, some of them stretching, some picking up guns and other advanced weaponry, some just walking around examining the surrounding area.
    " Andrious you lazy pile of metal, hurry up already!" She almost yelled, infuriated with her own mechanical battle creature, for the fact that it was just now lifting itself off the ground. Andrious usually was faster than he was this morning and now he was dragging. Sometimes he would do that but it wasn't often. Walking over to him and hooking a hand underneath his chest, she heaved him up standing him on his feet. She then walked away so she wouldn't put a nice sized dent in his head.
    " We need to reach the next city by sun down. If there is anything there we need to find it and make use of it. Search for anybody who can hold one of our guns and shoot it straight. Find supplies, ammo, food, water, etc. Let's get moving. Hurry up before some aliens get there first. I keep getting radio signals but they're sketchy. "
    Running around to Andrious again who was finally fully powered up and ready to go, she jumped up and put her hands in the grips placed on the sides of his neck and up they went, just a yard or two above the ground, watching for any aliens with the guts to face her head on, one on one.
  12. Hawk looked at the man briefly as he talked to him, then shook his head, "Yeesh, now that's a code name I wouldn't mind having. Name's Hawk. Well, code name is anyways." He didn't stop walking as he addressed him "An about your question, your gonna have ta be a tad more specific mate. Lots has happened. More than you can imagine." He passed him, glancing sideways at him briefly, though his eyes were hidden by the visor of his helmet. After passing him he held up a hand over his shoulder and waved it forwards, indicating that Death follow him. He still held his assault rifle precariously in one hand to his side as he walked, pointed towards the ground for safety. His HUD displayed various messages, and he was sure he would receive a set of instructions through his coms regarding his tasks for the day, as it seemed most of the soldiers at base were waking up.
  13. ''Ok, tell me about the most recent attack. I want enemie numbers, our numbers, strategies they employed in the field, weaponry they used, anything that could help us deal with them the next time.''
    Death looked out over the barren fields, noticing areas that were much more...crimson than others.
    He sighed to himself and remembered a quote from a life long before.
    War. War never changes.
  14. Name: Shadowspawn
    Age: 3 (new adult)
    Battle creature: N/A
    Rank: Alien
    Except the mouth in the centre is much smaller, dull eye
    (I am planning on having different stages of its life as it progresses. Is that ok?)

    Shadowspawn crackled, leaping around the rocks, hissing at the alien, almost identical, opposite it. Newly hatched from its bloated, husk of its previous form, it had spent an hour hardening its soft scale-like exoskeleton, now ready to fight. Shadowspawn raised its frill, the faded orange becoming a blood red. As the opponent shirked back, the new-born let out a screech, galloping forward and gashing a hole in its opponent side. A slow moving, cloggy yellow liquid poured out and steam hissed out, as the oppenent snarled. Shadowspawn dodged a swipe, and leaped forward with its teeth layered over his beak. The others head in its full grip, a struggle occured for a minute, and then Shadowspawn ripped it's head off, leaving a neck bursting with the yellow liquid, as the body fell to the floor. The winner shreiked out victoriously, and triumph burnt in its eyes. The small crowd roared with noise as it leaped around the arena. It had won! Shadowspawn had won!
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  15. "Well...." Hawk put a hand to his hip as he walked, nearing the destination where he was doing target practice earlier, "The last battle was about 3 days ago. Wasn't much of a fight mind you, just a couple of untrained whelps thrown our way. Still, it was enough to injure a few of our men. We recon they're probably saving up for a big attack. So I'd imagine their numbers are pretty sizable." He predicted. He stopped and began to search the ground. A few feet away he noticed something reflect off the sunlight. "Ah, there it is." He noted, and walked over to where the reflection was. He crouched down to pick up the black rectangle that was his ammo clip for the pistol on his hip. Still crouched, he placed down his assault rifle and placed the ammo clip in a pouch on the other side of his hip. He picked his rifle up again and turned around, walking back towards camp, "As for our numbers, well It'd be a miracle if we survived another large scale attack is all I can say. Sure we got the technology, but there's just too many of the damned things. Which is probably why they don't got much of a tactic per say. They pretty much just overrun us." He revealed. A notifictaion was thrown up on his HUD, "New Message". He reached a hand up to the side of his helmet, pushing a button that sent a holographic menu out in front of him. He began to swipe this way and that, navigating to his messages. He was grateful for the pristine piece of equipment he had, knowing full well that not everyone at their camp had the same luxuries he did. He continued to walk back to the base, "We're probably gonna pack up camp and head out again before they take us out."
  16. Shadowspawn flittered over to the crowd as he was integrated into the primitively designed society. It was still but a juvenile to the crowd, weak-minded and underdeveloped but now capable of killing. A few curious others walked over to him and trilled a welcome, breathing in its scent. Shadowspawn trilled back as a response. Observing a few more fights, it crackled in excitement. Some time later, a deafening boom echoed from the centre of the huge cavern that was their home. Following the crowd, Shadowspawn arrived at a flat area, with a small cliff leading up to where another of their species stood, except double the size of average, with muscles and sharp fangs huge against the others.
    Deep in his instinctive memory, he recognised it as the leader of the hive, a battle worn general, known to the group simply as Leader. A bellowing roar echoed once again, and a reply cheer of roars and sounds. Glancing around, the juvenile copied its surroundings, and released a broken roar. The bellow slowly faded away and silence echoed around. The creature listened intently. Then, Leader spoke. Shadowspawn was confused, struggling to work out this language. His brain was weak and young, and he had a low IQ. A mixture of Leader's supposedly meaningless trills, barks, yips, snarls, crackles and roar's, his body posture and almost impossible to detect wave which an organ in Shadowspawn's brain could easily decode it. Slowly, he pieced together a part of Leader's speech.
    "Humans... trespass... kill hive..." Shadowspawn's emitted a small shriek as he noticed what it meant. "We... 100,000.. attack... human hive... ... stupid," it continued to pick up. "We... fight... kill... Humans!" Another cheer erupted from the huge crowd. Shadowspawn's raised his frill and rattled estaticly. War! War! War!
  17. ''Sounds good.''
    Death got back on Expiry.
    ''Well, I can't guarantee anything, but I'd say we're gonna stick around for a while. Ellen probably has something to do.''
    Expiry caught up to Hawk.
    ''Want a lift?''
  18. Andrious shifted slightly, making the two of them make an arch back around to the camp that was now being taken apart and packed up again. This was a normal routine by now for the soldiers and the recruits were getting into the way of things with the group. She knew Death had gone of as he usually would do that, but, he would have come back by now so even though she needed to keep an eye on her soldiers, she tugged sharply on Andrious, bringing him around to go in the direction that Death had gone.
    " where did he wander off to this time. That bag of bones. I ought to phaze him."
    Everyone had a pistol clipped to their suits, they were called phazers. A phazer shoots out a burst of electricity, stunning and often times knocking out thee enemy. But this weapon takes a few minutes to recharge so it is only used for temporary defense when other weapons are considered useless.
  19. An adult next to him sensed his confusion and translated the sentence into a much simpler 'baby' language for him.
    "People kill friend hive. People kill friend hive, people kill us," the friendly species translated for him. Generally, everybody was peaceful in the hive until in the spring when domination fights begin, for moving up your status in the hive. In response, Shadowspawn's released a stuttered trill as thank you. He quitened as Leader continued. "Scouts...find humans...we.... $&@." Shadowspawn didn't know what the last word meant. Turning to his faithful translator, the other didn't know how to express the words. As the speech came to a close, a chant rose up that Shadowspawn could understand. "Protect mother! Protect mother! Protect mother!"

    Deep in the bottom of the cavern, the vibrations and rumblings echoed through the walls of the chamber. A satisfied growl arose from the grossly enlarged and bloated Queen, laying hundreds of eggs around the breeding chamber. The Queen was simple minded, and didn't do very much, but she trusted her children. She trusted the hive

    Shadowspawn trotted off towards the 'work assignment' building, where he would be categorised into a job for 2 months. Chatting with another new adult, he waited in line for a while. Finally, he was up. The adult stared at Shadowspawn, then reached out to touch him. The creature shuddered and Shadowspawn picked up waves of confusion and surprise. "You... Are... Chosen," it said slowly. Shadowspawn emitted confusion waves. "Hunter," it finally said after a long wait. A stuttered trill thanked it and Shadowspawn moved on, still confused. Chosen? He thought to himself about what that was
  20. (( i decided to make another character))

    ( Kree-Tan-Fray)

    4 (adult)

    Battle Creature: N/A


    creature_concept__dactylian_by_ndhill-d5bw0ga.jpg (click to see image better)​
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