My other hand is a mouse.

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Captain Nic

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Wow, here we go again. Recently I've gone into some pretty hectic shit, and I've learned a lot of stuff along the way.

Since my previous thread went into the ground, I'm gonna answer Kitti's last question: Yes, there is vector art. But let's arrange this first:



What the hell is this. I designed it for something, but it didn't go through. Oh well.


Yes, they can fly. Yes, they're completely automated. Yes, I intend to use them in Iwaku World.


"Hello, I'm Corporal Dude, and today, I'm gonna teach you how to use H.A.T.S.. Load your rifle, trooper!"


Do you want to have a commanding officer like her?



Yeah, I basically mashed this together in Illustrator. Dude in the center is me. I drew meself.


I'll leave interpretation of this picture up to the viewer.

I want you guys to know if this is credible or not. In this video, I reviewed Homeworld: Cataclysm. If you think I should've done this better, tell me.

Well, that's all for now. Back to business.
I would totally want a commanding officer like her. o.o

Awesome looking art work. I giggled at the eyebeams.
I'm liking those Probes and Drones. Pretty badass dude.
Is it sad that I want your art to come to life? I mean, that would be AWESOME.
Oops, I accidentally my sketchpad. Got new ones.

Let's start with:


I need to take my meds in order to stop the Touhou from spreading to the rest of my brain. And yes, that's Youmu, who has a brother in Gundam SEED.


Ring-a-ding, baby. I'd draw Vault Boy fucking other characters' shit up, but I'm lazy.


This is what happens when I look at the art of Dodonpachi Dai Fukkatsu too much. Either that or watching Daitarn 3. Shit.


Topmost row is Teknikans. Can you identify the ranks?

Anyway, I wanted to find ways to flesh out the universe the Teknikans came from, so I consulted Jinx with a veiled query over the Cbox. I asked him, "what if I put animu characters and TRUE AMERICAN HEROES in a setting with Space British Romans?" His answer basically amounted to the entire thing being an awesome setting. So I rode with it.

And no, my inspiration for the plumed fuck isn't from Caesar's Legion. I saw Lord Solar Macharius and I jizzed my pants.


With that in mind, I put into paper some sketches. This nation's standing army is 50% women; they practically had a girl invasion.


Unfortunately for them, the Empire hates their guts. Here's a conscript praying for her plot armor.


Notice how I model the Teknikans more and more after certain armies... as well as the way I depict them.


Considered lower than pond scum by most Imperial soldiers, the Gray Guard have the distinction of being the first ones to be sent headstrong into the enemy ranks, leading many to see them as meat shields of sorts. This has its basis, however: the Gray Guard are comprised mostly of volunteers, former convicts, dropouts in the Loyalist program, or simply overzealous Teknikan citizens; they form the bulk of the Teknikan Imperial Army. They are usually equipped with the cheapest armor and weaponry the Empire has to offer - in the current day and age, this is effectively sentencing soldiers to death. But in the years since their introduction, the Gray Guard have earned a reputation of being bloodthirsty individuals, often entering close quarters with enemy infantry and hacking them into pieces before heavy weapons can be brought to bear. This reputation earned them a niche in the Empire that needed to be filled with the right stuff - as frontal assault infantry, since this was a role previously assigned to the more specialized Imperial Loyalist troopers.


Almost as commonplace as the Gray Guard and having a longer service history, Loyalists are the true soldiers of the Empire. Servicemen who enter the Loyalist program are not only trained with more specialized weapons and equipment, but are indoctrinated in the principles that encompass and are encompassed by each aspect of Teknikan life, to the point that the resulting soldier is, quite literally, a Loyalist. The Loyalist program demands a lot more from participants than regular militia and Gray Guard training that the dropout rate is usually high.

The current role of the Loyalists is to serve as the main guns of the Imperial Army, using the widest array of Teknikan equipment in battle, from multi-purpose combat rifles to heavy assault vehicles. When given assignments along with Gray Guard units, Loyalists will often use the element of surprise, staying out of blade's reach.


Easily recognized by their black armor and uniform, the Blackvests are an extension of the Loyalists' lineage, formerly being a separate Imperial regiment. Blackvests are notorious for their cruelty towards the enemy in battle - a result of being raised on worlds where fighting is a fact of everyday life. When recruits from such deadly worlds are lacking, sometimes, a Loyalist can be ferocious and valorous enough to attain the honor of becoming a Blackvest. They are feared by enemies of the Empire everywhere, not because of their battle prowess, but their cruelty even after battle - they will often take prisoners or kill survivors on a whim, and just as often get into fights with the Gray Guard over their share of the booty. Blackvests are distinguishable from their lesser counterparts in that they are the first to receive the Empire's cutting-edge weaponry and equipment. When Blackvests aren't sent into the front lines, they serve as elite military police or are assigned special tasks that require a certain amount of precision.


Le sigh. If any of you have suggestions, that would be definitely cool. I don't take requests, though.
Something something teknikans and giant robots something something.

Long overdue. I promised this to our friends in the Cbox over a month ago.


This will be the picture I will use in Iwaku: Dark Reign.


This woman is still an idea, which I intend to present in a short story. She's the supreme commander of her nation's armed forces - a nation at war with Teknika. A supposed Reality Bender like Nic, she's a really old woman, yet takes on a strange form: imagine a Space-Marine sized loli who would cut you apart with the speed and finesse of a ninja. She'd be the antithesis to Captain Nic - a contrast to what he is and isn't.

In before "That's Marisa!"


Man with fully automatic hand cannon emerges. What do?
More stuff.


An experiment on lightshows. If anyone of you want to do the same: use a flashlight, and shoot at low shutter speeds so that unnecessary shit doesn't get in the way.

The more flashlights, the better. In before imperial guardsmen.


Degenerates like you belong on a cross! [/caesarslegion]


And dat's what you git for touchin' dat!


Nope. But the urge is still there.


Did I get your attention? Good. Because In celebration of the release of Black Crusade (a Warhammer 40,000 role playing system, for the uninitiated), I drew the worst thing I could ever draw, and you should feel bad. Please remind me to take my meds and keep the thieving magpie off my library.

God, I feel lyke utter shitte ryght noue.
Today, my other hand really drew with a mouse. If this continues, I might really just follow in Paorou's footsteps.


This happened. This is a parallel development to a shmup I'm planning to make.

I really should write some backstory about this.


What's next? If I could have a tablet, I might just keep doing this!

Or develop mouse drawan skills, like Paorou.
Recently got my hands on SAI and tried to draw with it. Hell.



Pan requested me to draw this, and now I'm trying to color it. It's based off of a Russian doll.


Needs more realism and Warhammer-style.


Tell me what they're looking at.

Got an idea? Good. Now smack yourself around the face. You're welcome.




It's like I thought of the most heart-wrenching things that could happen to anyone when I drew this. If you think shit can get even more real, give me some suggestions.


Another experiment on having two art styles in one picture.



So TNT told me to use the word 'empirial.' Gonna have to work on that.



This was drawn in SAI. Be the judge. Diss my taste in colors! Make fun of my anime style! Go ahead, say it!
Amazing as usual, Nic. I like very much!
You draw the armor and stuff so well... I'm jealous!