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  1. First of all I want to say that these poems, are all mine. Lucky me, have found them somewhere lost from Four years ago.

    This is how I used to write poetry.
    Writing is my best way of expressing myself.

    Feel free to criticise.


    Precious Feelings.

    I tried to seek the good things in life,
    But good things are so hard to find.
    Unable to hold back the logging in my heart,
    My words nestled up to you.
    Yours eyes are like a mirror that reflects
    The colours of these Precious Feelings.

    With trembling fingers I pull you closer, so you won't slip away.
    Let's go beyond to a place nobody knows
    Through the heavy, smoky rain.

    Let's walk together, You and Me, holding hands dearly...
    Through the fierce rain sharing these precious feelings..

    Your quiet, strong smile lights up the gloomy sky.
    You have me something when I had Nothing..

    The ability to believe in tomorrow, to dream
    Hold on tight to my fingers, so I won't slip away

    The warmth of our hands together and the sound of rain, spurred Us On..
    Let's go away beyond to a place nobody knows
    Sharing the precious feelings in silence,
    To the end of the sweet, pouting rain.

    Only Me.

    Even comfort is covered in dust, soaked in a grey rain.
    Dark, sad sometimes
    Float among the ruins of the walls
    Amid all the insanity, the world
    Keeps turning.

    A person lurks in the ridiculous darkness
    Climbing to an invisible prize..

    You can kill the past, but you can't wipe it away
    Someday, hate will crush me
    My life hangs in the balance
    As I repeat the same old sins..

    The water that quenches my thirst tastes of blood,
    The sun goes down amid tears
    Children try as best they can
    To warm their cold bodies with their little hands..
    This lying love is taking me over
    Binding my helpless heart.

    You can't take away the light in my eyes.

    Make a light in this bottomless night,
    I can't throw away my endless wish..
    Fire an arrow in this bottomless night.

    About four years ago, yes my vocabulary was Beyond what it is right now. More rich and had plenty things going on, so I always used to write. No Rhyme as you can tell..

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