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  1. Hello! This is my thread for some plots I would love to rp. But before we get started let me lay down some things.
    • I don't usually take a long time to reply but I do have school and chores.
    • I play both dominant and obediant roles. It really depends on the type of rp were doing.
    • I do MxM, FxF, and MxF so anyone can rp with me.
    • Drama is encouraged. I mean, it does get boring without drama.
    • If you get bored or tired of an rp were doing, let me know and we can start a new one!
    • Last but not least, have fun!

    Teacher and Student
    One of the teachers students falls in love with the teacher. Day by day the student does things for the teacher and he/she slowly starts to fall in love with him/her even though it's against the law. Will they get caught or will their relationship grow?

    Bad Boy and Good Girl
    He's the bad boy of the school, always getting into trouble. He was a bully as well and did everything he shouldn't. She was the good girl who followed the rules and was very kind to others. One day they run into each other and become "friends". Dat by day though she starts to fall for him, seeing he isn't all bad. He starts talking for her but refuses to. Will their love eventually bloom one day?

    The Pop Star and the Commoner
    He was the lead singer and guitarist of a famous boy band. They eventually became famous enough to go on a year round tour. On tour he falls in live with a beautiful girl but she hesitates to love him back since he will be teaveling a lot. What will happen with their love?

    The Player and Miss Hard To Get
    He was a big time flirt, dating a girl every chance he got. He had great looks to help him. One day though he ran into a beautiful girl and flirted with her, trying to get her to falll for him. But she wouldn't and played hard to get. Will she let her walls down and love him back or will he give up and move on?

    The Neko and The Bystander
    She is a neko, on the run from them men who want to capture her. He's the bystander that she runs into. The neko girl was so scared that she took the poor bystander by the hand and kept running. The bystander and the neko girl eventually become good friends but... will it become something more as time goes on?

    The Princess and The Assassin
    She is the royal princess of a rich family. He is the assassin assigned to kill her. One night he travels to the castle to kill her while she was asleep. But, she wasn't asleep and instead was up writing. After climbing up her balcony he spots her and she stands up quickly, wanting to know what he was doing in her bedchambers. What will happen next?

    The roles can be switched like the Bad Girl and Good guy. Also, I will be adding more so check back often. Well, until next time!
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  2. I would LOVE to do bad boy and Good Girl
    but is it okay with you if i'm the good girl?
  3. Sure. I don't mind playing boys although I might not be that great at it since I'm a girl.
  4. I'd love to do the player guy and miss hard to get if you'll have me as a partner xD
  5. Of course!
  6. I might be fairly interested in doing a Good Boy and Bad Girl RP if that's alright with you.
  7. Hi! :) I would love to do a rp with you if you are free. Any topic is great :)
  8. Sure! You can choose if you want. I don't mind!
  9. Aww you're too kind. <3 Would you be interested in the player and miss hard to get? I'll be the player if that's okay haha :)
  10. @badcab, Totally! PM me so we can settle some things out.

    I have added two more plots! Check 'em out!
  11. Hello! I am interested in The Princess and The Assassin roleplay if you are up to it!
    I would rather play the Princess if that's okay, I don't mind if you would rather be her.
  12. I'm OK with either! But I should warn you first. I'm a heterosexual female so I apologize if I do something that a male wouldn't do. XD
  13. That's okay! I am the same way so don't worry. xD I don't mind at all, honestly. Just play him how you think he'd be and that's okay with me! ♥
  14. Thanks for understanding!
  15. Anytime! Could I maybe PM you?
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