My RP ideas



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Hey there. Today has been really slow for me and I am dying to RP. Here are some ideas as to what I like to RP

Vampire rp: A human girl ends up somehow being pregnant after a vampire bites her, when the vampire finds out he goes on a rampage trying to kill the human girl he is starting to fall in love with.

Demons: A demon falls for a Psychic or witch that tried to get rid of him, she doesn't love him back but he keeps trying anyway

Greek or Roman myth rps.

I'll go for almost any rp as long as it isn't about just humans, I prefer fantasy.
I'll happily do the Demon RP if you're still interested. PM me and we can work out characters and plots if you want
I will be happy to do the Vampire Rp with you~

It would be my pleasure :3
I'm interested in doing a greek and roman one, or fantasy one with you. Do you have any ideas for a plot?