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    Hello Everyone!
    If you don't know who I am (and I'm pretty sure you don't) My name is XWhySoSeriousX or you can call me Joker (Not the really joker I wish!). And I'm here today to look for some one on one roleplay said. Now that school is letting up I have some more free time in my hands and I would love to fill that time with some roleplays!

    •Since I am a sort of intermidiate role player I would like at least one paragraph but I do prefer quality over quantity so I don't want a whole paragraph decribing water. But I hate one liners so much so please strive for more than three sentances!
    •I love romance so much so I love for that to be one of my genres for the Roleplay
    •I only play female characters! I know that sucks but I've tried to the whole male character thing and I realize that I can only do that with MxM roleplays.
    •Sometimes I may not reply because of writers block or life gets in the way but if it's been two days plus and you have not gotten a reply please feel free to check on me but if you bug me every twenty seconds I will drop the roleplay.
    •Please please please pleaseeee! Have fun, I'm a pretty easy person to get along with and I love friendships so I always try to build a friendship with my partner to build the Roleplay that we're doing.
    •And lastly, this may or may not be a long term Roleplay but please do not just ditch me out of nowhere, if you aren't interested anymore just tell me and we can try to build a new plot or just drop it completely

    Now that all that boring crap is over, if you're still here you deserve a cookie *hands you a cookie* and let's get on to the interesting stuff. Plots and Parings!!

    • Teacher x student
    • Bad boy/girlx bad girl
    Vampire x Hunter*
    • Rich Employer x Maid*
    • Famous Person* x Body guard
    • Stripper/Prostitute* x Cop
    • Cop x Cop
    • Mermaid* x Pirate
    (Sorry I don't have that many but I will update)

    Plot 1/ Slice of Life: Are we there yet? (open)

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    Character A and Character B had been happy newly weds who had finally been married after four years of dating. Everyone had been perfectly okay until Character B had found out that Character A was diagnosed with cancer a year after she had been diagnosed. How will they survive together after character B feels lied to and Character A is trying to live with cancer
    Plot 1/ Slice of Life: Are we there yet? (open)

    Plot 2/ Fantasy: Genie in a bottle (open)

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    Character A was born into the slavery she called being a genie. She granted people three wishes in return of being freed from her captivity for a few days as the people thought. But she had always gotten stupid wishes like immortality or riches. It wasn't until she met Character B that her vision of humans changed. He/she wished for her to be free and live her life like a human. Of course she wasn't human and could still grant him two other wishes but his first wish threw her off but made her happy. What would happen is slowly day by day she fell for Character B who was already in a relationship.

    Plot 3/Adventure: Catch me if you can (open)

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    Everyone wanted her dead. She was the cure for cancer, she was the cure for life, she could have brought a dead person back to life if she wanted to. But that caused problems. Governments wanted her dead cause they thought she was a threat to humanity with her powers. Scientists wanted her brain to see what gave her the power to do the things that she could do. And everyone was on the hunt for this one girl who could save the money, she even had a price of twenty-five million dollars for the person that brought her into the government alive. What happens when character B (you) finds her but instead of trying to turn her in tries to protect her
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  2. I am interested in your plot 3 if you as are still looking! I should be able yo complete all of your requests, and I love friendships too!
  3. Yay I'm so excited I thought no one would like my ideas! Would you like to discuss some stuff over pm
  4. Some more plots for my lovelies~

    Plot 4: Not about angels (open)

    Muse A and Muse B were two bad people, both had sucky personalities and did horrible things. So when it was found out that these two people were in a relationship, all hell broke loose. Well, that was stretching the truth a bit but all in all, people were not happy. They were harassed for their relationship constantly and were looked down upon because they were together. But what the people saw on the outside, them holding hands while smoking...was not so pretty on the inside. They fought all the time whether it was verbal or physical, Muse B cheated and flirted around while Muse A constantly got high and did drugs. Muse A loved Muse B but it seemed as if the only time they could stand each other is if they were very drunk or very high. How will these two broken hearts try to mend each other when they aren't fixed themselves?
    •Looking for Muse B, can be fxf or MxF

    Plot 5: 1...2...Death is coming for you (open)

    Muse A had always been a little, crazy. At the age of ten she was sent into the insane asylum because she ended up murdering her stepmom and father because she was sent to bed early. But once she had gotten out at fifteen she made enemies, a pope, a preacher, a priest, and a cop. Muse B, the cop, was on her case and sent her into the aslyum when she was ten and again when she had turned seventeen. When Muse B had got the word that Muse A was out again Muse B started to worry for life and the rest of her enemies lives. Now Muse A is coming for blood and is marking all of her victims until she finally saw Muse B one night when he hadn't recognized her. An idea popped into her head that she would get close then strike the final blow, but what happens if over time she sees the good in Muse B and actually starts to fall for him/her.
    •Once again, Looking for Muse B, MxF or FxF
  5. I'm interested in the Are We There Yet Slice of Life idea ^-^ Willing to play the male charrie :3
  6. Really alright pm me and we'll talk about it!
  7. I just realize I forgot to put fandoms and I only have one plot for a fandom so here it goes!

    Plot 6(I think): The Witch and the Devil (open)

    He was the devilish sweet talker and she was the witch with a body and a vengeance, but what happens one day when they cross paths? Bayonetta is the mass murders of God's little helpers and Dante is the complete opposite since he commits the murders of the underworlds helping hand. There difference make them but one day they're called because of the skills that both of them share to take down a threat to the world. With all their difference little arguments may start here and their and with their personality flirting may happen, but will they be able to keep it together to save the world front the huge threat.
    *I need someone to play Dante please and thank you
  8. Hello! I really like plot five, "1...2... Death is coming for you" and would love to be "Muse B the Cop." I hope you don't mind but I'd like to play a female character. :) Lemme know if you wanna plot more in pm!

  9. Could we do an fxf VampirexHunter?
  10. Of course pm me and we could talk details!
  11. Okay my lovelies another plot!!!

    2015 Mad Max:
    ((You do not have to watch the movie to roleplay this idea!))
    Plot 7/ Sci-Fi (open)

    The year is 4099 and everything has gone to hell. Nuclear testing, wars, and eveything else ruined the world and with that humanity was ruined with it. Now there is nothing left but dirt and the ruler Immortan Joe who has his people dying. And if you can't survive on the fury road then there is no hope for you. Furiosa (you're character, real character) is a kind soul who has a hard and badass outside and no one knows anything about her. She's working for Immortan Joe but is secretly finding away to bring him down. On the other hand she meets one of his wives and breeders who needs help getting away. They both will work together to try to free themselves and stay alive. Who knows a romance may blossom?
    -Sorry my fellas but this is only a fxf and I need someone to play Furoisa
    -And if this doesn't make sense ask questions I'm really pumped about this idea and I need someone to do this with >~<
  12. I'm interested in the Vampire x Hunter
  13. Alright pm me and we can talk plot and all that other stuff
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