My Only Hope

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  1. Today began a new school year at FBA; Full Bloom Academy. Adults of all sorts attended this school so they could be guaranteed a promising future where shapeshifters could fit in. Students who enrolled could look forward to the day they discover what they want to do in life.

    One of the many professors, who went by the name of Sergio Martins, was on his way to his assigned classroom. He taught two different types of classes. One was magic based, where he helped each individual student tap into their magical abilities so they could be used for the benefit of survival. It was a fun, rewarding, class. Every student was special in their own way, with their own set of survival skills. It would be a challenge too, though. One on one with every student took a lot of time.

    The other class was more simpler, and open to any student who wanted to improve their more natural survival skills. Fight or flight, plant identification, danger zones, and much more, would be taught in his class. Unless it was being used as an elective class, it worked great for students majoring in something related to hunting, body guarding, or even physical education.

    At the moment, he was on his way to that survival class, which was so plainly known as Survival 101. Being an antelope, he was quite the expert in these areas of study. With a briefcase of organized files in hand, he walked through his door to prepare for the introduction of his class.

    Little did the college students know, Professor Martins had an ulterior motive. His entire life, he dealt with Senka, an evil magical shifter who was plotting his revenge on the people who sealed him away. They tried to kill him. Instead, his spirit possessed a newborn baby, living within him and feeding off of his strength so he could live on.

    Sergio hoped to one day find the student who could save him. A student who was gifted, selfless, and brave enough to free him from the life of torment, even if it meant killing him.

    As long as the evil was vanquished, he'll have done his part as master to his student.
  2. It was a rainy Friday afternoon as all the students of the Full Bloom Academy on the outskirts of the city were running around. The classes for the day had just begun and they were getting ready to head to their first class, as is the standard. Girls were leading the boys around the area by dragging their hands and they didn't seem to mind. However, among the student was a boy of rather smaller proportions. The students here at this school all knew this boy, in an up-most respectable manner. To them he was someone that everyone looked up to, perfect grades and participation within the school to make the place a little more enlightening for the year. Particularly to this school.

    A boy standing roughly 5'2" small with dirty blonde hair walked down the hallway and was noticed by all the girls and most guys. He wore a pure black polo shirt with black jeans and black sneakers, such was the uniform of the school, despite the rain outside. "Hello Senpai!." One of the girls giggled as the boy passed her and group of her friends by.

    With a most delicate wave and gentle smile the boy continued to his first class survival 101. His dampened clothes from the rain outside was surely going to make him chilled but with his spiritual animal being that of perhaps the smallest wild cat in the world he knew that his body temperature would remain at a stable heat. However it was days like this the boy wished he needn't go to school. Trying to keep his natural musk hidden beneath a special brand of cologne; it was a cycle every FEMALE went through. This world was entirely funded off everyone and everything having a spiritual animal. Some ranking from the lowest such as primates which everyone had within them but the more special people such as Asher there was a stronger branch within his DNA making his spiritual animal the ocelot. A smaller wild cat but something special none the less.

    Heat was a normal function for many females however since birth Asher had always been more feminine. From his body size to his naturally rounded face; on days such as this he often hid himself away from the world less he wanted hungry males and females wishing to mate with him. However today he refused to be a coward and decided to toughen it out and put his foot down if anyone dared to even attempt and mate with him.

    Rushing into class he was greeted in the usual manner before taking his seat beside the window. Staying a good distance from everyone he sighed. Placing his book bag down before settling his gaze out the window. He was by far superior in all his classes though he could say without a doubt this class was by far the most difficult. The teacher was a frightening man and when it came to securing his survival this was Asher's hardest subject.
    "It's just for a few hours...everything will be alright..."
    He murmured to himself hopping and praying no one would notice his musk.
  3. Sergio waited patiently at the front of the class. On the white board, his name was written in cursive. The students noticed their professor was ready to begin the first day of class. Most of them were new faces. Others, he'd seen in the other class he taught, or they failed a class and had to retake it. Those who fit the latter category, he made note of so he could help them succeed.

    "Welcome to Survival 101." There was a strictness to the man's voice, with a smokiness as dark as his eyes. Those dark brown eyes of his should not be mistaken for something intimidating, though. If one gazed at them long enough, they'd find themselves feeling safe, even relaxed. He did his best to keep his personality balanced, especially since his alter ego was not balanced at all.

    "You can address me by my first or last name; just don't call me Mister Martins. Mister Martins was my father." At the mention of his old man, he smiled for only a second before returning to his stoic expression. He paced back and forth in his classroom so he could scan each side to make eye contact with the college students.

    "I'm going to do the roll call. When I call out your name, share a few things about yourself." With that said, he sat down to take attendance. He began shouting out peoples' names, listening carefully to what they had to say about themselves as he checked off who was present and who wasn't.

    "... Asher Cirus?"
  4. With class starting Asher could already feel the pressure on. Being a relatively good student his grades were by far excellent. He swore to himself that this year things would become different, he would learn to control his sensations and have more control over his spiritual animal. However today seemed as though he was going to have to put all of that determination into affect. Asher was someone everyone was fond of. Not just for his innocent boy aura but with so many people who's spiritual animal were monkies running around and he practically holding stronger DNA it seemed that everyone both male and female alike wished to either give him children of have him bare their offspring. Asher wondered what his life would be like if the entire school truly knew that he was indeed a small feline and not a monkey. The thought of having to mate not by choice but by instinct was something he would never understand. As the teacher began to lecture he listened and paid as much attention as he could. His body was increasingly hot, he felt as though he was in the midst of having a fever but in fact it was the quite opposite. Why did he have to go into heat today of all days? Hearing the names called out he merely sat uneasy in his desk.
    His breath rattled in his throat and his body was growing warmer by the second. Shit, he should have just remained home today like he planned. Lifting his head and breathing shallow breaths his entire face was flushed and his musk was growing stronger by the second. What could have caused his reaction to spike so quickly?! Then it struck him, maybe it was someone here in the room?
    The amount of pheromones Asher was releasing off to answer another animal within this room was making his head spin.
    "I-It hurts..."
    He weakly murmured to himself. However when his name was called the boy swallowed roughly. Standing to his feet his entire body trembled, he could fell all eyes on him. This was so embarrassing.
    "I-I'm Asher and this is my second y-year. I-I really like to study..and make friends...s-s-so be kind to me?"​
  5. Sergio made only a quick look at the boy he called on. He could see, hear, even smell how intimidated he was. That was nothing unusual, really. He'd seen his fair share of students who felt uncomfortable in a social environment, all for their own reasons. Sooner or later, Asher would warm up to the routines of his class.

    "I'm sure everyone here will be friendly," he reassured in a plain voice, his eyeballs glancing at his class with a stare that reminded them to treat each other with respect. If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was having children in a classroom that was made for adults. He might have had a peaceful spirit animal, but that didn't mean he was harmless.

    When attendance was done with, he slipped his pen into the front pocket of his coat. He then took a stack of papers to hand to a few of the students who sat in the front so they could pass the papers backwards to the rest of the class. There were two sheets stapled together, created a two paged syllabus. Typed on it was a description of the class, what they had to do to pass, the assignments and projects for the whole semester, and his contact information; email, where his office on campus was, and his office phone number.

    The whole time was spent filling in the students on what they were going to learn this term. He also took any questions they had, and explained how important one's survival skills were.

    "Therefore, I'm pleased to see this many of you are interested in strengthening this skill. My goal is for you all to walk out of here smarter, stronger, and more confident.

    Have a good day."

    With that said, he dismissed them so they could get where they needed to be next. A couple of students approached him with some personal questions, which he took willingly. The next class he had wasn't for a couple hours.
  6. Reassured was enough for him. Sitting himself Asher struggled, but at least the worst was over for now. Listening to the rest of the lecture was entirely uncomfortable. How could he sign up for a class when he was already failing? He knew times like this were going to be a struggle for him but why did it have to be today? The rest of his day was free for that he was grateful but this blasted class just had to be today..Why, just why. Managing for the remainder of class with his head lowered and hands firmly within his lap he was anxious. He could practically feel his musk growing and every now and then he could see students behind him lightly taking wiffs of his scent sending him on the edge. Once the class ceased Asher sighed in relief. Collecting his book bag he swiftly threw it over his shoulder and attempted to move out of the classroom but with the other students practically piling out he was cramped and even thrashed on to other students. "E-Excuse me.."

    Trying to keep himself as hidden as possible it wasn't until several students stopped in their tracks that he could feel the intimidation. Their scents were growing stronger filling his own nose causing his body to react strangely. His heart was racing and it caused a throbbing ache within his chest. Grasping at his shirt while cringing slightly many students turned and stared at him in puzzle. He could hear their murmur's mostly from the males within his class, muttering that they smelt a female in heat but all eyes eventually fell to him. This was embarrassing.

    At last the tension growing so much on his body that his knees finally gave way. Crumbling to the ground causing many girls to gasp in startle seeing their class president fall. Those who were genuine came to the boys aid calling his name repeatedly.


    One student shouted to grab the teachers attention.

    "Asher fell! He can't move, he looks sick..."
  7. There were a lot of emotions in the air, twisted with just as much confusion. Before aiding the boy who collapsed on the floor, Sergio wanted to send away the remaining classmates. The crowd wasn't going to make this any easier. In his deepest voice, he politely but strictly told them: "Go on now. I don't want to see you all until tomorrow." At their professor's wish, the students cleared the room until only Asher and Sergio remained.

    He looked down on the fallen student with curious eyes. The scents he produced were... Different. Not at all what he expected to sense from a male. This case wasn't completely unheard of, though. During rare occasions, he saw this same thing in other students. They were just much better at handling it than this fellow.

    "Pick yourself up." There was more of a softness in his voice this time as he offered his hand to him. He wasn't going to be completely heartless. The poor guy looked frightened.

    "You're safe in my classroom, Asher. I promise."

    'Strange... How did I remember his name so well?'
  8. How humiliating! Asher could feel so many eyes on him and he was sure that in a matter of minutes so many people would be onto him! The last thing he needed was some air head wanting to mate with him in clear day light. To make matters worst that blasted girl had to call the teachers attention. He felt his body stiffen at the teachers words, upon his demand the students filed out one by one and Asher wanted to take the opportunity and get up and run as well but his legs refused to do what he asked of them. Instead he merely sat in place with his head lowered. Cheeks flushed with a deep red and his heart beating like crazy. Left alone with only the teacher he didn't know what was more frightening, being discovered or being taken. When the teacher demanded that he stand the boy did just that. Refusing his hand he brought himself to his feet, knees trembling and his heart racing. Keeping his head lowered he grasped one arm with his hand while keeping his body somewhat stable.

    "I'm sorry..."

    he began.

    "I didn't mean to cause anything....i-i...umm...have been very weak since I was a child...I took this class to strengthen my self..I will...try harder.."
  9. "That's smart of you," he commented. When a student was serious about becoming stronger, it always got his attention. More often than not, people took this class because it was a requirement for their studies. He could understand, though. When he was in school, he did the same. You had no choice but to follow the program that was assigned to you.

    The room was eventually empty because he'd told the other students they could ask more questions the next day. Just him and Asher were in the room. "What are your goals?" Sergio inquired, turning his back to Asher so he could straighten up his desk. Papers were stacked neatly before they were tucked away in a manilla folder.

    Truly, he was curious to know more about this boy. Why was he here? What were his ambitions? Most importantly, why was he the way he was? He wasn't about to directly ask any personal questions, but that didn't stop him from taking an interest. For all he knew, this unique specimen could be what he was looking for all along.

    Nothing could ever be ruled out.
  10. Of course the one question Asher hated the most, his goals? How was he suppose to know? With this feminine body of his he was naturally suppose to bare children for his partner though he had heard of other's with this rare condition he didn't see himself as a full time mother let alone actually getting pregnant. Though being a parent wouldn't be all bad...would it? More so he shook the thought from his head and lifted his stare towards his professor.

    "Um, my life....I to just be happy."

    He paused, clearly trying to remember the last time he lived his life without worry. It had been a very long time since he felt truly and utterly comfortable in the world. Someone standing in this class room and being next to his professor he could feel that protection wash over him once more.

    "I uh...I mean...I want to be able to take care of my self when I leave this school, and be the best that I can be...those are my goals."
  11. Simple goals. Not too ambitious, but simple.

    "You're wise for your age," Sergio commented, truly meaning what he said. Most people should consider happiness a success, instead of fame, money, employment, and 'things'. He had a high respect for those who could value what they already had, instead of wishing they had more.

    Taking his case into his hand, he turned to face Asher again. He stared at the boy for a good moment, his dark eyes looking as if they were judging him. They were, of course. When his watched beeped to tell him a new hour arrived, he snapped out of the gaze. He offered an apologetic expression, hoping he didn't terrify the poor student. Sometimes, Sergio got carried away with his menacing looks. His inner darkness cursed him with that flaw.

    "I must leave so the next professor can use this classroom. Where are you headed?" After his question, he walked to the door so he could exit the room. He held it open, expecting Asher to exit before he did.