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  1. It's the year 2020, and the world has "ended".
    Fires have burnt most of the forest/woodland.
    The oceans flooded, ruining houses, killing people and animals,
    leaving the land soggy and mostly unusable.
    Nuclear weapons that were being held went off, causing most big cities to be evacuated,
    and killing most humans in them.

    Food and fresh water are barely around anymore.
    Electricity comes on and off.
    Cars no longer run, money is useless.

    When the sun goes down, it's safer to be inside, or at least hidden.
    At night, they come out.

    Along with all these horrible things happening, all the viruses that hospitals and goverments kept were released,
    contaminating many, killing most, and forming into new, worse ones.

    Some of these people didn't die, but they aren't living either.
    Not exactly zombies, but close enough.

    Along with all this, at night, the world shifts to the "Nightmare Realm".
    Beasts and monsters come out, reminding most who were around at the time, of Silent Hill, the game series.

    Weapons are treasured, and if you have one, you're lucky.
    Life is hard. No one knows what to do

    My character sheet.

    Name: Jayrene "Jay" La'vure.

    Age: Seventeen.

    Weapon(s) of choice: Rifle, Bombs, Knives, Wrench.

    Family: Mother (dead), Father (Missing), Two younger brothers (One with her, one dead), One older sister (dead).

    Story before the "end".: Jay was your normal seventeen year old girl. She went to school, she had friends, a boyfriend.
    She didn't get along with her sister, but they loved each other. She had two dogs and one cat.
    Jay was an artist before the end, and she sometimes had dreams of the end happening.
    She painted it many times, but no one believed her.
    She started storing food and water, along with clothes and bags, and some weapons a while before it happened.
    When the end finally did happen, she watched her mother die from a virus.
    Her father went for help, and never came back. One of her brothers, Marcus, died in a fire.
    Her other brother, Sammy, is still with her. She loves him fiercly, and protects him with all her strength.
    Her older sister died in a flood.
    Left alone, Jay found shelter for Sammy and herself, and took what supplies she could save from her house.

    Likes: Water, juice, cheese, chocolate, guns, Sammy, art, swimming, sleeping, running.

    Dislikes: Killing, beans, dirt, loud noises/voices, nosy people, bullies, liars, cheaters.


    Don't mind the nipples. That's not how she actually is. v-v;

    Character sheet for sign up:

    Weapon(s) of choice: (Pick up to four)
    Story before the "end".:
    Appearance: (Anime or real photos accepted.)

    If you want to join, please follow these rules:

    1- Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation to the best of your abilities.

    2- Please be able to post more than once a day.

    3- If you join, do not flake out and quit randomly without letting me know, and do not join and then never post.

    4- Use colored font for the speaking, at least.

    5- No godmodding!

    Now, what I will allow:

    Romance, -always allowed. But it's not in mature, so please fade to black.

    Cursing- Just not every other word, please!

    Backstabbing- It is "the end" after all. I'm sure there will be plenty of this.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask in a comment or PM.
    Same with ideas. :)
    Also, please wait to be accepted before you begin role playing

  2. Name:
    Weapon(s) of choice: (Pick up to four)
    Story before the "end".:
    Appearance: (Anime or real photos accepted.)

    I like this, post apocalyptic fiction is my favorite