My Name is Kresch

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  1. Greetings. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Orazio Krescianno, or to put it simply, Kresch.

    I can tell you aren't familiar with the name, or the things that I have done in the many years I have been alive. And I mean many, many years. I have seen so many things and have been all over this world. I can tell you stories that will make you enjoy life, and I can tell you stories that will make you curse the very ground you walk on. But I can tell you aren't here to hear stories from a weathered, old man. You came here to learn about me. To understand my nature and why I did the things I have done. You want to know what I am, don't you?

    *a quiet chuckling*

    How bold, and how curious you must be. So, where do I begin? Oh my... I'm... I'm so flattered!

    *cynical, hysterical laughter*

    Oh my... Well, I guess I should start at the beginning. I will be frank, and to the point. I might leave some things out on account of simplicity. You see, I was born many years ago to a very lovely set of parents. They loved me and told me I could be anything that I wanted to be... Oh what nonsense this is! A terrible joke! I am not going to get anywhere lying to someone as intellectual as you! Yes... You're too smart for that. You want the truth, don't you?


    Well, then the truth you shall receive. If it will get you to stop looking at me like I'm crazy, I'll tell you what you want to know. You see, I am not like most people. I don't mean that my hair is different or that I have some kind of bizarre disease that makes my left eye twitch just a little more rapidly than my right. I mean that I am not like most people because I am not people. I was not born in this world. Although I favor it, mainly because of a certain elvish woman who is not here right now, she's shopping, I was created elsewhere.

    My home is far from this one, and it took me a breath and two clicks South to arrive here. I don't remember much of my childhood, but I do remember that my sister was the only one who was close to me at the time. She was a stern one, and she always made sure that I was on the straight and narrow. It was rough living here at first; having to hide what I was, having to control my temper when invalids would cross my path. I was bullied by the humans and ridiculed for being an outcast. My sister was my only solace to these fools.


    One day, she left me without a word. Left me alone in this strange place where I was the victim of psychological torture. What had I done to deserve that? Was I bad in some way? Had I wronged her? Well, let me tell you that these feelings didn't last long, for my sadness grew into anger, my anger grew into hatred, and my hatred had grown into disassociation. I had not a care in the world anymore at that time. I was, how do you say, mindless? Yes, that was it. My disassociation, one day, had finally culminated into the first kill of my life. And what a joyous occasion it was! Oh the screams! The sounds of their screams! How it moved me! How it made me feel in control of something for once in my life! It was magnificent!


    That, my friend, was the first time I had cooked a chicken over a fire.


    Okay, okay, fine. My apologies for leading you astray in my wonderful story! Well, you see, that night hadn't ended with a chicken dinner. It had instead ended with the loss of a life. I had owned a shack on the outskirts of the Imperial City of Derath. It wasn't much, but it was home. I had relocated there to get away from the constant ridicule of everyday life there. I kept to myself, and all was going nicely. I had almost forgotten about my sister, and was beginning to fill the void she left with regular labor. I would... Do stretches from time to time in order to keep myself in shape. And it was on a day such as this, that a passerby walked toward my shack.

    Let me interject for a moment. I want to fill you in on a little something...

    *The snaps of bones can be heard as Kresch stretches his arms wide. His eyes begin to glow with a misty-blue aura, and his form changes radically. His skin becomes like that of black leather, and horns begin to protrude from his head, back, and arms. A tail of impressive length is waving back and forth behind him, snapping at every other motion. And large, black wings spread from his shoulders and flap a few times before coming to a rest. Smirking at you, he begins to speak*

    This is what that fool saw as he approached my shack. An abomination of this world! He screamed loudly the moment he laid eyes on me. I could feel his hatred piercing me. It was a terrible feeling. He grabbed for the rapier at his waist, and charged me with it! He was going to try to kill me. When he finally got to me, he thrust the sword into my gut. The sword split in half against me, and fell to the ground. I seized him by the neck and promptly snapped it like a twig. He died in my grasp, and I left him at the gates of the neighboring city.

    So there. That is enough for now. You have heard enough for one evening. I will tell you more a little later. I might even be able to convince that elven woman to accompany me in the story telling. She is very important to me, and has been by my side for many years.

    We will speak again, friend, goodbye for now.