Myeathra: The Floating City



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(I've had this idea circling around my many forums for a while, and I've been adding to it with every time I repost it. It's rather old, but I think it'll do for an Iwaku first.

Myeathra is a futuristic city that is up in the sky. It runs very similarly to any other city, except for the fact that it produces it's own necesities. The people live below the surface to create room for agriculture and the like, but it's very futuristic. Contact with other cities is common, but going down to the surface is forbidden. Second, I will allow vampires, werewolves, or other races, so long as it's not over the top. No gods/goddesses with full power or anything like that. The races are in hiding, so I expect you to try not act too much like your race. Oh, and if you want to make this a bit more fun, see how long it takes others to figure out your race without you telling them. I like the idea of vampires and werewolves, but I'd rather not get overrun with them, so, please, one of each race if it can be helped.)

Myeathra, the first city in the sky, but not the last. After the world became nigh unlivable, the human race took to the skies. This was the first to launch, and it set a benchmark in history.Now the entirety of humanity lives above the ground, but at a disadvantage. The weather is harsher in the sky, and work crews of thousands must be taught to care for the engines and substructure. So far, news of three fallen cities has reached Myeathra, and people live in fear of this happening to their own home.

Being the first of it's kind, it was woefully small, only being 20 miles across. This was including the fields and livestock farms along the borders. There were even small protected forests along the very edges, before you hit the wall.

This is the beginning of our story, where the sky and the ground touch; Myeathra.

Name: Caryn Barrows
Nicknam: Rin
Age: 18
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 170
Eyes: Amber (yellow brown)
Hair: Auburn (brown that shines red)


People shy, is a great friend once she opens up, can be very outgoing with her friends, loves music of all kinds (singing, dancing, instruments, etc.), very analytical (analyzes everything)​
She lived in a rather nice family with her parents and little sister until she was 17. Her parent divorced after 17 years together, and her father took her little sister while she was left with her mother. Her mother works full time and usually comes home late. Rin is ready to move out and start her own life, she just doesn't know where to begin.​
Never really trained in any fighting, but she has proven that she can dodge really well in a fight. Hates carrying weapons and prefers to defend with her hands whenever possible.​
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The Island of Myeathra is split into three districts. The outer district, the inner district, and the metropolis. Railways and underground transits crisscross all over the island, connecting everything. Just beneath the surface lies all of the residential housing, ans beneath that lies the complex motorwork that keeps the island afloat.

The outer district is the farthest corners of Myeathra, cover in lush forests and wildlife refuges. A large wall marks the edge of the island, standing around twenty feet high and four feet thick. No footholds, ladders or rails are to be found near the wall. Beyond it lies open skies and a steep fall down to the broken and scarred earth. The inner district is the largest, by far. The territory encircles the city's outskirts and holds all of the various agricultural centers of the island. Farms and Ranches dot the landscape, providing all of the food and natural products that the city could ever need.
A medium sized city rises up from the center of the island, the metropolis or Myeathra.

The metropolis has changed over the past century. It used to be revered as a paradise, a sanctuary from the earth's unforgiving surface, but it has corrupted over time. Crime rings and black markets have developed over time, despite the curfew laws that have been set over time.

The housing underneath the surface varies from apartments to full mansions. Smaller, tighter housing arrangements lie in the center of the city and branch out, beginning to grow larger as they move towards the wall. (Each house, apartment, or home is different, so it's completely up to the residents to choose what the insides look like)

Beneath the residential level of the island, gears and pipes groan and hiss. The labyrinthine substructure is home to the engineers, mechanics, and architects of Myeathra. Over the century of growth, the sub-level of Myeathra has been rather neglected. Instead of repairing old systems and upgrading them, the engineers have just built new systems over the top of the old ones.
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(I am a very flexible and passive role-player, so I'm looking for people who can take this setting and do something with it. There are positions everywhere you can think. I've had sky pirates, lightning collectors, engineers, college students, and even children characters in various versions of the RP. I love watching how flexible and prone to change the story-line becomes with different crowds. Have as much fun as you want!! Oh, final note, I don't mind magic, but it's kept low profile, just like the supernatural creatures. Here's your general skeleton, add or remove anything you want though!)

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Name: Ashley Brace.
Nicknam: "Ash."
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 170
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black



Very outgoing. She tends to keep to herself most of the time, but if she knows you; she'll speak up.
She can be your friend, or can be your worse enemy.

Ashley lived alone. She always has lived alone, ever since she was 16. The last time she saw her parents,
they were trying to ship her off to her grandparents place. Ever since then, she hasn't spoken to them at all.
She was fine with that. She didn't have many friends, but who needed friends when you have your best friend,
the cat.


Trained in boxing. She took it when she was in middle school.
She will use the boxing on just about anyone that takes her for granted.
Karate, she can do with her eyes closed.

Theme song: Avenge Sevenfold = I'm not Ready To Die.
I want to join. Give me a bit to get my character up, ok?
Name: Reno Takima

Ace Reno



130 lbs


Personality: He is a daredevil.
Anything else to say about him would be too complicated and, lets face it, he is a bit deep yet summed up in a single word.

Reno is, and always will be, a rebel. Authority seemed to be a target to him. Perhaps that is why he is in a self proclaimed "Airman's club", a gang who break rules via sometimes rough, sometimes masterfuly made air vehicles. He tends to favor a simple wood and cloth construct which responds well to his power, if he choses to use it. Easy to hide.

Reno can control wind. No, that does not mean he can make a hurricane. The best he can manage is gale force, which the creation of updrafts and wind currents an easy thing for him.

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