Myth Hunters

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Axel Rover

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There are multiple continents on the planet Ethil, but the largest and most active is Ploaria. While peaceful, it is only a few years away from becoming a war-torn land, since three organizations are fighting for control of it. The locations controlled by either of the three combined come up to about 42% of Ethil, and that number increases everyday, no matter how slight. Living in the large place are two bounty hunters who were former mercenaries working all around, mainly for the three organizations. One day they get a target that ultimately changes their lives forever.

There are many notable landmarks across Ethil:

Pendle - The most notable port city in Mormead, located on the west coast. Most travelers and refugees usually come through this large place because it is the safest way to get into Mormead. This is because the three organizations that fight for control of the land have control over the port cities, and the one that has control over Pendle is the most lenient to visitors. It is for this reason that a lot of entertainment facilities and hotels are set up here, so they can make money out of those who come from other lands. The size of the population numbers in the tens of thousands. The weather is almost always clear and sunny.

Gakulk Lake - The largest lake in Mormead, located in the Mideast of the land. It is also the most dangerous lake due to the fact that the three large towns surrounding it in a triangle-like formation are owned the three organizations respectively. Since this large body of water stands inbetween them, they have decided to make Gakulk their battleground. Their are islands in the middle of the lake as well, which they use to their advantage. The weather around the lake varies from clear and sunny somedays to cloudy and windy on others.

Naporia - A large town located around the center of Mormead. It is neutral ground, and is known as the trade capital of the land. Almost everything that is made is sold here, attracting many people who just filled their pockets with hard-earned cash. The weather can be clean sunny and windy all that the same time.

(More locations will be added as the Roleplay progresses.)
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Axel Rover

Jonathan Jonson




165 lbs

Haruko is a fairly tall man with an athletic build and rough skin, which is filled with scars, mainly around his torso. He has dark brown eyes and blonde hair, as well as small ears and an average size nose and forehead. His attire is very bizarre as the man doesn't like to be plain and simple like most others. He wears a mix of a white-and-red hoodie/cape, blue leather under that, and pieces of silver armor that covers his knees and shoulders. His weapon of choice is a curved blade along with a metal-plated shield.

Jonathan is a very serious man who always puts the safety of innocent people before his own.His former job as a mercenary may tell you that he was in it only for the money, but it was actually always about the civilians. Whenever an organization got too out of control and decided to waste the lives of non-soldiers to force their way into new territory, Jonathan would align himself with the group that was directly fighting them head on at the time in order to stop this evil. He values human life, but wouldn't mind taking it if it meant that he could protect others from the people in question.

That being said, Jonathan can seem very kind if you have a conversation with him, though if you strike a nerve during said conversation, for instance, bad mouthing civilians for being 'lazy' and not fighting in the current wars, he would quickly show anger, no matter who you were. During the job he can seem pretty cold, but that is only because he is so invested in protecting other lives.

- A great Swordsman who is a master with the Longsword and Dagger.

- A master of many martial arts including Karate, Muay Thai, Judo, etc.

- A Blacksmith who is very good with fixing equipment on the go.

- An expert at setting traps as well as detecting them.

- An artist on the side.

- His armor slows him down a considerable amount.

- Not so great at detecting threats among people like he is detecting traps.

- Doesn't perform well over emotional grief, as he is very soft under that heavy exterior.

- Couldn't be stealthy to save his own life (which is why the best course of action in that kind of situation is to lure the enemies to him, thus sending them straight into the traps he set up beforehand).

Name: Grayston Tilber
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: five foot, eleven inches
Weight: 180 lbs
Appearance: (Color to come soon)
Sooty colored hair with dark skin, Grayston isn't very memorable as far as his appearances go. Save for a few scars here and there that he earned over the years, he could pass for any other normal citizen. He wears loose fitting and comfortable clothes, more concerned with his ability to move fluidly than actual protection. In the way or armor, he wears a set of leather gloves, and little else.
Personality: Grayston is a quick witted, lazy sort of man. He'll get his work done, but trust him to find the easiest and fastest way to do it-- if only so it gives him more time to socialize and try and woo the ladies. And yet, as lazy as he is, he's an impatient sort, liable to leap before looking; and it tends to get him into trouble.
Strengths: Grayston's a quick and wiry man. His reflexes are sharp and he's impressive with a blade.
Weakness: Grayston can be narrow sighted. While he's got speed, he's not built for sheer strength. Plus, he's all legs. Get him on the ground and he looses his quick-footed advantage.​

The large city of Pendle was very active today, which wasn't surprising due to the fact that is was always so lively. In order to keep a roof over you and your family's heads you had to get out and work, whether it be farming, construction, hunting, mercenary work, or a variety of other jobs that you may be skilled in. There were a numerous amount of daycare facilities for children so that women could work if they wanted to as well. The technology in this medieval-like age may not have been good enough to reduce work for a lot of people, but it didn't matter since they seemed to like their work. Perhaps it was because of the feeling you get when you are helping provide for those you love? The weather was clear and sunny, which concluded that today was a great day to work too, so who would be angry on such a day anyway?

"Come on, wake up Grayston! We don't have all day to track our newest target! His wanted posted just got posted up today, so he could be out of town by night fall, or if he is fast, in just a few hours!" Jonathan shouted to his lazily sleeping friend right after he opened the door to his room, an annoyed look on his face. The two of them stayed at the Ace Inn just like they always did when doing business in Pendle. They were bounty hunters, so usually the catch of the day would pay for their stay that night, using the remaining cash for food, entertainment, and sometimes a part of it would even be held tight for savings. Jonathans' room was right next to Grayston's on the second floor in the colorful inn. Every floor was painted differently, and even the rooms didn't look the same as each other. Various antiques were placed in the rooms as well for something to look at and marvel when you stepped into the location you payed to sleep in, rather than just sleep in it. The carpet was the same brown everywhere in the inn however, which somehow seemed to fit the rainbow around it.

"The poster doesn't have a name for him, which is going to make this a harder task than usual, but look at the pay out! It is huge" his face turned from annoyed to an excited smile as he raised the wanted poster towards his friend's face, wiggling it about. It gave the photo of a man in a black cloak with the hood covering most of his body, which again was going to make it difficult to find him, especially if he took it off after the hasty photo was taken, but the civilians of Pendle were very helpful in regards to catching criminals, and if the two of them asked a few people if they saw a man in a black cloak, they would get his location soon enough. The price on his head was shown to be $25,000, which was pretty high for a bounty. Quadruple that could buy you a small home. The duo was used to $500 - $5,000 jobs, sometimes higher, but it was rare since a criminal would have to kill a numerous amount of people or cause heavy damage to the city to get anything above $5,000 on them.
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Grayston sat up with a start when his door was thrown open, rolling his eyes as Jonathan immediately began babbling on about work. He tossed one arm over his eyes, waving the other dismissively. "We still have enough cash for another week and a half here. We don't need to work today." He yawned.

The dark haired man was nearly lost in the slew of dark blue sheets.

When his friend insisted on the large payout, he groaned, dragging his arm down from his face. "Can't we just sleep in for onc--" He blinked, swallowing his words. "Woah." He snatched the poster from Jonathan as the blonde shook it, blinking at the bounty before sitting up again. "25,000? Just who did this guy piss off anyway?" He handed it back, abandoning the warmth and comfort of the bed. He grabbed his shirt off the back of the near by chair and tugged it on over his head, shaking out his coal-colored locks so his bangs were out of his face.

As lazy as Grayston was, he was no idiot. "You'll have other vultures sniffing this guy out in no time. When was this posted?" He asked, shambling over to the end of the beg, grabbing his boots. A long night of drinking had it's effects on even the best of men.

Axel Rover

Original poster
At first, Grayston was acting like he always did, trying to be lazy until the last minute, but then after the few seconds it took for him to actually think over the amount they would get for this mysterious target's head, the man snatched the wanted poster out of Axel's hands and observed it thoroughly while sitting up. He asked questions that the younger of the two knew he would ask, and thus already had the answers at the tip of his tongue.

"Well, I have only heard rumors, but it seems that lately someone has been taking out squads of the Red Wolves that own this area, permanently, and since most of the squads targeted are elite soldiers and were armed to the teeth with equipment that they are masters with, the people doing it must be the real deal. In all of the crime scenes however, it didn't seem to be an army of soldiers who killed the victims, but just one man. Whoever can single-handedly do all of that and walk away freely needs to be put down immediately, and they think it is this guy right here," Axel tapped the poster with his free left hand while informing his partner of the situation. "I was walking around the city when I saw the first posters of him being put up, so it seems like the photos were taken just a few hours ago. Let's go ask around right away," the swordsman finished, leaving no time for extra chat as he turned around and opened the door to the hallway. Grayston was most likely following right behind him, with how fast he jumped out of bed.

The duo walked down the hall and towards the set of stairs which led them to the first floor of the inn, which was full of activity. Almost everyone who had a room rented out was down here, talking with there friends about public enemy #1. It was as bad as Grayston had assumed. Groups and groups headed out of the inn after discussing their game plan, so the two of them decided to hustle on out as well. Axel ignored the bartender who attempted to ask him if he also knew about this large bounty, telling him that he didn't have the time for chatter today, which answered the old man's question.

Unfortunately for them, the inn was right in the middle of the Town Square, hunched together with other business-type buildings. A large circular area surrounded those buildings, which was odd because it was called the Town Square, and with it being a huge intersection basically, the streets were littered with people attempting not to get ran over by the coaches that the wealthy people drove in. There were merchants set up everywhere around the square as well, with bounty hunters buying last minute equipment just to get one guy. Despite the large crowd, the setting really was beautiful, with the clear blue sky and heavy amounts of grass growing on the ground, even in small patches on the roads.

"Uh, where should we start Grayston?" Axel asked, scared to get off of the inn's porch in fear of the crowd.


Original poster
Let's head down to Dungstra." Grayston suggested with confidence. "We can usually pick up some good scraps of intel down there in the lower Spire. Cariimure said she had something juicy for us in the near future, and this sounds like the type of thing just up her ally."

Cariimure, more commonly known as Carrie, was a woman of the less than savory persuasion. Yet she was known to lay among some of the cities higher-ups, making her an ever flowing fountain of information and gossip. With fiery red hair and a temper to rival her looks, the woman only asked for small favors in exchange for good information. Usually it involved strange and obscure requests, like running errands or gathering herbs for her 'teas'. Grayston had made the mistake of accepting a cup of one of her brews only once-- and it was not a mistake he would ever make again.

Cariimure was a strange woman from another land. Her ears were long and pointed and, though Grayston had only seen her in action once, her small frame was deceptively strong. She could easily throw down her own if need be. And it just so happened that Grayston had to pay his respects to her in any event, as it was one of her 'sisters' who had kept him company the prior evening...

"Come on. The sooner we get down there, the better mood we might catch her in." The dark haired man pointed out, grabbing his partners arm and tugging him along, though only for the first step or two as he lead the way through the bustling crowd.

Axel Rover

Original poster
"Ugh, are you sure we don't have a list of informants to choose from? Carrie is so... questy," Jonathan replied as his partner spoke of going to that woman for information on their mysterious target. The duo hunted bounties for a living, but most of the times, in order to get basic locations that these criminals might visit, they needed someone who was around enough and has already passively gathered the information, Carrie being the only person they knew who could do such a thing. Jonathan's problem with her was that she always sent them on fetch quests for tea flowers and other quick use materials that wouldn't even last long. The worst part was that sometimes she just wouldn't take the money they offered, strongly insisting that they go get her whatever she needed. 'There is no compromising with this lady', Jonathan always thought when they had to talk to her.

"Well, never mind that. This bounty has too much on his head for me to be picky now" Jonathan added as he and Grayston headed to Carrie. The area in which she lived in was almost completely lawless. The enforcers of the city rarely went into Dungstra which was located in the southern tip of Pendle due to criminal activity that simply couldn't be handled like the other areas. The duo shouldn't have any trouble getting through there however, since associates of Carrie were neutral ground, and couldn't be touched unless the assailants wanted to end up in prison, hunted down directly by the elites controlled by a certain commander that Carrie had her way with at times. Seriously, that woman was everywhere.

The area was as trashy as it was lawless. It used to be a clean neighborhood, but one crime lead to another, and all of the villainous scum suddenly came out of hiding to group up together, correctly assuming that the Red Wolves wouldn't exactly handle the problem unless there was a threat to the land. Because of this, even the bad guys have some kind of force that sniffs out terrorism. No need for one person to ruin their fun.

After Jonathan and Grayston traveled through the area, witnessing drug deals, small turf wars and the likes, they finally made it to the warehouse that Carrie made hers. Jonathan opened the gates, and the two of them went in.


Original poster
Cariimure's chunk of the slums brought at least a little pizzazz to the area. while on the outside it looked like nothing but another run down warehouse, the inside had been painstakingly maintained. To simply call it a brother didn't do it justice. Carie ran an establishment. Fine silks and expensive dyed furs lined the floors-- a small nook provided with a busty assistant for shoes to be left at the door. Wooden beads separated the nook from the rest of the building, creating a curtain of swaying cords.

"Gentlemen." the young woman in the nook greeted. Grayston knew the drill. He pulled his boots off and handed them over, waiting for Jonathan to do the same. The lady labeled them with a small note and placed them into small compartments on the wall, made up of squared shelves. Again, Cariimure's attention to detail was evident. Even the shoe rack was made of hand carved oak wood-- same as the beads.

"Are you here for pleasure of business?" The woman asked.

"Business." Grayston spoke up with a smile.

The woman nodded, then lead them through the veil to a long hall way. The red walls and black floors always did remind Grayston of a deck of cards... False support pillars had been placed for aesthetics with doors sporadically placed against the walls. A smokey yet pleasant smell hung in the air-- falling down from the lanterns that hung from the ceiling to light the way. Incense always did make Grayston sneeze. This time being no exception. The sound went seemingly unnoticed by the woman as she walked to the end of the hall.

She slide the door aside-- none of the doors in the building opening like a normal door but the main entrance-- and stepped out of the way for the two men to enter. "Madame Cariimure will be expecting you."

"Thanks." Grayston said sniffling. "Typical spot I take it?"

The woman nodded her affirmation. "You have come during her breakfast hour. If invited, I suggest partaking in the meal."