INTEREST CHECK Mystery: The Death of Jerome Butler

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What time period / party type / number of murders would you most like?

  1. 1920s

  2. 1980s

  3. Present Day

  4. Dinner Party

  5. Costume Party

  6. One Murder

  7. Multiple Murders

  8. Other

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  1. So I have always loved the game Clue. And I decided to put in my own twist and turn it into an RP. The trouble is I’m having a hard time making up my mind on some of the details. So if you are interested, read the below synopsis and then vote in the poll above. I've enable multiple choices so please choose which time frame, what type of party, and whether or not you think there should be more then one murder. If you vote other please tell me what your suggestion is.

    Modern-Mystery: The Death of Jerome Butler
    The year is 19?? - Jerome Butler is a man of many talents, ha has his fingers in multiple pots, and many enemies. Strangely enough he has never actually been seen, so It’s a huge surprise and honor when one night he decided to throw a ____ party at his mansion in the hills for a select few. Unfortunately for Jerome every single one of his guests has a reason to kill him. So when a storm strikes and the power gets cut, more than one thing goes wrong.

    This will be a Clue style Mystery, meaning no one will know for sure who did what aside from me. I will be the moderator. I will dole out clues and keep track of who did what until the end, and make GM posts. I will also control Jerome Butler and his staff. Any one may be a murder so be ready with your motives!

    This game will include everything from players revealing clues to each other, to secret passageways, to having to figure out who killed Jerome Butler, with what, and why.

    There will of course be more details once I create the OOC thread, but for now I just wanted to find out if anyone was interested and what specifics they would prefer.
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  2. Oh my god, this seems like an amazing roleplay. I would be more than happy to RP with you
  3. Thanks!
    I'm going to give this Interest check a week before I start anything just to see what people's opinions are. but please, If you have any ideas, feel free to share.
  4. I would love love love to be a part of this~
  5. i want to play i want to play
  6. Wow, did not expect to get this much of a response so quickly!
    Thanks Every One!

    Still planning on waiting until the end of the week (next Friday or Saturday) to put up the OOC thread, but maybe I can give you all a bit more information in the meantime . . .
    Um let's see . . .

    This RP is going to rely heavily in PMs and Player participation. After I put up the OOC and people create characters I'll create clues based on what's included in the character sheets. One the RP starts I will PM a round of clues (Individually) and each person will get one. Kind of like dealing the cards but only one at a time. once the clues are sent out each person will then make a post with their character finding a clue, although not too obviously so the other players will have to try to figure out what the clue was.
    I'm thinking this way the clues won't be as obvious as they would if I just put them into GM posts, and you all get to be clever and sneaky with your posts as well.

    What do you all think? will that work? or does anyone see a flaw I might not have thought of?
  7. I think that's the best way to go about a mystery like this. Keeping the clues secretive would allow the rp to flow more like a mystery, as the players themselves won't have the full picture.
  8. Interested!!!!!
  9. -pops her head in through an unlocked window-
    Save me a spot! ^-^
  10. Oh my word, please tell me there is room for one more!
  11. Yes, there's still room :D
  12. This sounds awesome :D I'd love to have a spot too !
  13. That makes eight people :D

    Looking everything over I think I'm going to need to cap this at 10 people max. That means there're only two spots left.
    And looking at the poll results that means that 1920s and multiple murders have won.
    However, party style is tied.
    So, Knowing that this will take place in the 1920s does anyone want to re-vote on a party style preference? or shall I just pick one?
  14. Gah... I know nothing about the 1920's @.@ *goes to research*

    I'll retract my vote from Costume party and instead opt for just Dinner party.
  15. LET PLAYS(?)
  16. Ok, here's what I'll do . . .
    I'm going to post the OOC now so you all can begin creating your characters, read the rest of the info, ask question etc. And I'm going to reserve a spot for everyone who posted here.

    However, I'm going to be out of town Thursday night through Saturday morning, so don't expect the IC until Saturday afternoon.
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    Ok so the OOC Thread is now up

    You'll notice that spots 1 - 8 are listed as reserved. Those are for you all :D
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  18. thank you depply your gointo have to wait a few I need to look up stuff