Mystical creatures meet the new human world.

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So mystical creatures like unicorns, griffins, dragons and so on so forth now have been forced into society of humans. Though they have a trick they made their own town. People can come and visit the town and even marry with one of the mystics. There are even mixes of the mystical creatures and other animals or so on. Just trying to survive and help others of their kind. Surviving can mean killing humans that are searching to find out about them or just making sure food reaches their out of the way town close to the mountains. So let us survive, love, and flourish. Hopefully none of us will die at the hands of our enemy. Those who seek to trap us and do tests and others to use our body parts for fake 'medicine"
I would like to see some interest before putting this in motion.
I am interested. Though I don't really understand it much.
Well basically it's mystical creatures that because of the humans getting bigger and better technology now have to hide as humans. Some Mystics have been around since before humans others may have just appeared new to this world. But they get found by others who live in a town for their kind to hide in but have some freedom. Sometimes they are too late and the new ones get caught by scientist and the government of course gets involved. So each mystical creature tries to help eachother.

Also you can mix up creatures of you want I am going to be a UnicornBunny x3
Oh ok, it sounds very interesting now! Do we need more people to do this roleplay?
Yes! Though if you want we can do a one x one of it as we wait. But I do want a group roleplay for this.
Sure, we can do a one x one whilst we wait if you want.
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Only if you do. I know I do!
Does a Neko or Usagi count as a mythical creature? I could help out with making anything: Character Sheet, Race List, ect.
There is no race list. But I am sorry I mean mystical creatures as in creatures that can do magic. Neko's do not really count in that and I am not sure what an Usagi is.
I think I won't be doing this then. srry
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