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  1. Hello
    Welcome to my partner search. I am currently looking for two partners for possible roleplay ideas that I have. I'm only looking for a few select ideas, so I will not be posting all my Fandoms or Original Ideas that I may have, because I am not looking for a roleplay in said Fandom/Idea that is not posted currently. This may change. First, onto Rules.
    -I prefer to roleplay with users that are 18 Years or older.
    -I tend to play the Male in MxF relationships. I have no problem playing the Female, as long as the roleplay isn't a romantic MxF. I am currently uncomfortable playing Female's in romance, when it is MxF. Just makes me uncomfortable. I will open up to playing the Female in romantic MxF when I feel comfortable around you. I also don't do MxM. Sorry.
    -Adept or higher, I prefer Advance as my replies can be lengthy. This means, preferably, 3 paragraph replies if not more.
    -Smut is possible, depending on if you want to or not. (and if you are over 18)
    -I don't mind if you want to drop, just let me know.
    -OOC Friendly. When I'm not working or at College, I have a lot of free time on my hands and I like to talk to pretty much anyone about anything that I can talk about.
    -Are fine with me PMing random crap about the roleplay at random times. Possibly double posting as I normal get ideas or OOC Chatter ideas when I am on my phone...and my phone doesn't like to Edit posts.
    -I prefer to play OC's, but I can play Canon characters if you convince me or give a good enough plot. I don't expect you to play Canon characters for me either.

    Dragon Age - Any Setting. Any Game.
    Magic: The Gathering - Besides being a card game, it has great lore and cool Worlds to build a story on. (Preferably Innistrad)
    League of Legends - FxF or MxF pairings are fine. This is one of the few Fandoms I am fine playing Canon's.
    Star Wars - Preferably Old Republic era.

    Original Idea(s)
    Lord of Greed
    : Medieval Fantasy
    Characters: Demon x Human

    Character A (The Demon) is the Lord of Greed, the physical embodiment of Greed itself. He resides on a plane of Hell, torturing the lost souls that died from their greedy ways. With each death filled with Greed, he grows stronger and his control into the Mortal Realm, and even in Hell, grows every day. He wishes to push this process farther, gain more power in an incredibly way, and with that he hatches a plan. Every day, people go to bed complaining about how they wish to have more jewels, more servants, more money, etc. So one night, Character B (A Princess, Lady, Peasant. This is up in the air.) goes to bed, wishing for same thing every night that she could have. Her heart is filled with Greed, and Character A finally answers the call.

    Character B wakes up, to find that everything has changed. Everything she had ever wanted was waiting for her, she just has to sell her soul to Character A. Once she has signed away her Soul, will the gifts she is granted and lavished with be enough? Will her Greedy Heart want even more? That is what the Demon plans.
    (This idea can be changed around, or have things put in or taken out as long as the core concept stays the same.)

    PM Me if interested or reply to this thread! Have a nice day.
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  2. The star wars one looks fun.
  3. I would very much be interested in the demon one... Right up my alley.
  4. I'm interested :P
  5. :P
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