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  1. So, basically this is a bunch of myths. Kind of like alternate universes. Yeah, think of it like that. I would prefer to be the mortal/satyr in all please ^^
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    • An alternate version of the myth of Niobe. The tale unfolds as a son of Niobe is spared by the gods to live out his life with the guilt of his siblings and the entombment of his mother. After spending years in isolation, not known the true killer of his siblings and mother he falls in love with someone. Someone who never reveals his name and only sees him in the dead of night. http://www.greeka.com/greece-myths/niobe.htm
    • Nolan, a satyr, finds himself caught in the arms of god. Despite their initial differences they quickly fall in love. Though like any other love story this is without a happy ending. As others mock and ridicule their bond their forced to make the a decision. Stay together? Or be driven apart by hate?

    • After many attempts to earn the favor of one of the gods a boy finds himself pleading the god, Hermes, for his favor. After this he starts to notice little things here and there. Thing like: more wine, flowers on his bed, and a crown of golden laurels on his pillow. What in the name of Zeus could be happening?
    • After the birth of a small demigod slave, Ares finds himself falling love with him. Watching over him and protecting him, he seems to have developed some sort of bond with him. Leading the other gods to laugh at his small weakness. But what happens when he's sold to a strange, cruel master?

    These are all the ones I have in my mind right now. I would also prefer if you were active and not leave me hanging. If you have something to do just PM me. If anything else is on your mind feel free to message me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.