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  1. Okay, I'm not going to waste time explaining WHY the hell I'm doing this, so I'll get right into it. (Note: If my current Mature Partner stumbles upon this, this is nothing against you, I promise.)


    A Few Things You Should Know About Me:

    1. I use vulgar language quite a bit, and I will be using it a lot in this thread. A fair warning. I'll say it again. I USE VULGAR LANGUAGE QUITE A BIT AND WILL BE USING IT HERE. There. A second warning. I say practically every curse word there is. It is just my manner of speaking. If you are put off by that so much that you think me a bad person, get the hell out. If you are or aren't put off by that, and continue reading, I thank you.

    2. I can be a majour douche if you are disrespectful to me in any way (if it wasn't meant to be disrespectful, I MAY forgive you), or come to me without reading this ENTIRE thread.

    3. I seem to have some shitty memory, so don't expect me to remember EVERY LAST LITTLE FUCKING DETAIL about our RP, and I won't expect the same for you.

    What I Expect From My Partner:

    1. Activity: This may be one of my weaker needs because I know how life can be a bitch and stab you in the back at any moment. So, if you have prior commitments like work or family, just tell me and I'll be completely cool with it. Have a job and can only post every other day? Tell me. Okay, I'm cool. Give me no reason for your absence and aren't active for a week? I will promptly drop our RP. Simple as that. I've gone through far too many dead/dying RPs to deal with this any more.

    2. Descriptive: This is a majour point for me. I NEED description. This doesn't mean I require Novella posts, because I can't do that shit either. If you can sit down and post, 3 good and solid paragraphs AT LEAST. It may be a lot to ask from someone, but it's what I want. If you can only do a quickie post from your phone or something while you are doing something with other people, I'll expect no more than 2. I'm not saying that you need to tell me every time you go out, but if I'm only seeing 1-2 paragraph posts from you, I'll stop replying. Do NOT take advantage of my generosity.

    3. Kind: Be nice to me and I'll be nice back. I may seem like I'm a dick here, but I'm just being blunt and stating what I want. This isn't me being mean. I don't care if you are the best RPer out there that can write the most beautiful posts. If you are a dick to me, I'll be a dick to you and I'll refrain from speaking with you again.

    4. Collaborative: If you want to RP with me, be ready to submit ideas for the world we will be playing in. I can't do EVERYTHING by myself, so be ready to help. I'm not saying we have to do World Building, but give me ideas on possible lore, or setting or ANYTHING about where we'll be, and I'll do my best to give it back.

    5. Maturity: Be mature. That doesn't mean that mature as in sex, but me mature like personality-wise. If something doesn't go your way, don't whine, bitch and moan about it. Okay? I don't deal well with whiny people.

    6. EXPERIENCE! I ONLY want experienced players here! I'm not saying that you have to have 10 years of experience, but at least KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH YAOI. Do NOT come here if you are wanting to TRY SOMETHING NEW WITH YAOI. I want you to know what the hell you are doing because I WILL NOT be holding your hand through this. I FULLY EXPECT you to be able to take care of yourself. I'm not saying that I won't offer help, or even ask for it because I know none of us are perfect. I want AT LEAST moderate experience with MATURE YAOI. Not just make-out sessions or cuddling, I mean hot yaoi action.

    What You Can Expect From Me:

    1. Activity: Like I said, life can be a bitch, and going into my Junior year of High-School, my schedule is subject to change. I try to post at least once a day, but I can do more if I decide to stay home for the day.

    2. Descriptive: I'm as descriptive as I can possibly be at the time. This normally leads to about 2+ paragraphs. The times when I reach 2 make me sad, but (this may sound hypocritical, but I don't care) if you suck up EVERY LAST DROP of description to where all I can do is mimic and repeat already stated description, I can't get a good post. Meaning: Be descriptive, but don't be a description whore. Kay? Kay.

    3 and 4 are self-explanatory. You can expect from me, what I expect from you.


    Shit that WILL NOT go down in my RP. If I see ANY of this in my RP, goodbye. FAIR WARNING: I will drop the RP and never speak to you, possibly even block you if it's bad enough.

    1. Descriptive Gore of ANY kind. Sure, you can skewer someone on your lance, just don't describe their innards spilling out. I'll walk away and not speak to you again.

    2. Vore. I swear to the fucking holy powers... Just no. This shit is MY LINE. Sure, biting, scratching and blood drinking are okay, I honestly enjoy that. But I DO NOT LIKE BEING EATEN AFTER SEX.

    3. Rape. If our characters want to RP CONSENSUAL rape, then that's fine. Real rape? Get the fuck out.

    4. Incest. Plain and simple.

    5. Bestiality. No Dude-on-Animal action AT ALL. Hybrids are okay. Like Catboy-on-Dude. But NOT Dude-on-Cow. No bestiality.

    6. Abuse. This can be tweaked. If it's part of a character to be slightly abusive at the beginning then they grow to love, that's fine. But if someone is abused completely and all the time, I'm done.

    (More to come as I am reminded of more)

    Things That WILL Be In My RP:

    1. Mature. This RP WILL HAVE SEX IN IT. Why else would it be in this section?

    2. Yaoi. That's it. If you don't know what Yaoi is, it is Dude on Dude sex. No women.

    3. I WILL be Uke. If I get more than one partner out of this, I might be a little lenient, but SO MANY PEOPLE WANT TO BE SUB. I may love to be Seme, and I may be pretty damn good at it, but I want to be dominated for once.

    4. At least some minour aspects of Fantasy. ModFan, Medieval Fantasy, whatever Fantasy I DON'T CARE. There WILL be SOME KIND OF FANTASY in this RP and I'll try to make it one we both can agree on. Fair enough? I think so.

    5. Relationships WILL GROW. Our characters will not know each other for five minutes before stripping off their clothes and going at it, unless it is detrimental to the plot (Although, I'd prefer plots not needing to be like this)

    Possibilities For RPs:

    These are all things that I enjoy in an RP, but aren't needed. If you enjoy the same and wish to incorporate them, awesome. If you don't, no biggie.

    1. MPreg. Yep. I like it. You like it too and want it? Awesome possum. If not, eh. Oh well.

    2. Epic Quest. Not needed, but a plot IS NEEDED.

    3. Preferably not a plot with only sex... I like to have more than just sex after sex after sex after sex. I MIGHT do this, but I tend to lose interest quickly.


    Because of my lack of muse that came from MANY RPs dying, I haven't a single plot in mind. I'd prefer it if you came to me with at least a minute idea, but I'd be overjoyed to create plots with you, and I'd even be happy to world build with you. Note: (I will put it in caps so it is stated plain and simple) ONLY ASK TO WORLD BUILD IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH IT YOURSELF. I'VE NEVER DONE IT BEFORE, BUT IF YOU'D LIKE TOO, I'D BE HAPPY TO TRY. ALL I ASK IS FOR PATIENCE AND YOU'LL HELP WHEN/IF NEEDED.


    I prefer to create characters after I'm sure of what plot we'll be doing and where the setting takes place. If you ask, I MAY give a COUPLE samples of characters, but I make no promises.


    If you've made it this far, I congratulate you. If you've gotten through my incredible douche bagginess and think we can work well together, PM me or post here. I may sound like an all-around dick, but I just wanted to make sure that everything was stated blatantly and clearly.

    I'd prefer to have no more than two or three partners, if I get that many. For having RPs that are this detailed with all of the thought my partner and I WILL put into this, managing more would be stressful for me. I'd like to take no more than two, but if you REALLY want to and have a great plot for an RP, PM me and we'll see where it goes from there.

    I think I've been more than fair with my expectations for my partners, and if you don't think so, then it's obvious we won't be working together.

    And with that, I bring this bring wall of text to a close.

    Hope to write beautifully with you.

    ~Incubus Prince~​
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  2. No takers? Too much to ask for?
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