My Sweet Yandere

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    1. Kurai Yamada.
    2. Your character.

    MxF || Yandere || High School

    Kurai Yamada is a 15-year-old girl who goes to your school. She is in almost every class with you, yet you still don't exactly get her. She's very pretty and seems nice, but she is very quiet, always writing in her journal or staring out the window. She also has a dark secret. You don't really pay attention to her often.

    But she sure pays a whole lot of attention to you.

    While walking home one day, she finally builds up the courage to approach you, though you are a bit suspicious as she actually followed you home. Nonetheless, you accept her and have your first conversation. You agree to sit with her at lunch the next day.

    Eventually, you build up a pretty normal friendship with her. You think everything is peachy; you gained a new friend, no big deal. But after Kurai sees you talking to your crush, Hotaru Ryusaki, she snaps...

    But I'm going to stop there. I'd rather not spoil the rest of the roleplay. ^^'
    Anyway, this is my current craving and I would really like someone to roleplay it out with me.

    You must be okay with the following (if you haven't seen it already): abuse, anime physics, gore, graphic violence, explicit language, teenagers, and torture.

    Also this will be violent, it will not contain smut/sex/erotica/whatever.
    Hope to see someone soon. ^^​
  2. I might be interested.
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