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I can play most genres, but fantasy, magic and animals are my best.

Your a Horse rider that comes to a beautiful ranch that has so many flowers, ponds and swamps near by. You are responsable for eight horses. Every day you see this horse there and can't help but wonder who's horse that is as its stunning and beaitful. Only to learn that there are dark things behind the sun's illusion of a monsterous creature.

(@Dean Winchester will play the stallion pictured above along with a Ranch worker.)



(CynderTheDragoness will play the mare and rider pictured above.)
(I will, yes.)

The trip had been a long one, but Aly had finally made it to the Ranch she would be calling home. The cab and bed of her truck was full of boxes. The trailer held her horse and tack. Aly drove up to the stables first. She wanted to get Stella unloaded and settled before she unpacked anything. Putting the old Dodge in park and killing the engine, Aly hoped out of the cab and went around to the trailer. "We're here girl." She said as she opened the doors. She was grerted with a soft whinny as she entered. She untied the mare. "Alright Stella, we're gonna do this nice and slow." She pulled back on the rope, signaling the mare to walk backward down the ramp. "Easy girl, back up. Easy." Aly spokd to the mare the whole time and led her to an empty stall.
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The place was beautful full of colors and pink trees and a massive pond in the front but away from the fence. The pond was surrounded by pink trees and tall reeds around the rim of it. With a deep sigh the worker came up sloly and parked his jeep. Buck was a friendly guy who owned eight stallions and four mares down on his own ranch a mile away but he helped with others as well. He knew the local myth and fright of this ranch and was a bit confused by why the girl would take it. he came out of his car and yawned.

"Well Howdy, I reckon you take this land for the beauty and saftey it seems to hold. I do warn you though past nine o clock do not allow your horse out to graze or go to the watering hole thats where it lives and it will eat, kill and stalk you" he said roughly looking at the other with deep green eyes. There was something eerie about this place that gave it avibe that something wasn't right.
After getting Stella settled in a stall, Aly went back out to the trailer to unload her tack and equipment. She was carrying the saddle into the tackroom when another car pulled up. "Neighbors visiting already?" She asked herself and set the saddle on the stand and went out to meet the car.

"Hello." Aly greeted the man. "Yea. It looks even better than the pictures or real estate site." She said. Then she caught what ge said about not allowing horses out past nine and that something lived by the pond. "What lives out there? I hope it's not gator or anything like that. I'd have to call animal control for that."
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"Animal control can't help you with Water's Torment. Well thats what the town calls this....thing. At nine you will hear loud hoove steps and you will not see anything. Then when the fog clears you will see a stallion, unlike anything you have seen before this stallion comes its head held high and mane flowing with reeds and lily flowers. But be warned do not get close as its that illusion it holds. I am Duck I once lived here but afdter the strange horse sighting we moved out as a foal was taken under the water and kiled. I can help aroubd the ranch during the day'
Aly listened to what the man, Buck, had said. "I guess that's why this place was so cheap." She said. "Maybe I'll put a fence in front of the pond and shorten the pasture a little and just put a water trough out." She was in the trailer again grabbing halters and bridles. She hung them on hooks in the tack room before going to the trailer for the tackbox. "Since you're here, mind helping me unload things?"
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"sure" he said as he started unloading things smiling gently, but he stayed clear from that pond and didn't dare to go near it as the creature was a particular creature about what the pond was like and how it should be kept. "I would suggest no fences, its not kind if the home is played with" he warned. in the pond its head blended in with the tll reeds the stallion watched these intruders eyes narrowed and vanished under the water once more.
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"I'll put it far enough from the pond. I just didn't want anyone to fall in." Aly said. She was grabbing boxes out of the truck to take to the house. "Stella has a habbit of going too deep or walking on the ice and falling through. Maybe if I make the pond look more presentable and kept up with thd maintenance it would apease the Stallion."
"i really wouldn't do that...its not a ...thing you wish to piss or make unhappy. Ever heard of the story of the kelpie?" he asked slightly as he saw a ripple in the water and could heara loud snort. He took her into the house and helped unload things into the house. The stallion swam around through the pond and through swamps and even the ocean to pass time the only time it came out was during the night as the moon shone on it like an illsuon.
Aly put a box of dishes on the kitchen counter. The window above the sink looked out to the pond. "Look t it." She said gesturing to the pond. "It's overgrown and I think there are patches of algae." She unpacked the dishes and put them away in cupboards. "I've heard a bit about the Kelpie. It's a Scottish ledgend, isn't it?"
"do you know what a Kelpie is ?" asked Buck as he looked at the pond slightly "He lieks it that way leave the pond akone unless you want things to happen to al the horese. I left the ranch because ofthe foal death" mutters gently looking at the pond
"I've heard of the Kelpie, yes." Aly said. She was putting coffee cups away now. "They are a creature that takes the form of a pony to lute children to the water's edge. The children ride them and are taken to the bottom of the lake to be eaten." She was heading for the door to grab more boxes. "And acording to lore, you can capture one if you can manage to put a bridle on it."
"the bridle must be made of silver its a lot like werewolves. But there is one we think living in that pond but each thundervstorm we have heard it cry to the sky and the flooding began which claimed two horses from our ranches. The kelpie can come in the form of a horse as well and its skin is so sticky its impossible to break free once touched. they carry an illusion or a form that hides their beast form"
"It's not going to scare me away." Aly said. "I worked too hard to break free from my old life." She took more boxes into the house. "It's getting close to lunch. I have stuff left over to make sandwiches. I still have to go grocery shopping."
"you'll be wishing you didn't say that" mutters gently looking away slightly as he nodded slowly "Well I make a list and go shopping" he said shrugging gently. he didn't feel great about leaving her in the house at all, knowing there was something untamed in the water
Aly finished unpacking while Buck was gone. "I don't scare easy." She whispered to his retreating back. She went back to the truck to unhook and park the trailer by the side of the barn. She parked the truck closer to the house.
The kelpie watched from the water its eyes watching and waiting but as the male returned the kelpie went under the water to hide from the eyes of the human. The male came out with the stuff she would need and smiles unloading it and brining it into the house
Aly was in the barn grooming Stella. "You deserve a good brushing after such a long trip." She told the mare. She had just finished brushing out the mare's tail when Buck returned. Aly returned Stella to her stall. "We'll go for a ride tomorrow after I unpack." She said before heading up to the house to help Buck.
"Oh?" He asked as he unpacked everything. Smiling gently he yawned and stretched. He finished and smiled as he was thinking about things "so why choose this place?"