Myosotis here!

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  1. Hey everyone! The name's Myo :)
    So, while I'm new to Iwaku, I've been roleplaying for some time now. I kind of got out of it after some rather brutal writer's block, but alas I have returned and am as excited as ever to get back in touch with all of my alter egos! I love to roleplay and just invent people, and worlds and stories and just...everything. I am really excited to see everything Iwaku has to offer, and can't wait to start meeting you all! Also, I love any kind of RP with a decently creative plot so feel free to throw ideas my way or we can brainstorm it up. I'm currently stuck on this one idea that involves Stockholm syndrome...could be onexone, or multi character. Any takers? My body is ready.
  2. I really want to call you mitosis or myosis. It looks like you already mixed it all together anyway! So I guess it would really be easier just to call you Myo, but it makes my think of muscle. Maybe I will just call you Muscle? I dunno.
    Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. You can call me whatever you like, I rather enjoy the various name's you've already suggested. I think Muscle Mitosis could make for a striking super hero in a cheesily drawn american cartoon strip, personally. :D
  4. Hello Myo!


    That stuff is so interesting. I always tend to make most of my characters have something wrong in the noggin...because that's fun right?
    Welcome to Iwaku! I hope writer's block never wraps its nasty claws around you again.

    Because that's lame.


    I will now imagine you saying this to Writer's Block. Yes.
  5. Hey Lee-Lee!
    I don't know, it's just something about a mentally unstable character that just MAKES a scene. It just...yes.
    Yes, writer's block is now my bitch. My submissive and silent bitch.
    I was sitting in my Litt class, as the prof talked about a book I didn't even start reading yet, and a little more plot came to me.
    I was thinking a family that only has sons. A family that has some kind of dark secret.
    And as a coming-of-age act, the boys have to pick a wife born on a certain day at a certain time.
    Which got me stuck on February 29th, because seriously? 00:00:00 on February the 29th just screams something wicked.
    And now I'm just developing away on this cute little plot bunny...