Mystery of Little Amaziah

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  1. Hi everyone,

    So after some time I've been still trying to plot out ideas that I have had to make this a roleplay whether it's a small group or 1x1 for anyone that is interested in a very old idea that I have that has a very Disney sort of vibe to it.

    A little background with the idea: The idea is almost 25 years old it was as simple as me as a little 4 year old boy pretending I was adventuring with Olivia Flaversham from the Great Mouse Detective. Well, I thought about the time time and time again and thought I could improve the idea and come up with original characters.

    First starting with the setting. The setting itself is Notre Dame University because I wanted to modernize the setting and its characters so I thought the theme itself was something that would age much better than most things. Especially since I wanted to make little Amaranth(Amy) a little Church Mouse and I thought the best way to make it more interesting was to have a Church/University attached so that the community she is in be much larger.

    As shown in the picture, little 12 year old Amaziah(Zay) is holding onto Amy's hand because he is unable to walk on his own. I wanted to add another detail to him where he only has one hand and the free one was just a nub at the wrist. For the picture, I left it out because I didn't want to leave something too disturbing for the audiences to see. It would just be a picture of his sleeve dangling out because sleeves would be slightly long.

    The chemistry I thought would be entertaining for the two, in my head I'm picturing that as little as he is, he's still playing the role of babysitter with her due to the age differences. She loves him and thinks of him as a loving caring person. But being the eager little 4 and a half year old girl that she is, she likes to wander off with or without him and that's when he has to try and think of creative ways to chase her down as disabled as he is.

    I'm thinking that there are other characters in the story, I've been wanting to make her a best friend that is based off of Ducky from Land Before Time, and have a headstart teacher that is based off of Mrs. Brisby from NIMH as well as being a sorceress.

    For direction, I'm thinking that it isn't much of a secret that there's a tiny human being out there because he's in the care of a young girl and because of that, everyone is interested in him and powerful secretive villains are wanting him for a very high price to see exactly why he's so small to see if he could be replicated onto others to perhaps remove the human problem.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.