Mysteries Upon Mysteries

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  1. Ever played Professor Layton? No? Well too bad! You see, I've been playing the series and now I'm in the mood for a mystery.

    So if anyone wants to discuss something with me, I'd be happy to figure something out!
  2. I'd love to do some sort of mystery role play! I note that you enjoy horror and magic too, so I feel that we're going to get along pretty well. :D

    I um...also notice that you enjoy ponies!


    Lol, I love role-playing ponies just as much as people, so either is fine with me, just letting you know the option is open! :3

    Would you like me to be in charge of the story and NPC's, or would you like to be?

    Would you like romance to be involved, or just have it be non-romantic?

    And is there a general kind of story you want to play, or would you like me to come up with the story?
  3. Well, I have to work on homework for class so I think it would be best that you come up with the story and are in charge. I also love a bit of romance so that would be awesome. :)
  4. Okay! Will do! ^^

    I'll post a link here when it's all ready! :D
  5. Oh! I should probably ask, do you have a character you'd like to play? If so I can try to model the starting situation off of that character...
  6. I make characters based on situations given so I don't really have one.
  7. Yes ma'am! I'll get on creating that starter post then. :3
  8. Alright, thank you for taking this request!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.