My muse is dead... So I need a new one!

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  1. I'm trying to come up with something new to draw. Not just draw, but a full on paining-type thing. I had so much fun doing a picture for Layne:

    That I'm now giving you the opportunity to win a character portrait of your very own!

    Now, Layne didn't have to do any work, but to get one of these spiffy portraits, you need to submit a character you want drawn! I will choose the one that inspires me the most, and turn it into a portrait! BRING FORTH THE CHARACTERS!

    It must be character you have used in an rp,
    you MUST have a picture for me to reference
    the submissions include: a general charry sheet, a summery of the rp they were in, and a brief history of the character.
    Note: I will NOT do mature art. I will do characters from a mature rp, but no porn for you dirty people! XD
  2. Sure! Why the hell not! (open)

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    Name: Adare Liffey
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Job: Bartender (The Tiger's Bite)
    I'm Looking For: Some peace and quiet!
    My Picture:


    Personality: A great time. Sometimes a little hot-tempered, but loyal. Adare matured into a more tame and slightly less alcoholic man due to his relationship with Malcolm. Adare drinks less but is still a jolly person with a forgiving nature.

    My Interests Are: Making everyone feel good about the world, keeping people from taking life too seriously. Singing, no matter the occasion, and dancing also. Saving up now for a good home!
    A Bit About My Life:
    My mother and father moved from our home near Galway, Ireland when I was a child. Since, the homes have dotted the United States, finally settling in Washington where Da suffered a massive heart attack, dying in his sleep. My gentle mother soon followed, but by then I was a teenager and saw myself through finishing school and becoming a bartender.

    Through Katrinka's Dating Service, I met my fiance, Malcolm. I also met a variety of great friends, Including my ever-bubbly best female friend April. This past year, I moved Malcolm and myself away from the scene of a brutal attack by one of the members of the service in order to help him forget the attempt on my life. I survived the attack, clearly, though I came out a little wounded still.

    A new chapter in my life is opening up, though, and I'm getting married to the love of my life in a beautiful wintery setting that Katrinka and April are arranging for me!

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    Adare was in Katrinka's Dating Service, a roleplay about a dating service who had lots of couples looking for love.... plus an unhinged killer! Who was also looking for love, but also trying to murder clients. The character sheet I made for that is the original and the one I submitted is just the original one plus the history of the roleplay he was in, since that sheet was made for a sequel that has yet to happen.

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    Adare attended the dating service as a strong, proud male with an interest in drinking, singing, and men. He met his romantic partner and courted/wooed him, all the while attending events with the dating service and helping solve the murders. Adare was attacked after making the killer back off and stop being creepy, which wounded Adare slightly but he has since recovered. He proposed to his romantic partner and they are newly engaged.

  3. Oooooohhhh....Hehehe.....

    This guy... (open)

    Name: Marce Jove

    Age: 28

    Job: Special Force Operative for the Bureau of American Defense (BAD)

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: An asshole. In short, he doesn't like noise unless he makes it himself. He bleeds sarcasm but doesn't like it when someone is sarcastic to him. He immediately takes it as a challenge, fighting back and retorting with his own sarcastic and witty remarks. He isn't snarky, but he definitely knows how to press some buttons. He's quiet when he needs to be, not bothered by too many things and people. His job comes first and everything else has to wait if it doesn't have anything to do with him. He wouldn't be caught smiling at anything but a challange, usually given to him by people he despises. In short, he picks fights and finishes them.

    History: He has a bad history of coming back to the States with corpses. It's odd seeing as though his job is to protect and serve, a little less so than the soldiers of the US. He has the responsibility of playing detective, soldier, and cop, all while being incredibly sexy. Marce Jove does his job and he does it well. Partnered with 21 year old Bryson and 25 year old Alex, the three of them have been set with the job of finding the missing daughter of Georgia's Senator. Marce never wanted to take the case because of one single fact: He was bad when it came to women. Before finding that Kelly was missing, Marce was searching for the whereabouts of a secret Italian Mafia known as the Merenzo's. Every time he thought he was getting close to stopping them, he came short, having women dying in his arms to their hands.

    Now, the BAD believes that Kelly was taken by none other than the very group he hated. Marce quickly wanted in on the case after finding that out, his personality growing into nothing more than hard stone. He had seen too many deaths of two many women. Kelly would not be another one. So, with Bryson and Kelly at his side, Marce Jove goes on Mission Kelly with hopes of finding her and putting a stop to the Merenzo's. There is just one problem that has him on edge. The only way the BAD know where Kelly might be is from emails from an source who calls themselves 'Reflection.' This already waves a red flag to the BAD, but to Marce, its nothing but fuel to the fire. Whoever this 'Reflection' was appeared to be nothing more than a coward hiding behind a screen while the BAD did all the dirty work.

    Marce Jove made himself a promise: Find Kelly and make this Reflection bastard pay.

    Plot Summary: There is a man that works for the government, mainly for a special ops team. He and his 4 other comrades are sent to find the 12 daughter of a missing high-Senate official. However, the girl has been missing for days and the only lead they have on him is someone named 'Reflection' on the computer. The man, Marce Jove, has been on the mission for a while and is in desperate need to find her for fear that another woman would die in his arms again. However, Reflection has been sending them on loops and worm holes without being point blank about her location, obviously trying to hide his identity.
    However, Reflection suddenly sends an address and Marce and his crew immediately races over there to find the girl injured by not killed. Marce thinks its over.But when he happens to get a call on his phone from his boss to find that Reflection had been found, he is not expected to find a woman of all people! Unfortunately, he wasn't the only one looking for Reflection...

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