My original writing (Work in progress) contains mature content

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    Part 1

    Over and over again… the same dream… the same horrific memory… vivid as the day it happened. Always at the same point:
    With the car (a large people carrier) smashing into the driver’s side door, class smashing, the door bends inwards and the airbags failing to deploy. The force of the collision sends the car rolling over onto its roof and then right side up on the oncoming lane for another head on impact. The girl twelve years old exactly watches on as her mother grabs her daughter and pulls her towards her in a fearful embrace. The sound of chaos around them. Smashing glass; twisting metal; breaking bone. The small car becomes more compact as the pile up continues. The street becomes a mess of glass and metal accompanied by the choir of alarms and sirens.
    There is nothing but a fog of regret and an anvils weight in sorrow for a long while until the long storm passes, life continues only to be shattered. Again. Half a year later. Another death. Hanging from the banister by the neck.
    Kiyra’s eyes snap open and for that split second her father hangs above her. She rolls out of bed, smacking her face as she falls knocking over a glass of water and a locket given to her on the day her mother died, her twelfth birthday. She flinches as a bit of broken glass cuts in to her hand.
    The door opens quietly and the light is turned on. “What happened?” the voice is calm but obviously tired; a young man stands in the door frame with a smile and a concerned look in his eyes. He gives a rough sigh as he walks over to his only family, his adopted sister for the last five years but by blood or by name it didn’t matter, they were family.
    “I… I had that dream again…”
    He looks at his sister for a moment “ok.” He clears the glass away and sits next to his sister looking into her still fearful eyes. “It was only a dream.”
    “You were there Ryu, you pulled me out of the car.”
    “your alive, aren’t you?” he looks at his sisters bleeding hand and removes the glass from her hand.
    “Yes… but someone had to die…”
    “She died so you didn’t have to. You only get one shot, and our parents had theirs. We can only take ours.” Ryu put an arm around his sister simply letting her cry.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.