My name is Ariana, and I'm a...roleplayer?

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My name in real life (gasp!) is Ariana, hence my username. I love making characters and plots and all that stuff, so I figured this would be a good place to get creative. I'm still not sure WHERE to go, but here I am.
And here is a picture of me trying to look as friendly as possible.

I'm looking forward to this, so.....
Hurro and welcome to Iwaku!

Hope you have fun around here!!
Hello! I'll be wonderful having you around, I'm sure. You should look around and whatnot, and mayhaps also look around the CBox, where we all talk about the strangest of things! So, have fun!
hello and welcome to the Iwkau if you have any questions just ask and I can help

*walks off into the shadows*
Welcome to the site.
Welcome Ariana! I really hope you enjoy Iwaku! I find it just a great place all around. And that is a friendly picture indeed :]]
Also love your name.
And your location description, very poetic!
It was just kinda a sarcastic reference to my home state, but thanks !
And I loved Sailor Moon, so I'm totally appreciative of your name.
This is.... an anomaly.






SYSTEM FaaaaaaaLIURE* NORMALaCY IS S-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tILL DETECTEddddd.....

rEEbOOt S-s-s-s-s-sSys

Well this is problematic.....


Hi I'm Vay part of the roleplay support tEaaaaM

As you're eager to introduce yourself head over to the Rolpay resumes and fill one in.

You'd also want to check out the Pictures Thread
I bet what he's trying to say is he thinks you're hot.

How adorably blunt XD
Kekeke? Dr. Rockso live here?
But thank you all for being friendly!
Pay no attention to these idiots. They've gotten into the Stew yet again.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me, or any other member of staff. You can locate them by the Purple, Blue, or Red colored Text used for the Screen Names.

Welcome to Iwaku, and I hope you learn to enjoy the creativity that radiates from us, and as well as with the creativity that you bring.
It's okay, Vay's appearance may be quite disturbing. He's harmless enough, he's a sweetheart and calls me Boss. I thought him to like pretty things.

Welcome to the forum, I'm one of the jerks admins that runs the site. If you need any assistance I'm here for ya.
OMFG You are just so cute!! I love your top!

I'm Kylie or Kai or Katsu whatever floats your boat.

If your looking for an rp here's mine I just started:

iwaku is pretty cool and definatly filled with nice people. I hope you stay! Oh and welcome!!!

Make sure to join the Girls Club group too!!!
Hello there! I'm TK, the Global/Super Moderator, and I handle Member and Staff Relations.... *Looks back at her job description* I believe that means I help you whenever you need something or other.

Anyways, in all seriousness, if you have any questions, I've got my MSN and Skype on my profile incase you need me, and if I can't help you, I'll direct you to someone who can! I hope you have a good stay here!

*Gives a cookie*

Oh, and you may not understand this right now but: Don't fear or feel intimidated by Asmo. He's a brit. And he's an Author or something or other.... So he's like a GENIUS... or something... <.<;;
What TK said

anyway I'm GMK, if you have a daemon problem or a large amount of alcohol you need to get rid of in a hurry, call me.
Have fun in Iwaku, Ariana. You're very pretty. ^__^
Feel free to ask me for help, I enjoy that more than RPing.
Welcome to the site.

I remember getting made fun of because I was a boy who liked Sailor Moon when it first came onto Toonami back in the early days of the century...

Yeah anyway. If you need help, see a Mod or Admin. Have fun and posts lots.
*Slinks in*

Allo Allo!

Jack Shade...part of the Roleplay team hereabouts. Welcome to our site! Nothing says hello like a giant picture of yourself surprising me out of my computer seat o.o

Nice pic by the by...just wasn't expecting it.

If ya need help, poke at the purple, blue, or red names as we are the merry staff round these here parts.

Fave genre of roleplay


Favorite movie?

*Throws questions from the question hat like ninja stars*

I take it you're a Metalocalypse fan?