My Plot Contribution to Pirate Month

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  1. A governer, having just taken place in office, has a gorgeious daughter. Possibly the most saught after in all the world, certainly a treasure in herself. However, she is blind, and therefore does not appreciate people looking down on her.

    Pirates, however, have heard of this beautiful treasure, though they believe her to be unscarred. So when one pirate hears of this and wants her for himself, he hunts her down and takes her for his own, taking her upon his ship as his prize.

    This is the basic plot I had in mind. I don't mind playing either role, though I would prefer the female. If you've got any ideas, I'll gladly take them into consideration.
  2. *Really really likes this idea and wants to play as the girl but is also extremely tempted to play a pirate.*

  3. XD
    Well, I'm glad you're so excited for it! If you want, we can have two different versions, so each of us gets a chance to be the other character?
    Or would you rather flip a coin? :)
  4. Coin flip! 8D because that seems a little more fair and I don't think I could handle two of the same RP.
  5. XD Alrighty. I am not in reach of a coin, at the moment, I'm afraid. Do you have one? o.o'
  6. I am! Heads or Tails?
  7. I'm terribly sorry; I had to go hunting for my clawless cat who had run outside on me. Panic attack central over here.
    Heads! :D
    And I'm headed to bed soon; first day of classes tomorrow. But I'm not tired, yet, so.. >.> XD
  8. I start school this week as well! 8D though Tuesday.
    Also, it was heads, so you get to pick! 8D
  9. I chooooose the lady >w> :3 I shall set up the thread before I get to sleep! I will refine the biography of her tomorrow between classes :)